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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

Let’s Have Fun on Instagram

Getting Personal Posted on %AM, March 27 2020 10:07AM

Most of us are in quarantine right now due the corona virus. With that we’re on Instagram, Facebook, Tick Tok and even Snap Chat even more than normal. So what not have some fun.

Yesterday I was browsing on Canva. If you don’t know what Canva is, it’s a platform that you can create documents, jpegs, and pngs for just about anything. I ran across these cool templates to create some fun interactive instagram stories. You know you’ve seen them. Those that you can tag your friends and they fill in and then tag more friends. The updated version of the chain letter. I’m always tagged in some so I decided to create my own.

I created three that you can find in my highlights on my planner Intagram account @satinplans.

Gratitude Top 5

Since we’re all stuck inside trying to stay healthy and virus free. I decided to create a gratitude template to help us remind ourselves why we should be grateful. Because there are so many people sick and fighting for their lives.

This & That Planner Edition

This one is a fun version of this and that but for planner heads. A fun template for anyone that is into planners.

My Planner Favs

This one is a cool one where you can tag your favorite planner brands. A cool way to give your favorite brands some love and some business too hopefully.

I had so much fun creating them and I hope you enjoy them too. I’ll definitely create some more in the near future. Make sure to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss out.

What’s in My Backpack?

Getting Personal Posted on %PM, February 20 2019 01:58PM

It’s always cool to see what’s in everyone’s bag so today I decided to take you inside my backpack that I’ve been carry around since I got it in late December.I initially wanted another backpack that could also be used as purse but I came up empty on my search. I came across this backpack in H&M when me and my sister were shopping for clothes for my mother’s funeral. I was supposed to be looking for a pair of dress pants but somehow I wandered into the accessories section.
I’m so glad I did otherwise I would still be bag-less and using a huge shoulder bag. I saw a bunch of bags and backpacks that I had considered purchasing online and thank god I didn’t. I first looked at it and walked away but came right back to it. It was an amazing buy and was on sale for I think $17. I tried searching on H&M’s website but it’s no longer there. As you can see from the photo above I have it packed full. It’s a gray color with gold hardware and print. The straps are adjustable and it has plenty of room to take your whole life with you.
Now lets go inside my backpack. You might be saying she don’t really carry all this stuff everyday. Yep, every piece of it. I’m now working full time with the family business again since my mom passing so I must have everything I need for my business on me at all times.

Pocket TN/Pouch: Mystic Little Gifts Pocket TN in Macchiato. Pouch I made myself.
Hat: Available for sale at my family’s business. I hate hats but it’s super warm and keeps my phone warm. Yes my phone warm because this cold is no joke and will drain the life out your phone in no time.
Mom’s Prayer Card : My mom recently died before Christmas and I’ve had this card on me every day since the funeral. Like having a lil’ piece of her with me everyday.
Clinique Compact Mirror: Had it for a ages and is always with me.
Extra Pair of Socks: It’s cold like I told you and I don’t like being cold. So I always have an extra pair of socks on me.
Bath & Body Works Lotion: This changes regularly because my sister loves giving me her old ones when she’s too lazy to take the cap off and squeeze the last of the lotion.
Book. The Girl Who Takes An Eye for an Eye: I just got back into reading yesterday. I haven’t picked up a book or this book since my mom underwent her procedure in December. I just couldn’t read.
But there is more…

A6 Rings Planner : Mystic Little Gifts A6 Rings Planner in Pink Sand that I use as my personal planner. The TN is for my business.
Lip Balm: It’s winter and a girl’s lips be chapped.
Square Reader: I’ve learned the hard way to always have this one me but you never know when one of my SD customers will want to purchase something or a custom order.
Phone Charger: I bought this baby for my trip overseas but I charge it everyday and pack it in my bag due to the cold weather. My battery has a tendency to drain quicker than I’m using it.
Tissue: Because you never know when you’ll need one.
Card Case: From Mystic Little Gifts and holds all my important cards, business cards and cash.
Sketch Book: Midori A5 MD from Amazon . Love it. Holds all my SDC sketches for my doll die cuts.
Pencils, Eraser and Pen: My usual mix of tools that I like to use when I draw.

So what’s in your bag?

September Must Haves

Getting Personal Posted on %AM, October 09 2018 10:07AM

September has come and gone so fast that I almost forgot to do my September Must Haves. It features a great mix of stationery items, electronics and accessories. No beauty products this month because September was unusually hot for any makeup and I have been using the same items for my hair. So let’s get to it.
From the time September hit I knew it was time to change up my planner. I LOVE my Bare Naked pocket TN from Mystic Little Gifts but it didn’t scream fall to me. I knew right away to reach for my Macchiato pocket TN from Mystylic Little Gifts. Not only is it rich and screams fall.I love it even more since Mystic LIttle Gifts no longer carries this leather. So I will treasure it. I even changed my entire setup to compliment it. Which is my next favorite.
These collages have been the rage all summer long and now into fall. They remind me of the trend boards we had to do it collage which showed the inspiration for the collections we used to design and create. So right away I knew I needed one when I was going to switch to this planner for fall. I scoured Pinterest and pulled my favorite fall images and made a collage using Photoshop. I think I saved the process in my highlights on Instagram. It might be under the highlight that says “Crafty”. And if you’ve been living under a rock then you might not have seen my Ruska Doll. Which is available on my website. She just screams fall and I’m obsessed with her. The two just go together like peanut butter and jelly.
This zipper pouch that I got from Target I believe last fall has truly come in handy since I’ve been taking both my planner with me wherever I go. It fits my pocket TNs perfectly and protects them from everything else in my bag. God forbid anything bust in my bag and got on my TN I would be heart broken. Especially since it houses EVERYTHING concerning my business. It’s a bonus too that it only cost $1. I really need to check again and see if they have any new styles so I can get another one for my personal rings planner.

My younger sister is a MAC girl and I always get random bits and bobs from her. She has so many makeup bags that she literally gives them away to me and my older sister and her best friends. This one is one of her recent here you go. I love it because the material is very durable. It’s that scuba material that has been all the craze recently in the fashion industry. The makeup bag is really roomie. It houses all my lip essentials, tissue, mirror, blotting sheets, feminine items with room to still spare. I doubt it even available anymore but if you do see it.Get it. You’ll be thanking me later.
I bought this portable charger from Acellories at the very beginning of August for my vacation to Sweden later that month. This baby was a life saver during that trip and all through September. September was a super busy month for me and my family since it was Labor Day season aka West Indian parade time. I rarely worked from home since I had to help at the family business. It’s all hands on deck at that time. We’re always super busy. This charger held me down since I couldn’t be home in front of my computer. My phone became my computer and I did EVERYTHING on it. It charges really fast and charged my phone battery to a full battery in 30 to 45 minutes if I wasn’t using it. I found it on Amazon but I bought it from a local homes store here in Brooklyn and it was only $10 after tax. The best investment ever.
I’ve been loving stickers from MadeWithSouthernLuv. Not only these doodle stickers but her kits too. I would of shown those too but I had to go through my album to get them and I didn’t want to dig. As you can see one sheet is almost done while the other is half done. Her stickers are not only super cute but functional and her designs are not like everyone else’s. I like to be different and you can do that if everyone has the same exact thing. An added plus is her stickers are matte. I can’t stand glossy stickers.Nobody got time to be searching for the perfect pen that isn’t going to smear.
I adore TheCraftyStudent stickers but what I’ve been really loving is her read script stickers. I use them every week in my weekly spread to track the book(s) I finish that week. Don’t sleep on her. Number one they’re super affordable,two their matte,three do you see how many stickers you get to one sheet and four she always have some type of sale going on. I really need to reup on some of her stickers that I finished.

And lastly is this Madeline card case in indigo from Mystic Little Gifts. I’ve been carrying this baby since I got it in my order from her last Black Friday Sale. I was carrying all my essentials before in my card case available on my website.
What I love about this one is it not only features one slot to hold your cards but two. I use the front one to hold my business cards and the one behind that to hold my ID, bank card,and store reward cards. It’s super light weight and compact. If I don’t want to carry any bag I just grab this and go. I highly suggest you get one.

So this rounds off my favorites for this month.What have you been loving?
Feel free to share below because I’m always on the hunt for new products
to try.

August Must Haves

Getting Personal Posted on %PM, September 11 2018 12:02PM

I’m so sad that August is gone which means summer is officially over. It was a relaxing month but very busy. I haven’t had any sort of break in 4 years so the vacation I took in the beginning of August to the middle of August was well over do. All but one of these items made it with me on the trip and I’m still using them now.

I knew for the trip that I didn’t want to take any type of handbag but a backpack. I searched and search and finally came across a backpack from She Inside. Zipper Front PU Backpack With Convertible Strap
is a backpack and handbag in one with the straps to use as a backpack and another strap to carry as a handbag. I used this bag the entire trip from the airport, treking all over Sweden and home again.Super roomie and the straps are super sturdy. My only gripe is the zipper. From the beginning the two zippers have given me issues. I love the backpack so much that I’m tempted to take it to the tailor’s to replace it. Other than that it’s a great bag.Oh and did I mention it was so affordable and shipped from quickly too.
I know I mention this notebook in my favorites for June or July but I have to mention it again. I bought another one from Dollar Tree to take with me on vacation to get some sketching done and I love this notebook. It’s like a traveler’s notebook insert for personal size. The paper is super good quality. It held up with my sketching, lining my drawings and erasing. Super light weight,easy to travel with it actually transferred my sketches better to the computer than white paper. So if you’re a drawer I highly recommend this notebook yet again. For $1, you can beat it.
I believe I got it this product last year at Curl Fest. Proganix Quench Leave-in Moisture + Nourish is the business. August was a hot month.Like really hot and I need a spray besides water that would nourish my hair. A little spritz and then a pump of moisturizer and then seal with oil and my hair was good to go. Depending on how hot it was I would do this either every other day or everyday. If your hair sucks up moisture like a sponge I highly recommend this spray. It was a life saver.
I was so glad this gel was put in the bag at CurlFest this year. Since I’m no longer using EcoStyler in me or my mother’s hair I’ve been on the search to find a more healthy and safe alternative. I know everyone remembers Jam from back well they’re back and with a vegan gluten free alternative. I’m so here for it. I’ve been using it all August long. As you can see I have only a little bit left and have been searching my beauty supply for it with no advil. Besides everything it claims it has a firm hold as described on the packaging. Doesn’t flake and mixes well with other hair products. Which is a plus in my book. I just need more store to have it in stock. If you run across it definitely pick it up. Ampro Shine ‘n’ Jam Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Styler available at

I had all the intentions of buying a clear planner that has been the rage all summer long on Instagram and the planner community but when I went to purchase I saw the rainbow one and knew that was the one. Personal
A6 Size 5.12″x7.48″ 6-ring Clear Rainbow Binder Covers Colorful Soft
PVC Notebook Round Ring Binder Cover Protector Snap Button Closure Loose
Leaf Folder (Colorful, A6)

is life. It’s so different, easy to carry and compact which I was looking for since I couldn’t live without taking my planner with me on vacation. Definitely read the reviews. It was originally advertised as A6 but was actually a personal size which I was looking for. I could actually use a A6 now since it feels so tight. My only grip is the ring size which is 0.8 inch inner diameter round ring binder. I could use a larger ring size which made me cut down on what I need in my planner verses what I had in my previous planner. Other than that I’m so happy with this planner. It’s so compact that I don’t mind carry it everyday. Unlike my previous planner which I was sketchy about carry around and then having to worry about the bag I need to put it in.

So this is what I’ve been loving for August. What have you been loving?
Feel free to share below because I’m always on the hunt for new products
to try.

July Must Haves

Getting Personal Posted on %AM, July 31 2018 06:58AM

July basically and went like a summer storm. I swear I batted my eyes and here we are at the end of the month. Days are moving entirely too fast but nevertheless I wanted to share with you some of my must have for July that I’ve been LOVING. It might be a small favorites pile but it truly have items that have become my go to’s. So enough chit chat and let’s get into it.
This notebook was a lucky find when I went down the isles of Dollar Tree. I was looking for goodies and came across this TN style notebook. It’s like standard size and the paper is really good quality. Perfect for all pens. I decided to decorate the front with some paper that I’ve been hoarding and this picture of these beautiful ladies which came from the packaging of Juvia’s Place The Warrior palette. My sister gave me the packaging a while back and I knew I could use it for something. I recently got back in learning my tarot cards and I’ve been using this as a journal for that. I highly recommend this notebook and for a $1 it’s a steal. Just a lil’ upset I didn’t buy more.

I’m a huge fan of these sticker books that Target have in their Bull’s Eye section. I came across this sticker book one day randomly . For $3 it’s a steal. It’s more geared toward exercise but I’ve been making it work for my weekly spreads by putting another sticker to cover the words. It comes with some cute tropical deco which is perfect for now since it’s summer. The sticker quality is great and it’s clear stickers which I haven’t seen before in Target. You get 2 sheets of each page which makes the booklet 6 pages long. For $3, it was a steal. I highly recommend these sticker books if you see them in Target.

My hair is very particular about what it likes and don’t likes and will tell me. Cantu is really becoming my go-to brand. I’ve used their Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream before and fell in love with it. Since I’m no longer using Eco Styler Gel I had to find a curl cream and a gel that work really well together on my hair. This baby is good for everything. I use it on twistouts, braid outs and wash n go’s. And with their gel which I’ll tell you about next . They’re my go-to products and haven’t let me down. My hair loves it. As you can see my bottle is almost done so I’ll be reupping soon. You can find this at Target, Walmart and you’re local Beauty Supply Store.
Not every gel is created equal. Not every gel goes with every cream product. But Cantu knew what they were doing when they created their Styling Stay Glue Gel in Humidity Hold. Girl, let me tell you this baby here is EVERYTHING. One, with the curl activator cream you’ve found your match made in heaven. These two products were created for each other and work perfectly together. Like peanut butter and jelly. No competing against one another. They literally work hand in hand with one another and help you create a flawless hairstyle. Now let’s talk about this gel. It comes out as a gel but has a tacky consistency.But don’t mind that because as soon as it goes on your hair it just glides on and your hair automatically embraces it. No white residue, no flaking, no nothing. I love that it’s humidity hold too. So my hair is good no matter what. It’s been really humid here in NY and this baby has been put to the test and each time it passes with flying colors. I highly recommend this is product .

I’m a huge fan of Essie nail polishes and their Tart Deco is one my favs. Looking at my toes now and this color is still on them. If not 3 weeks of this month then the whole month. It just scream summer. It’s bright, bold, eye catching and girly. I highly recommend this color and promise myself that I will paint my nails a different color for August but it is a perfect vacay color. I’ll change it.

So this is what I’ve been loving for July. What have you been loving? Feel free to share below because I’m always on the hunt for new products to try.

May Must Haves

Getting Personal Posted on %AM, June 08 2018 06:48AM

June is finally here and it’s time for yet another favorites. I confess, I haven’t done one in a while since I’m a creature of nature and sometimes use the same product over and over again. But recently I’ve switched things up. Some I’ve hated and some I’ve been loving. So May’s Must Haves feature a mix of everything like usual from stationery to beauty. No hair care this month since like I said I’m a creature of habit.

Let’s first talk about my traveler’s notebook. It’s from Mystic Little Gifts and she’s a pocket TN in the color Bare Naked. I got her in the month of either April or May in a mystery grab bag and when she arrived I wasn’t too hot on the color because I had my heart set on another. But over a couple of days I grew to love here. Number one, the color. It’s the prettiest shade of peach with some pinky and brown undertones. Number 2, it’s the most softest leather ever. Number 3, it’s so floppy. I remember a while back I made myself a TN in personal size and peach but had to throw it away because when I bought the fabric it was damaged and I couldn’t love it. I absolutely love this TN and can’t wait to get this color in ring bound A6. The craftsmanship is like no other at Mystic Little Gifts. I highly recommend her website. This is my second and I”m hooked.

I’m always getting random bits of makeup from my sister since she’s a makeup artist and won’t let her sister walk around looking like a fool. One day she noticed my current bronzer and contour I was using wasn’t showing up. She literally pushed this palette in my hands and I’ve been using it since. It’s the Contour Effects from City Color. You might be able to find them in your local beauty supply, 5 and Below and etc.
It features a highlight, bronzer and a contour shade. As you can see I use the bronzer and contourer the most. The bronzer warms up my skin nicely and the contour adds more dimension. I highly recommend it. Not only is it super affordable, around $5 and is super pigmented. $6.99 on the City Color website.

I told you I get random pieces of makeup from my sister. One day she came home and just gave this to me. I was like what is this and she said for you. If I remember correctly they either had it on sale or they were having their Garage Sale at MAC and she snagged this highlighter in Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skin Finish. The highlighter is nice but I really wanted the packaging. It’s gorgeous as you can see. It’s a rosey gold tone with a crackle finish.
This highlighter has been around for ages but it got repackaged for the holiday collection and features a cute snowflake pressed into it. I’ve been using this nonstop and it has push my coveted highlighter from the StarTrek collection out of the way. It’s the prettiest gold shade. Not too brassy and not too cool.Definitely a must in a makeup collection.

All through winter I was wearing peachy tone blushes to keep some color in my cheeks but now that it was spring I switched to a pink. I’ve had this blush from Milani for ages and have been reaching for it every day. It’s Rose D’Oro Baked Power Blush.
It’s the prettiest shade of pink with some gold flex in it. It gives you a refreshed look. Not like a disco ball as you would think from the gold flex. A must in a opinion in any makeup collection.

As you can tell I’m obsessed with anything rose gold and that extends into stationery too. I got this book set a while back from the Target Dollar Spot because it has rose gold on the binding but what I didn’t know was the paper I was going to fall in love with. This one features grid paper which is my favorite paper to write on.
The paper is a dream to write on and my pens just glide over the paper. Plus it’s an added bonus that they grid lines is pink. But the only bad thing about this is I haven’t seen it since in Target.Which sucks. If you see the book set definitely jump on it. You won’t regret it.
I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. So when I saw Nicki Minaji was having yet another collection with MAC. I was like I need at least one shade. First off the packaging is a rosy gold tone. L-O-V-E. She had a couple of shades to the collection but I’m a more peachy tone person so I gravitated toward that one.
This one I got was Nicki’s Nude which is described on the MAC’s website as a soft corally pink. It’s so pretty. I normally team it with Whirl lip liner and I’m good to go.
I love TheHoneyBShop because number 1 she’s amazing. Number 2 her stickers are so unique. Number 3 the paper quality is amazing. Too many shops are doing the same tired thing and she keeps it’s all original. This is her Shop Owner Sticker sheet but I can’t seem to find it. I had Cut, Print and something else on the sheet. As you can see I have one more left so I’m in desperate need of more ASAP.
This next sticker sheet is from Chic Planner Gal and this is the Routine Ish! sheet. I normally use these when I have a super busy day and I just list everything I have to for the day underneath this sticker. Her sticker quality is amazing. Her shop not only carries stickers, die cuts but planner accessories too. She’s also a black owned business and girl boss. I highly recommend her shop.

This last sticker sheets I’m loving is from The CraftyStudentxo. I believe she is a newer shop on Etsy and I found her through the NYC Planner Addicts. She was having an amazing sale and I snatched up a butch of her sheets. Number 1, I love her sticker assortment she carries in her shop. Number 2, her paper quality is amazing. Number 3, she’s so affordable and because she’s a fellow NYer it came super quick. If I wasn’t on a no spend I would buy up so much more. I purchased her Mini 3 Heart Checklists in colorful and nude and as you can see I’m loving them. I use them in my business planner and in my personal planner. I need a truck load of these for real. I highly recommend her shop. You’ll be thanking me later.

So that’s everything . Whew! So what have you dolls been loving? Do share, I’m always on the lookout for new products to try.

Bucket List 35 Before 35 List

Getting Personal Posted on %AM, May 11 2018 11:01AM

In just 7 more days it will officially be 6 months until my 35th birthday. It so crazy how fast time flies by. I was just November and I turned 34. I’m going to need Father Time to slow down for real. So with that being said at the beginning of 2018 I created a list of 35 things I wanted to do before my 35th birthday. I think it’s cool to have a bucket list of items to complete before I reach my mind 30s.

I shared a sneak peek on Instagram yesterday and decided to create a blank on for you guys to create your own bucket list. Like always I decorated mine with stickers and I made sure to leave enough room on the blank version so you can do the same. Feel free to share yours on Instagram and Facebook.Be sure to tag use @SatinDollCo.

To download, click the image below.
Note: For personal use only.

March Must Haves

Getting Personal Posted on %PM, April 10 2018 12:18PM

March is here and gone and what a long month it was. April is here and I’m still waiting for spring to finally come. March was one of those months were I was reaching for my regular routine stuff but there was some items that I was loving more than others.I told you I didn’t stray from my regular items in March but when I did it was amazing. Hands down I LOVE everything in the photo shown above. I’ll definitely will continue using them all April long.
First up is my planner. My old setup in my personal rings was annoying me to the max. I finally sat down one afternoon and took everything out and redid it. And I must say I LOVE it. I definitely won’t be changing it anytime soon.
On the left hand side the papers you see and the silhouette of a building skyline I found on Pinterest and printed it out on cardstock. The magnetic clips are from Heidi Swapp. The jeweled paper clip I made myself which was include in the second MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box. The die cut right next to the paper clip is a freebie that you can get in my Facebook Group. And the die cut clipped on the pocket is from ChicPlannerGal.
This dashboard is one of many in my new layout.On the outside I have this note die cut which is the monthly freebie with purchase when you place an order with me. It’s another one of my monthly favorite that I will go into detail more later. The doll next to that is one of 3 monthly freebies for March in my Facebook Group. The paper behind that is one of my top favorites out of all the paper you’ll find in my planner. I have a thing for animal prints but I didn’t want your traditional animal print. This is bold and colorful yet very feminine and girly.
I had to include a hair care product. I’ve been using the same products since January but I did add a new leave-in conditioner to my hair care routine. Since my sister has chopped off her long locks she purged the items she’s been using and one of them is this leave-in. It’s Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-In Conditioner. Number 1, I love the way this product smells. Mangoes all the way. It’s one of those scents you won’t get tired of smelling. Number 2, the slip when I add this product to my hair wet or dry is amazing. My hair loves this product and just eats it up. Because it has olive oil and mango butter in it it helps keep my hair really moisturized. Since it still wants to be winter here in NY my hair is craving products that can help keep it moisturized and Elasta QP is one of them. I highly recommend this product. You can find it in your local beauty supply store, Walmart and etc.

This note die cut is hands down one of my favorites of all time that I’ve created as freebie for all my stationery orders. I believe I came across this quote one day on Pinterest and it just stuck with me. So when I was designing the freebie for March I knew I had to use this quote. I thought putting it in a note form was perfect. With the glitter “tape” at the top adds a girly touch. As you can see I love it so much that I had to keep one for myself and include it in my planner. I even did a poll in my Facebook Group and everyone loves it so much that it’s the freebie for April as well.
I’m officially on a no-spend until August for my trip to Sweden to visit my older sister and with that being said I have to be resourceful and use what I have. If it’s not a need or business related I can’t buy it. So I’ve been using what I have and this sticker book is one of them. I love it because it’s literally 1050 pieces and I have stickers for days.
As you can see I think this can hold me off for a while so I can do my weekly spreads in my planner. I’ve been using this off and on in March in combination with other stickers I have and I love it. When you become resourceful you can do a lot with just what you have when you’re forced to. It has a mix of neutral, color, floral, and abstract. A little bit of everything.

Lastly, this nail color by Sally Hanson Miracle Gel in 650 Per-Suede is everything. I believe I wore this color all month February and again in March. This dusty rose/ sienna color is everything. Secondly I literally had this color on my toes all month in March and it’s didn’t chip or peel off. Sally Hanson’s gel nail polish is one of the best on the market and I highly recommend it. I do my nails at home and don’t have the time to sit in any ones salon. I have no patience and is too ticklish for that. Plus I love the wand it grabs enough color for you run on pass on your nails.2 coats is just enough for it to be super opaque. Add a top coat and you’re good to go.

So what have you been faving in March? Do share.

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