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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

Goodbye Etsy

Website News Posted on %AM, June 26 2018 11:30AM

I’m not sure if you Dolls have been noticing but the inventory count
in our Etsy shop has been going down. Honestly, I’m over Etsy and have
for sometime now. I’ve had my Etsy shop since the beginning of Satin
Doll & Co. in 2007 and added our website shortly after. Over the
years, I noticed each change more bad than good. Plus it’s becoming more
expensive to maintain. My website is outselling our Etsy shop which
carries almost identical inventory. With that being we’ll official close our Etsy shop on August 9th. I won’t increase the price or shipping of any of the items even though seller rates increase on July 16. Some items that aren’t in stock on website will
be added while others will be made into grab bags or dismantled and
made into new pieces. I like having control over every aspect of my
business and that includes my website. I might even offer digital items
in our Etsy shop. (Just an idea).

So with that all being said here’s a coupon code that can be used in
our Etsy shop until August 9th for 30% off (code:

New Service: Gift Wrapping

Website News Posted on %AM, November 11 2016 06:22AM

The holiday season just got a whole lot easier.

If you’re like so many of us and dread the holiday season because of how many gifts you have to wrap. We got you covered. Simply add gift wrapping to your holiday order and we’ll do the rest. No more dreading buying those holiday gifts online. You won’t even have to purchase wrapping paper this year.

Your purchase will be packaged on our signature jewelry card and place in a white pillow box gift box with crinkle paper.Simply select your decorative tape and your special note. Easy peasy.
It can’t get no easier then that.

Available now on our website and our Etsy shop in the coming weeks.

New Look

Website News Posted on %PM, November 01 2016 02:03PM

Our website has a new look and has gotten a makeover. Something fresh. Plus, now our site is mobile friendly for your phone and tablets. Now let’s take a detail look at what’s new on the site.

We no longer have our signature print on the entire page of the site. It can only be found at the top and bottom of the site while the middle is plain white. Which makes it more fresh and clean. The banner (per the arrow)which features all the different sections are at the top now instead of on the left hand side as before.

Our main photo is bigger and more visible due to the white background.
Below our main photo you’ll find our welcome message. Below that you’ll find our new products, November’s free gift and our holiday shipping deadlines.
At the very bottom of each page you’ll find our newsletter signup and our social media buttons. Be sure to subscribe for our latest updates, sales and deals.

Our About Us sections tell you about Satin Doll & Co. and how we got our start.
Our Custom Order section tell you how to go about ordering a custom order from us. Just below that showcases some of our personal favorite custom orders we worked on in the past.
Our Customer Care section is our customer service section. You can find how to contact us here. Also any question you can think of can be found here in our FAQ section.
Our Press section features our press kits, any press we have received in print, film and online.
Our Stockists section is our wholesale inquiries section. If you’re interested in carrying Satin Doll & Co. in your store of boutique. Feel free to go here to contact us.
Our Shop section is completely new and fresh since the background is white. It makes the items stand out more.
Last but not least we now have a drop down menu for all our collections and sections for our products. Everything is just one click away.

This concludes our inside look at our new look. Do you like? Feel free to let us know down below but in the meantime go check it out. Psst, and I hear there are a ton of new items and more are on the way too.

Go check it out.

September Free Gift

Website News Posted on %PM, September 09 2016 02:44PM

Offer ends September 30th at 9pm EST. While supplies last.

Start shopping now. Etsy

Traveler’s Journal Notebook Bookmarks

Website News Posted on %AM, August 19 2016 10:03AM

We’re happy to announce the release of our Traveler’s Notebook Bookmarks. Currently available in our Etsy Shop . Featuring a wide variety of beads on rattail nylon cording. Super durable. They can be used in field notes, personal and standard traveler’s notebooks. Not a traveler’s journal type of person but still want to use a bookmark.They’re perfect for bibles, books, journals and sketchbook. Mark you page(s) and go.

Don’t see anything you like. Don’t worry we have more on the way.

Check them out here.

Important Notice About Earring of the Month Club Subscriptions

Website News Posted on %AM, January 17 2016 08:11AM

to the recent shipping increase at the USPS. All Earring of the Month
Club subscriptions will be increasing in price as of today January 17th.
Our monthly subscriptions will be as follows.

  • 3 Month Subscription: WAS $36.00 | NOW $38.00
  • 6 Month Subscription: WAS $72.00 | NOW $76.00
  • Year Subscription: WAS $144.00 | NOW $152.00

due to the recent shipping increase it’s no longer fusible to offer
this service internationally. The amount we would have to charge would
be double for our international customers. So starting today we’ll only
be offering this service domestically. We’re sorry to have to cut this
service to our international customers.

Website Down for Updating

Website News Posted on %AM, April 09 2015 09:19AM

As you may have noticed our website has
been down since Wednesday morning. Our server provider decided to update
their systems which in turn disrupted our system and is forcing us to
update our website so it can be operational. With that being said, it’s
no easy task that can take a day or two but longer. So we’re sorry to
say that our website will be down for several weeks and the latest a
month. In the time being, feel free to shop our Etsy shop
and if there are any particular item(s) you may have wanted to purchase
which is only available via. our website, please email us at with either a name, description or photo
from one of our social media accounts.We’ll do our best to give you
pricing on that piece. If you have any questions or comments about
anything, feel free to email us. We hope to be back soon.

Website is Down

Website News Posted on %AM, April 08 2015 09:09AM

If you have been trying to access our website this morning. It has been down since 9:00 am (EST). We’re
trying to fix the issue as we speak. If there is any item(s) you may
have wanted to purchase but can not do so now because of website being down.
Please feel free to email us at and we’ll
invoice you via. Paypal. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may be
causing and we hope to have it back online soon.

In the meantime, feel free to shop on our Etsy shop.

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