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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

February Birthstone: Pearls

Fashion & Style Posted on %AM, February 07 2020 07:06AM

Every assumes that amethyst is the only birthstone for February but did you know that February actually have 4 other birthstones and one of them happen to be pearls. Pearls are actually the one of the original birthstone of February since the 15th century. Pearl is considered the symbol of purity and genuine love hence the reason why pearl is commonly used in engagement and wedding jewelry.

Here are some amazing pearl pieces that you can find at Satin Doll & Co.

Audrey Glass & Pearl earrings
Glass Pearl and Mother of Pearl earrings
Pearl Antique Brass Dangle earring
Pearly Peace Wood and Pearl earrings
Pretty in Pink Mother of Pearl and Pearl earrings

Aquarius Birthstone: Moss Agate

Fashion & Style Posted on %AM, January 20 2020 08:46AM

Aquarius is known to be one of the friendliest and sociable signs of the zodiac. Like all birthstones, they act as a charm or lucky stone. Aquarius birthstones support their gift for friendship and keeping them emotionally intact at the same time.

Moss agate isn’t really agate but a form of banded chalcedony which is very similar to agate. Agate is actually the birthstone for Gemini. Moss agate or chalcedony is white that displays green inclusions resembling moss. Hence the name. Like agate, moss agate is believed to enhance eloquence and stimulate a broader perspective traits that are known of Aquarius people. Moss agate is believed to give a person a sense of calm and focus which is helpful for very intellectual Aquarius people.

Here are some moss agate pieces that can found at Satin Doll & Co.

Refreshing Green Agate and Jasper earrings

Notes & To Do A6 Inserts Printable

Planning Posted on %AM, January 18 2020 08:52AM

I recently shared my A6 planner that I’m using for 2020 and inside it I created a couple of inserts to fit my needs. Two of those inserts were my Notes and To Do inserts for my Notes section.

They’re super easy and cute. Ever since I found out that you can create inserts on Canva I’ve been creating custom inserts for myself like crazy. My Notes and To Do inserts are the first two I created. I wanted something that would go perfectly design wise with the aesthetic of my planner. They’re available here in A6 size but can be scaled up or down when printing to fit your needs. Plus they have cut lines. Which makes everyone’s life so much easier. I know it does for me.

To download, simply click on image.

Notes A6 insert
To Do A6 Insert

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our printable. Hashtag #satinplans .

Note: For personal use only.

A Look Inside My A6 Rings Planner for 2020

Planning Posted on %PM, January 16 2020 02:01PM

When I tell you I LOVE my planner from Mystics Little Gifts I really do. So much so that I’ll be using it again this year for 2020 for all things personal.

It’s a A6 rings in the color Pink Sand and I got it for my birthday in 2018. This planner is not only the perfect size but the craftsmanship is superb and the shade pink sand is the perfect shade of pink.

The planner features two secretarial pockets. One on the back of the front cover and the other on the inside of the back cover. I decorated the front pocket with heart paper and pink glitter paper from Michaels. Also TheHoneyBShop business card, a carpe diem magnetic clip from Michaels and lastly my beloved So Chic Doll which is not available on my website.All the divider are from Cloth & Paper and I used clear label paper to make the divider sections labels. The first divider features a collage of all my favorite pictures which I made using Canva and I secured it to the divider using double stick tape and a rose gold heart clip from TheHoneyBShop. All the cute lil’ dangles are charms that are available on my website. They are not just pretty to look at but functional too.

In this next area I have some pink velum with a rose gold bow and a 2020 dashboard from Cloth & Paper. This section is where I keep my yearly, monthly and weekly calendars. Along my goals for this year and word for the year.

I then have my 2020 Word of the Year Insert which is available here on my blog. It has an area for my word of the year, definition of the word, affirmation and my top goals

This next set of inserts I ended up recreating them since I didn’t want to waste paper re-scaling them to A6 size. The were originally from The Planner Spot you can purchase the update versions in her shop. They’re called Year Goals + Bucket List. If you would like to me add a blog post featuring the version I created which is similar to her original ones. Feel free to let me know.

The first insert is for your Top Goals for the year. You list each goal and then it’s broken down into daily, weekly and monthly.

The next insert is Monthly Tasks. This is for tasks that you do monthly.

Then the following insert is for your Weekly Tasks. For all those tasks that must be done weekly.

And finally, your daily schedule. It’s pretty self explanatory.

I separated my calendar section using a dashboard I got with a order from ShopVillaBeauTIFFul. It’s so beautiful that I had to add it to my planner and it goes perfectly with my color theme and it reads “What is done in LOVE is done well.” Sidenote: the pen in the pen loop is from ShopVillaBeautTIFFul too in Bellini Crystal VBPen which is discontinued.

I then have a monthly overview for January which is from Cloth & Paper which features a section for birthdays, important dates, weekly habits and a running to do list.

Then the monthly calendar also from Cloth & Paper.

I then added this journaling card from Cloth & Paper which came with a order and I decided to use it to section off my weekly inserts. It reads simply, “simplicity.”

I got the Cloth & Paper Dated Yearly Vertical Inserts for 2020 for my birthday in November. They’re nice but I ended up switching right back to my Wendaful weekly inserts because I need the Notes section in my weekly layout for a running to do list, shopping list and etc. On the Cloth & Paper inserts that section isn’t there and instead there is a monthly calendar which I ended up covering with stickers. It came out cute but I didn’t love it.

The next section features my Notes section. I decorated this sections divider with paper and quote I found on Pinterest and my Naughty Gal Doll which is a holiday doll which was available at Satin Doll & Co.

I then took a page from thiswellplannedlife on Instagram and included this cute clothing tag from Missguided to my planner. It’s such a pretty tag in the right shade of pink and rose gold it would be a waste to put it in the trash. So I added it to my planner as decoration.

I then created a Notes insert using Canva . Pretty simple .Features a header in dusty rose and white reading “Notes” and then a little line at the bottom as decoration.

I did the same with my To- Do List insert using Canva. The only difference with this insert is it has bullet points and lines .

Finally in this section I have lined paper which I got ages ago from Target Dollar Spot. Don’t sleep on this paper if you come across it.. It’s really good and can be cut down to any size may you need.

The next section is my personal section. I decorated this divider using again a beautiful background I found on Pinterest and printed out on cardstock. A quote also found on Pinterest by Maya Angelou features highlights the beautiful floral background

Right behind that divider I have this cute Reminder journaling card which is available in the Satin Doll & Co. Facebook Group. Behind that is yet another dashboard that was included in my Cloth & Paper order.

I ended up keep my dashboard from my previous layout from last year which features this fun background and Satin Doll & Co.’s Fall Doll. After this dashboard I have inserts for my passwords which aren’t shown.

After the password inserts I have the insert from Wendaful to keep a list of items I want to buy. You can get them here. These have been a staple in every ring bound planner I’ve used over the years.

Wendaful also has a Wish list insert which comes with the To Buy list. A great combo to have in any planner. I also have a Online Order Tracker which is also available on Wendaful’s website. Additionally, I have a gift list (not shown) which I can reference all year around and not just the holidays. It was a printable that was available on the The Planner Spot website but not anymore. After that I have my Doctor Visits insert from Peanuts Planner Co.

Lastly, this section features a Social Media insert I created on Canva to track the numbers of my social media accounts for my business. This is the only insert in my entire planner that is for my business out of everything. Everything else related to my planner can be found in my business planner.

The third to last divider in my planner is my Wellness section. I’m determined to get healthy this year and the best way to hold myself accountable is by creating a section dedicated to my health. This divider features a cute background that I found on Pinterest and printed on cardstock and it reads “Self-Care isn’t Selfish”.

Right after that divider I have my Routines Insert which is available here on my blog here. It features a section to jot down your morning and evening routines. As you can see mine is blank. I haven’t had a chance to write mine down. Bad me.

To keep myself on the straight and narrow path when it comes to my health I created this sheet to remind myself why to love my body and all the things I can and can’t do or have. It’s great reminder when you need a lil’ pick me up or just a refresher.

The insert I’m using to keep track of health and fitness is this one by Wendaful called Weekly Fitness Planner. Here I can track daily what I eat, exercise and so on. Last week, I started off good and by midweek it went down hill. It was good to see on paper where I went wrong and how I can fix it. Definitely a staple in any wellness planner/ section.

My second to last divider featuring my Family section which features a cool black and white print and quote that reads “SHINE like the whole universe is yours”. You won’t see anything in section because it’s just lined paper featuring important family related information.

We finally come to our last divider which is for all my random lists. This divider features a cool abstract background that I found on Pinterest with a great quote that reads “Positive Thinking Positive Outcome”.

I kept the original dashboard that was in this section that features this cool rock background with this quote that reads “Focus on your goals” accompanied by Satin Doll & Co. Shakin Not Stirred Doll .

This section features inserts from AnniePlansPrintables The Undated Day on a Page or Project HappieScrappie Collaboration Printable Insert. Great for list keeping in my opinion

So this completes my VERY long blog post on my A6 Rings planner that I use for personal use. If any of the inserts that I created for myself you would me to feature in a later blog post, feel free to let me know.

I hope this was very helpful. What planner(s) are you using for 2020 for your personal life?

Capricorn Birthstone: Agate

Fashion & Style Posted on %AM, January 09 2020 08:42AM

Agate is closely associated with Gemini but agate is also the birthstone of Capricorn. Agate is believed to enhance prudence and caution which is highly important to Capricorns.

Here are some amazing Agate pieces available at Satin Doll & Co.

Into the Forest Agate and Glass earrings
Rain Forest Green Agate necklace
Castoffs Agate and Wood earrings
Lookout Red Agate and Glass earrings
Oh Robin Turquoise and Agate earrings

2020 Planner Lineup

Planning Posted on %PM, December 30 2019 12:14PM

Wow, that was fast. 2019 went by like a breeze and here we are at a new year and decade. People have been trying to figure out their planners that they will use for the coming year since probably November. With me, if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Like I said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You might see some beauties that you’ve seen all 2019. We’ll they’ll be making a return for 2020 as well. I mean the covers might stay them same with a few tweeks to the guts but overall it’s still the same. I’m truly happy with my lineup from last year. So why change it and disrupt my entire system.

I’ll continue journaling so I have one for that, then my planner for my personal life and lastly one for my business. Pretty straight forward and simple. So let’s go into each one.

So I started using this A5 PenGear Journal back in August and it should last me through the first half of the year fingers crossed. I absolutely love this brand of journal. From the paper to the dot layout to how my pen just glides over the paper. I’m so happy that I took up journaling in February of 2019. Not only did it help me grieve after my mother’s passing but it has become a good way to decompress after a long day and just jot down what is going on in my head. I highly recommend it and it’s way cheaper than paying a therapist. Which I recommend going to as well but that’s a whole another topic.

When I tell you I love this planner I really do and I don’t see myself moving out of this planner anytime soon. It’s my Mystics Little Gifts A6 Ring Planner in Pink Sand. This planner houses everything in my personal life and goes with me everywhere 90% of the time. I purchased this planner last year for my birthday as a birthday gift to myself. It was on my wish list and when you get something you really wanted you treasure it. Use it too. I’m still trying to get it just right for 2020 but once I do I’ll go into details in another post about all the new additions added to it.

This planner I just keep coming back to as my business planner. My beloved Mystics Little Gifts Pocket Wide Traveler’s Notebook in Macchiato (now discontinued leather). This planner is another staple that I carry everywhere with me 90% of the time. I love how it’s so small and compact. Also how chunky it can get. Housing 6 strings + it can hold so much in it’s small size. I always recommend a pocket TN to anyone who asks what planner do you use for your business. It’s small enough to carry and if you have to pull it out in a meeting it’s not this humongous thing taking up so much space. You’ll think me later.

I like to keep things simple when it comes to certain things in my life and my planners are one of them. They’re there to help you stay organized not complicated things. Hence my trio for 2020.

What are you using for 2020? I would to hear and see.

Routines Printable

Planning Posted on %AM, December 17 2019 10:14AM

As the year comes to an end I”m starting to think about what I want in my planner for the new year.

Having a routine in place is key so that’s the reasoning behind my routines printable. There is an area to put my morning routine and then a area to list my evening routine. No routine for any two individuals are the same hence why I left blank lines and didn’t fill it out with what I consider should be a the “norm” routine.

Like always I decorated it with stickers. I used stickers from the Satin Doll & Co. Bath Time Sticker Set. Enough chit chat.

Click here to download.

2020 Word of the Year

Planning Posted on %PM, December 04 2019 05:49PM

The countdown to 2020 is on. We’re going into a new decade and it’s time to set new intentions. No better way then with a printable.

I created a printable last year but decided to create a whole new one. I took it a step further than just your simple word for the year and a list of goals you want to accomplish. You now have an area to give the definition for the word you choose and an affirmation. I’ve been pinning affirmations like crazy on Pinterest recently so it only makes sense that I add that for this year’s printable. I also included enough white space so you can decorate it if you want to, You know I can’t resist adding a bit of something to my printable when I add them to my planner.

To download, click the image below.

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our printable. Hashtag #satinplans .

Note: For personal use only.

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