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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

January Must Haves

Getting Personal Posted on %AM, February 09 2018 11:11AM

I will tell you January felt like one of the LONGEST months ever. It was never ending but nevertheless it’s now over and February is here. Which means it’s time for January Must Haves. I really had to think what was I loving in January and I came up with a nice selection of items.
From nail polishes to hair care to stationery and a promotional item.So let’s get into it.

It has been beyond cold here in the east coast and with my hair being natural. A good leave- in conditioning has been saving my life. It’s one of many items helping me keep my hair healthy and moisturized. Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Cream has been hitting the spot.
As you can see it has a nice consistency. Not too light but not too heavy. It’s a nice medium and it leave my hair feeling great and ready for the next step in my hair care regimen. My hair loves it and just eats it up. I love the smell of it too. Because after a while some product scents can become annoying to me. Which causes me to stop using it for a little bit. You can find it at Walmart, Target and all your local beauty supply stores.
I go through phases when it comes to nail polishes. Sometimes it bright colors, or mints, or greens. This time it’s nudes. I’ve been loving them since the end of December and all through January and I don’t think I”ll be switching it up for February either. These three by MAC, Wet n’ Wild and Formula X are the ones I’ve been wearing. Nobody is really seeing my feet because it’s winter but if I do have to wear a pair of heels at least with a nude I won’t have to worry will it clash. Formula X is in Thrilling and you can get it at Amazon. Wet n’ Wild is in Private Viewing and you can get at Rite Aid, Target and the Wet n’ Wild website. MAC is in Skin which is no longer available at MAC.

Since my business now has it open designated planner I was on the hunt for the perfect inserts for everything. Annie Plans Printables are the business.These are her Shop Owner TN inserts and I highly recommend them. I did a blog post on my business planner, “A Look Inside My Business Planner in 2018 “. A plus is that they are so easy to print. I also love how her inserts have such great covers. Definitely my style. With it being a printable you can print it endlessly which I have to print more just yesterday.She has a wide variety of inserts for just about anything and in a wide variety of sizes.
I knew having a second planner I would need weekly inserts that I could use in my business planner .So I’m huge fan of Wendaful’s inserts. I was so glad I remembered that she had a TN pocket size with a horizontal layout on one side and grid paper on the other. ( Midori Week on One Page with Notes Printable ) I included it also in my business planner blog post.
It’s very clean and no fuss. It’s like a blank canvas. I plan what I’m going to do daily on the left side and everything else like to-do’s, shopping lists, habit trackers, deadlines, goals and etc go on the grid side. I’m loving it. It gives me enough give if I want to decorate or not too.Highly recommend it.

As you may well all know I’m the owner of Satin Doll & Co. I’ve been making solely jewelry and accessories for the last 8 years but in the last two have branched off to stationery. With that being said my old business card was too cluttered for my taste and need to be simplified. I wanted everything to be clean, chic and sleek. So I went and redesigned my entire promotional items. And I’m completely in love with our new business cards. It’s everything I wanted. Clean, sleek and chic. Featuring our signature colors. Clear and to the point with all the necessary information. I used Vista Print to make them and they did a wonderful job like always.

As you may well all know I’ve branched into die cuts in 2018 and our Giving Shoulder Queen Doll – Planner Die Cut I adore. She was originally our Twinkle Queen but everyone loved her so much during the holiday season that I took away her lights and renamed her. I absolutely adore her.I knew when I was sketching her that I love her. When I add the color I loved her. When I printed her I love her. Hands down she my favorite out of all my dolls. She’s available on my website.

If you’re a planner girl then you must know Kiki or Paper Princess Plans on Youtube and Instagram. She recently started making and selling stickers on Etsy and I had to support one of my favorite Youtubers. These are her Work Princess Stickers and as you can see I’ve been using them up. You get two sizes. One larger and one smaller. I’ve been using them so much that I only have the big ones left and I’m using them sparely now. The paper quality is really good, they’re super affordable and they’re just so cute. Check her out here.

Ive been hoarding this sticker booklet from Target Dollar Spot for a hot minute now and I’m finally using it. When I was setting up my business planner I wanted tabs not only for that but for my personal planner. It’s a PITA to find the sections I wanted. I then remembered I had this booklet with these flags. As you can see I used most of the beige ones up. The other sheet of this one barely has anything left. But they were exactly what I needed.
And as you can see they make the best page tabs. If you have any page flags laying around. They definitely make the perfect page tabs. Put on card stock, cute out and then laminate. You’ll be good to go.

Well this concludes my Must Haves for December. What
are you loving? I would love to know.

December Must Haves

Getting Personal Posted on %PM, January 02 2018 01:10PM

Happy New Year everyone!!! I can’t believe we just rang in another new year and it’s 2018. Wow! Time is literally flying.
With that being said it’s time for me to share my December Must Haves. With November being my birthday month and I was spoiled beyond measure and a lot of the items I’m loving happento be birthday presents. That were given to me or either I bought myself. So to no future ado here are my December Must Haves.
This is hands down my FAVORITE foundation of life. Yes, I said life. I tried this back in September or October from a sample my sister got with a Sephore order I think. I tried it and loved it. Not knowing a month or two later she bought it as my birthday gift. It’s Stila’s latest foundation, Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer in Tan 13. #1 a little goes a long way. I literally use one pump and I’m good to go. The foundation will oxidize if left unused. #2 I was little unsure about the packaging but I totally understand it when it comes to the oxidizing part. No more getting foundation on my hands or using my hand as a palette either. I literally pump what I need and use my beauty blender and then replace the cap when I’m done. No cleanup at all. #3 The finish is everything. It makes my skin flawless and stay on for hours. When the label say Stay All Day it means it. On my birthday I wore my makeup from about 5:45am -11pm and when I got home it was still looking fresh like I just did it. If I was going to the club that night I could have. No worries. And if your wondering my skin type it’s oily and it held up to my oily skin. No touch up at all. Not a one. The concealer that comes with it is literally a match for my skin so I’ve used it for any trouble spots and not under my eye since I like a brightening effect. You can find it at Stila, Sephora and Ulta to name a few.

When it comes to liner I’m very picky because my eyes tend to water if it’s cold, if the sun hits it a certain way or just because. For that reason, I lean toward cream gel liners. I recently reached for my coveted Wet n Wild liner but it dried up.smiley A whole container. Like really, I was upset. So while in Walmart one day I picked up a E.L.F. cream liner in Black. When I used it the first time I was in for a shock. It was so smooth. Yes, smooth. I used it and it was BLACK. The blackest of black I’ve seen in any gel liner I’ve used. Even more then my coveted Wet n Wild gel liner. You don’t need as much with other gel liners. And it literally glides over the skin and creates the darkest line. I love my Wet n Wild but E.L.F has pushed it out as far as gel liner goes. Plus I think it’s a dollar cheaper then Wet n Wild too.
I’m back to using blushes as my blushes since I hit pan on my coveted Star Trek highlighter. So I have to use it sparingly. With that being said I have went back to my favorite.Tart’s holiday palette from either 2 or 3 years ago that I got for a birthday.
It features not 1 but 4 blushes and 1 bronzer. Many woman and especially women of color don’t like Tarte blushes because they’re not really pigmented but I love them. You have to build them up which is fine by me since I get to control how much blush I want to use. (From left to right: Crave, Dazzled, Darling, Dollface, Park Ave Princess) My favorites have to be Crave, Dazzled, and Darling. I sometimes use Dollface. But hands down in December I was loving Dazzled which is my all time favorite. As you can see it’s deeper in tone and comes off as Pinky Rose tone on me.

Yes, I’m a planner girl if you didn’t know that already and I can happily say I’m back in a traveler’s notebook. I’ve been trying to get back into it the last couple of months but I just wasn’t feeling it. I came across Mystic LitLittle Gifts and I loved her craftmanship, her personality and her assortment. So on Black Friday at 1-something in the morning I remembered about her sale and managed to snag a pocket wide in Macchiato.It’s absolutely gorgeous. I had my heart set on a B6 pink sand but missed out on it and decided to settle for a pocket wide.I couldn’t be happier.It has 6 elastics which is perfect. I’ve made it my planner for my business and is compact enough to fit into any bag I carry. The leather is exquisite with all the natural markings of the animal and the shade of brown is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I’ll definitely be adding more of her TN to my planner collection. Pink Sand and Sand I have my eyes on. Go check her out if you’re a planner girl and she’s super affordable too.
The mascot as you can say for my company is a butterfly. So it’s only right that a butterfly planner charm is hanging from it from my TN. This was added to my website last month and I had to steal one for myself. I loved it the moment I created the first one. It’s called Flutter Butterfly Charm and can be purchase on our website under our New Release or Stationery-Accessories. It’s sure dainty and can represent many things.
As a jewelry maker/designer it’s so hard for me to even look or purchase another artisans jewelry. But I absolutely adore these charm bracelets my sister gifted me for my birthday. They’re so unique and so me. They from Jazzy Bloom. I absolutely love this line and so much so that I gifted one of the bracelets to my sister for Christmas because she mentioned she wanted one. The three bracelets I was gifted were Rep Your Zodiac in Scorpio, Black Girl Magic Bangle, and You are a Queen Bangle. I definitely will be adding to my Jazz Bloom collection. The craftsmanship is on point, super affordable, and so fashionable.
I’m absolutely obsessed with my planner fashion dolls. They’re literally everywhere. Especially my Fall Doll. I think I have her in 3 different places. With me not freelance designing for any company now I was rarely drawing which is very unlike me. Drawing goes deep into my soul and I’ve been wanting to draw. My soul has been aching for it if you get what I mean. One day my sister saw me printing another illustrators work to add to my planner and she was like why don’t you do that .And my fashion doll die cuts was born.My soul is so happy it could burst. I’m so happy to doing one of my passions again on a daily basis and it’s an added bonus that people are purchasing my artwork and are loving it as much as I love creating them. Plus I’m sure excited for my New Release on Friday. Shop my Planner Doll Die Cuts here.
And lastly, I’m loving my Facebook Group. The ladies that join are super amazing and I love interacting with you all. You’re creativity and passion for all things planner and fashion related is amazing. I love sharing exclusive freebies and printables with you guys. Plus sneak peeks too. Can’t forget those. If you’re not a member of my Facebook Group you’re definitely missing out and I highly recommend joining. Join here.

I almost left this one out by accident but I’ve been loving Sephora’s 10HR Fix & Correct Concealer in Shade 30 and 31. My sister used to work for the company many years ago and when she cleans out her stash I end up with so much new makeup she won’t use on her clients or herself.I’m so upset when she told me that they no longer carry this product and I just finished #31 which was my go-to concealer. I have some darkness under my eyes and I would use this and it concealed and brightened under my eyes. I literally want to cry. So now I’m using #30 for under my eye, to highlight my forehead and down my nose. It’s creamy, blends like a dream and conceals. I love the compact ability of it.I don’t know what I’ll use after #30 is done.

Well this concludes my Must Haves for December. What
are you loving? I would love to know.

November Must Haves

Getting Personal Posted on %PM, December 05 2017 01:42PM

It truly amazes me how fast November came and went. Here we are in the first full week of December. I’ve been using most the same products or items every month but in November I switched up and this months favorites feature a true mix.From beauty to home to stationery to jewelry.
I’ve been into using wax melts for a minute now but recently I picked up Better Homes & Gardens wax melt in Spiced Woodland Currant and I’m in love. Actually everyone in my house loves it too.It gives just enough scent isn’t overpowering. One square can literally burn for weeks before you have to add another one. I bought these at Walmart and it was cheap. Only $2 and some change. I highly recommend this brand of wax melts.

If you didn’t know already but I’m a planner girl. Me and my Big Ideas or Create 365 has been putting out new sticker books like it’s nobody’s business. (Create 365™ The Happy Planner™ Value Pack Stickers, This Colorful Life) This one is now old since they have yet again come out with more but I was on the hunt to find this one along with others.I’m happy I found it. It has tons of stickers to do a weekly spread. The quality is great and the variety of stickers they have is well worth every penny. I got mine at Michael’s for only $10 during some sale.

I’m a draw-er and with recently me introducing my new line of die cut dolls into my product assortment I’ve been drawing a LOT more. With that being said I’ve been using my Staedtler Mars plastic eraser again. This one is definitely from my college days. 14 years ago. Yeah, that long ago. I literally have a stash of them since I used to go through them so much while in school. If I remember correctly I got them from Staples since it was directly across the street from my school. I highly recommend them.

Just like my favorite brand of erasers I have a favorite pen that I love to line my drawings with. I recently switch back to my Pilot Precise V7 Rolling Ball pen in Fine from a Staples brand pen because it was bleeding through the paper. I love this pen because it doesn’t bleed, makes precise lines like it’s name and works on all different paper types. That was my problem with the Staples one. No match how much I love it it was killing me. I’m glad I switch and will only be using this pen for now on.
Now that it’s no longer summer and fall/ winter is here in NY. There is no more wash n go’s for the new future. So I’ve switched to doing twistouts when I wash my hair and then stretching it for another week before I wash my hair again. I’ve been using OGX Moisture + Vitamin B5 Weightless Oil Mist. It supposed to nourish them hair and fight frizz plus all that other stuff. I’ve been using it to add oil to my hair and help in combination with my moisturizer to help keep my hair moisturized. I love it and so does my hair. Not only does it help lock in moisture and does help fight frizz. Plus just like the bottle said it’s weightless. So oil can weigh down your hair and leave it stiff as a board. This doesn’t and I’ll definitely be getting a new bottle soon because this one is literally almost done. You can find it at your local beauty supply, Target and Walmart.

With it now being fall/winter I have put away all my big earrings including my hoop earrings and have been wearing studs earrings again. Because it’s just too cold for that and I love my earrings. I’ve been reaching for my White Opal Vintage Glass Stud earrings in conjunction with a basic pair of studs.The reason I love these so much is because they’re white. Meaning they can go with anything. I just grab them and go.No fuss required. I highly recommend them and I’ m not just saying this because I made them and are selling them. They’re a must in a jewelry collection. You’ll be thinking me later for sure.

Well this concludes my Must Haves for October. What
are you loving?

October Must Haves

Getting Personal Posted on %AM, November 07 2017 10:49AM

Wow, it has been a good couple of months since I’ve done a favorites blog post. Nevertheless, I have some items that I’ve been loving all through October. I included a little bit of everything from beauty, to hair care, jewelry and some stationery items. So enough chit chat because I can already tell this is going to be a long one.

My first item is one of these portable perfume holders. I really don’t know the name of it. It’s good if you have a big bottle of perfume and you transfer it into this and now you can take your perfume on the go with you. No more roller balls. It even has a spray nozzle. You simply take the spray nozzle off your big bottle of perfume and put this contraption on top and keep pushing down until the contraption is full. I love it and it being a pretty rose gold color is an added plus. It’s the size of basic lipstick.
Recently with the expansion of my Stationery line I’ve been drawing a lot more. With that being said I was using a Staples brand pen to line my drawing and it was bleeding through the paper. It didn’t matter what type of paper it was. It bleed through it all. So I searched my supplies and came across this Pilot Precise V7 Roller Ball in Fine Point.I love it. It’s smooth, doesn’t bleed and leave my lines perfect. I’ll never line with any other pen ever.

Recently, Nicki Minaji and MAC teamed up with each other to do a full on collection. Now when I saw this I had to jump on it. Number one the packaging is to die for. Yes, I’m a packaging junkie. Two the color is everything.
This one is Nicki’s Nude. On MAC’s website it is described as soft corally pink.
I absolutely adore this color. It’s a corally pink but not on the summery coral pink side. It’s a more wearable color that you can wear everyday. Which I sometimes do. I pair it with a pink lip liner and a brown lip liner. No gloss is need in my opinion. You can add more brown lip liner to make it more earthy. More pink liner to make it more pink.It’s very versatile. Go and get it.A must for any makeup junkie.
With it officially fall now. I’ve been deepening the colors of my lipsticks.With that being said I had to whip out my Whirl MAC lipstick.
It’s described on the MAC’s website as a dusty rose and they couldn’t be more correct. I pair it with Whirl Lip liner and a brown lip liner. The perfect fall lip color. Plus it’s a matte finish but still super moisturizing. One of my go-to colors. Definitely a must in any makeup collection.

First off Happy Birthday to all my Scorpios. I go through periods were I wear necklaces and then I don’t. I’ve been in a necklace wearing mode and my go-to piece has been my Scorpio Brass Golden Chain necklace available on my website. Besides the fact that it goes with just about anything. It’s also a conversational piece. I literally had people start a whole conversation about Scorpios.Like really. But anyway.I’ve been loving it to death.

I go through hair products like nobodies business. So when I ran out my old moisturizer I went through my stash and found this True by Made Beautiful Hydrating Hair Butter. I never noticed until today that is says it’s for 3c | 4b/c hair. My hair is mix combination of 3b, 3c and 4a if you can believe that.
It’s a creamy, light weight mixture that my hair loves. I do the LOC method when I was my hair and I use this moisturizer after I do that. Because it’s water based and not too heavy my hair loves it and absorbs it nice. I use it on my hair when it’s wet and when it’s dry. It leaves my hair light and well moisturized. Add a oil to seal and I’m good to go. I’ll definitely be buying another one when this one is done. Oh and I totally forgot to mention how good it smells. Delicious. You can find it a your local beauty supply store, Target and Walmart.

Now a while back I ran out my hair styler/moisturizer and went in my stash and came across this. I was like hmmm, let me give it a try. Olive Oil ORS Smooth-N-Hold Pudding is the business. It’s hydrating, plus has a good hold it and makes the perfect styler.

Like it’s name it has a pudding consistency. I’ve used it to style my hair while it’s wet, and when it was dry. Plus, I’ve done a wash n go with it. Through it all it has performed perfectly.It’s like a 3 in 1 product. I only hope when this one is done I can find it in stores.

I’ve come to learn that I’m a gel pen type of girl. Move over the regular bullet pen. This one is pretty generic gel pen from Dollar Tree the Jot brand in a 0.7 mm point. It writes so smooth and doesn’t bleed through any type of paper. A win-win for me.
I’m totally in love with this page marker I made for my planner. Would you believe it’s from a makeup palette box. Yes, a makeup palette box. I added a Heidi Swapp pocket on this side to hold my monthly calendar and a die cut.
The other side features another pocket of cardstock and holds extra stickers. I decorated the pocket with varies die cuts from several Stationery brands. All I did was laminate it to make it sturdy. You can search on Youtube how to make a page marker. It’s super easily and I shared on my Instagram stories while I was making it .

Finally, my last favorite is my Head in a Planner Die Cut. She available for personal use in my Facebook Group. The story behind her is, she was supposed to be one of my very first die cuts. When I print her out with all the others she printed like this. She just won’t print me for anything. I’ve kept her in my planner ever since. Since I recently got a laminator I laminated her so she’s protected.

Well this concludes my Must Haves for October. What
are you loving?

Adventures in Coney Island

Getting Personal Posted on %AM, July 21 2017 10:57AM

Yesterday me, my sister and her best friend went to Coney Island for the day. Now if you’re a fellow Brooklynite then you might remember the Coney Island from the late 80s and early 90s. Where Nathan’s was the highlight of your trip there, the Himalaya ride was the place to be even if you weren’t old or tall enough to get on it in my case and you never stepped on foot on the beach. Times have truly changed and now it’s more a tourist attraction. So let’s go on a little adventure of the new Coney Island.

Our first stop was Nathan’s.I’ll confess it’s been a couple (probably 3-4) of years since I stepped foot in this part of Coney Island. Nathan’s is still Nathan’s except they added a outside eating area and they kind of restructured the inside.But my only complaint is the whole staff is Asian.What happened to all the local staff they used to hire unless it’s under new management.

We walked down the street on the side of Nathan’s and there was all this cool wall art for you take pictures in front off. So cool and beautiful to showcase local artists.
Also there were a ton of new shops and stores. All those games on the outside and food joints. Gone. We then walked up the ramp to get to the boardwalk to eat our Nathan’s . Now this was a site to see. The beach was so clean and jammed packed because it was super hot and day two of a heat wave. 96 but felt like in the 100s according to the weatherman. It was hot period.
I’m sorry I didn’t think to bring my bathing suit with me. So then because my sister’s best friend was taking her favorite student out for the day she bought her an all day pass for the rides in Luna Park. Then the fun began.

As we walked into one section of Luna Park we were hit with yet another great piece of wall art.
I didn’t take any photos inside Luna Park because #1 we were too busy watching the student have so much on the rides. Such a thrillseeker. And #2 children everywhere.

But overall, I’m happy to see Coney Island got a facelift it definitely needed. I’m glad it’s flourishing and thriving. I’ll definitely go back soon and hopefully when my older sister comes back home for a visit we’ll take here because if you remember the Coney Island of the past. You’ll have to see the Coney Island of today.

CurlFest 2017

Getting Personal Posted on %AM, July 18 2017 06:03AM

Summer is not summer without attending CurlFest in Prospect
Park here in Brooklyn, NY. This past Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity
to take the day off with my sis and go. I was dressed and pumped ready to go
and see all the amazing vendors, beauty influencesors and of course to buy some
amazing products. FYI, I had a mental list in my head of what I needed too.

Me and my sister was running a bit late because she had to
beat my face to the gods and then finding a parking spot on Eastern Parkway is
always an adventure. So by the time we trek our way through Prospect Park to
where CurlFest was it was already after 12:30. We walk actually past the
registration line by accident because they set up the tents differently this
year and when I say the line was lonnnnnnnnnnnggggggg for general admission to
get the general admission gift bags.We said nah and headed right into CurlFest.
Can we say vendors galore. Palmers, Eden BodyWorks, Mielle
Organics, Madam CJ Walker, LottaBody and those are the ones I stopped at where
the lines were reasonable. The others were Iman, Shea Moisture, Crème of
Nature, Curl Keeper, Design Essentials, Jane Carter Solutions, Jamaican Black
Caster and Nyako. No two booths were alike. All booths were giving out samples
plus many more giving out ice pops, water, lemonade, and etc to keep us all
cool. Many were holding demonstrations of using the actual products on
someone’s hair. I really wanted to stop at Crème of Nature but they were the
one with the longest line but the samples they were giving away was ridiculous.
Full size I believe. Nevertheless, I was able to purchase my go-to products
that I needed to wash my hair when I got home. Winning.
After stopping at some of the booths we visited the
Marketplace Vendors. I always love stopping by them and seeing what’s unique to
purchase. Being a creator myself, it’s kind of hard for me to buy but I’m
always on the lookout for something unique. My sister wanted a head wrap
particularly a black one for work. Luckily, we got to Fanm Djanm early and she
still had some available. Thank god. And she’s such a sweet heart too. She was
on hand if anyone need help wrapping their wrap. We stopped at another vendor
that was selling unique afrocentric earrings for $5 and $10. My sister got a
wicker material pair and a hamsa pair to match her new tattoo. There was a
couple vendors selling t-shirts, sunglasses, face painting, unique dresses and
tops, henna. I’m a little sad that I didn’t get my henna again for the second
year in the row but I guess there is always next year. Oh and even Spike Lee
had a booth there selling and autographing his t-shirts. Super cool. Managed to
snap a picture to show my dad.

Food…. Can I say it was hooootttt. Lord, you would think
with the rain the day before it would have been comfortable. Nope. Hot. We
checked out each truck and settled on the Jerk truck. We didn’t want to wait
for the Jerk Chicken to be done so we the Cilantro Lime Brisket. OMG!!!! It was
so good. I wish we would of got a photo but we were too hot and hungry to think
about that. At that point my sister’s coworker finally got there and we wrapped
up eating and then walked around. By this time the crowd had grown from the
hundreds to the thousands. I swear we were standing on a hill and you could
look down into CurlFest and all you saw was people. It’s a beautiful site to
see. Women of all ages, skin types and curl textures. We hit the stage area to
see what they dj was playing. After being in the crowd for a bit we went around
again to the vendors to see what my sister’s coworker wanted to get. After that
we decided we had enough and it was time for a real lunch. We then started our
walk out of Prospect Park but along the way we had to do a lil’ photo shoot
because we couldn’t end CurlFest without one.

So in closing, I totally enjoyed my second year of CurlFest.
All the vendors and marketplace was amazing, the dj was pumping, the food
vendors was amazing but the best part was seeing everyone with their natural
hair. All the textures, styles, the fashion even the little kids. Too cute. If
CurlFest didn’t reach a million people this year they were close to it and it
will definitely reach it next year. Amazing job to the CurlyGirlCollective. See
you next year.

Totally forgot to share the samples that I was able to snag from some of the vendors.As you can see I already started to use two. It isn’t as nearly as big as the stuff I got last year but it’s still a good haul of stuff.I’ll let you know most likely in my future must haves if any make the cut.

Thank You

Getting Personal Posted on %PM, June 23 2017 02:05PM

With only 2 more days to our 10th anniversary I wanted to sit down and write an open letter to you guys saying thank you. Yes, a thank you letter addressed to each and everyone one of you. Because without you guys supporting, loving and purchasing Satin Doll products there would be no Satin Doll & Co. Each day I get up and is able to do what I love because you guys . That’s why I love doing giveaways. It’s my way to give back.

In those 10 years I’ve only lost one order (knock on wood), only taken one month long break/ vacation, and taken maybe a day here or there when sick. You guys have been very considerate during those times. Thank you.

When it comes to custom orders, you guys are so creative and it’s been a pleasure working with you to design each and every piece. It still amazes me what ideas you guys come up with. Thank you for letting me be the one to create these amazing pieces. Each and every one of them. It has been my pleasure.

With that all being said. THANK YOU!!!! To 10 more amazing years.

May Must Haves

Getting Personal Posted on %AM, June 09 2017 06:28AM

Another month has flown by and June is here finally and hopefully summer will arrive with it. This past May I was loving so much. From jewelry, accessories to makeup to hair care to home goods. So I have a bit for everyone.Enough chit chat and onto the favorites.
This first must have has been a staple in my makeup collection for years.It’s the NYX Mosaic Power Blush in Love (MPB10).
As you can see it’s been well loved. But nevertheless, with it having 0.20 oz should last me for a bit longer. And luckily NYX still sells it too. From NYX website it’s described as a coral with gold shimmer. Which is kind of true. The shimmer is never subtle and is more of a sheen then anything. A must in my opinion if you love coral blushes.

Now me and my sister are diehard Bath and Body Works candle lovers but one day while in Home Goods we picked up this candle.Hands down the best candle ever.Burns so clean, smells amazing and can burn for hours .We’ve had this one I think for 3 months and you see how much we have left. It’s by WoodWick in the scent Summer Melon and usually costs $15 but you get them at HomeGoods for $9.99.A great steal.HomeGoods have a ton of different sizes and scents.

Now that my natural hair is getting bigger I’m using my turban headbands more.They not only keep my hair out of my face but are cute and fashionable too. Our Black Out will always be my favorite solid while our Safari is my favorite animal print and our Paisley is my favorite print.I’ve been wearing all 3 in May. If you follow us on Instagram you’ve probably seen them. You can find them on our website in the Accessories section.

You know I have to throw one hair product in the mix. This was actually supposed to be in last month’s Must Haves but I forgot to grab it. Nevertheless, the Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Dry Deny moisture seal gel oil is the business. I ran out of my EcoStyler Gel in April so instead of going to buy more I looked in my stash to see what else I had and came across this.I’m glad I did. It has held me down all through April into May.Wash n’ Go,twist out and braid outs. It not only has a great hold without being crunchy but looks in the moisture too. I’m coming close to the end of it and started looking for but unfortunately have come up empty at my Walmart and local beauty supply. Oh did I not mention a little bit goes a long way. It’s available on the Cantu website so I might have to buy it there.

Yes I still love my MAC StarTrek blush but the Wet n Wild megaglo Highlighting Power in Precious Petals is giving me life.
My sister gave me this highlighter and when she applied it to me one day I was in love and she was like here. She actually used it in combination with the MAC highlighter I love. She added a bit of Fix+ then touched the product and then my face.Gorgeous. It’s a golden gold and it’s build-able.With it being super affordable is an added plus.

If you know me then you know I’m hands down a earring lover.I can’t leave the house without a pair.So when I lost one of my White Opal Vintage Glass Stud earrings
I was heartbroken. What was once lost was found right in my sister’s jewelry box. Can you believe she thought it was her earrings.NOT! I refused to take the last pair out of my inventory and with my supplier not longer selling the vintage cabochons. I got my earring back from my sister. We’ve been inseparable since. Like I said there is only one pair left on my website. Don’t walk, run.
When it comes to my stud earrings I really need to find a better way to store them because I lost my Goddess Faux Druzy Stud earrings
too.Well one at least. Still don’t know where it went. But I refused to throw it away and I’m glad I didn’t because I’ve never been so happy to give an odd number of supplies before. I remembered I had an extra one that I made into a stud but it didn’t have a match.Now it does. They’re a bit of bling without going crazy and my FAVORITE of all my faux druzy studs.

Well this concludes my Must Haves for May. I’m not sure if they’ll be one in June since I”m using the same ol’ stuff but you never know. What are you loving?

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