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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

From This to That

Custom Jewelry Projects Posted on %AM, February 12 2016 09:14AM

From time to time we’ll get a customer who loves a piece we have in stock but want a different variation of the piece. This is one of those time and welcome the change. If you ever see anything in our shop but want it in different color or materials contact us. We’ll love to pick your mind.

This piece change up starts with our Dark Skies Glass Serenity Chain bracelet.This customer wanted this bracelet but instead of gold tone chain as shown in the photo they wanted silver. Now when designing the piece(s) I always envisioned them in gold but silver is gorgeous. So we got to work pulling out all the necessary supplies. Pliers, ruler, wire,chain, glass bead chips,clasp, jump rings and crimp beads.
Despite the bracelet being adjustable the customer wanted it in specific size so we were happy to accommodate they’re request. And here’s the finish product.
Our customer is a genius. Silver looks amazing but we’re partial to gold.

So if you ever see a piece but want to add your own twist to it don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find our Serenity bracelet in our Etsy shop in yellow, orange, red, and green .

Cabin Fever Challenge

Custom Jewelry Projects Posted on %PM, January 27 2016 03:15PM

A couple of seasons back the JET (Jewelry on Etsy Team) had a team challenge called Cabin Fever. Each member of the team had to design a jewelry related piece. The theme of ours was dreaming of somewhere tropical hence the bright colors.

We pulled out our jewelry board and go to work.
We pulled out a handful of glass chip beads in an assortment of colors (red,yellow, orange, red and blue) and howlite leaf beads that we had left over from a previous jewelry project. We didn’t want to to finish off the necklace with just the glass beads chips so we pulled out some leather cording to accentuate the piece.

We strung on the all the beads to jewelry wire and then cut the leather cording to a certain measurement. Then connected that to the strung beads. We finished off the piece with silver tone findings and an chain extension.

The piece embodies everything you dream of when your stuck inside during winter and of course cabin fever starts to set in. Don’t you agree???

In the end we called this piece, “Tropical Oasis Howlite Glass and Leather Beaded necklace” and can be found here in our Etsy shop.

Green Lantern Agate Turquoise and Leather Beaded necklace

Custom Jewelry Projects Posted on %AM, December 29 2015 11:28AM

A couple of weeks back we got our assigned person for our Secret Santa with the JET team on Etsy. With the specifications in hand we were put to the test like each year getting down and dirty for a fellow jewelry making. Let’s just tell you the truth. It’s hard. Creating a piece for someone who not only makes jewelry themselves but sells it too. So got to work pulling all the purple and greenish/blue beads we had.

We grabbed a lil’ bit of everything. From turquoise to agate to glass beads in all the shades imaginable. We played around with combination for days and each time walking away unsatisfied. Until one day I put my foot down and said to myself no we have to get this done and in the mail.
So finally we came up with this combination. Now with only a limited amount beads we had to think. Chain or leather cording. If we went with chain it would take the focal point of the combination of beads and color. So we opted out for leather cording. Now went into our jewelry making stuff and no cording. It’s like it grew legs and walked. So yet again we had to walk away and hunt down our leather cording.

We found it a couple of days letter and a stash of stuff we totally for about. Oh and our phone mysteriously fell off our desk so we got our new one we lost all the other photos.

So let’s speed ahead to use constructing the piece. We stung the beads onto jewelry wire and secured it with crimp beads and jump rings to attached it to the leather cording. We finished off the piece with a lobster clasp and chain extension.

Voila the piece is complete. We made some howlite and glass earrings to compliment the piece and off into the mail it went.

Next time we’ll do it the old fashion way and use the camera.

A Quick Fix: Auntie Bracelet

Custom Jewelry Projects Posted on %PM, November 22 2015 04:04PM

From time to time, I get random pieces of broken jewelry or just plain beads from family members. It’s pieces that they may have gotten while traveling or something they pick up in a store. With me making and selling jewelry they find their way to me so I can fix it for them. Saves them money and the piece gets to live another day. That happen a couple of weeks ago. My aunt and uncle stopped by for a visit and my aunt finally brought with her the bracelet she has been telling me about that needed to be fixed.I would have had a picture of what she bought me but I left her for a minute or two and told her to hold it and came back to a handful of beads. lol and mind you I told her don’t do anything just hold it. But anyway, beads were originally strung on with black jewelry cord. Since she’s going to moving around a bit and won’t be taking it off I opted for durable stretch cord.

So I busted out my pliers and got to work.
I first strung up the beads and put the biggest big in the middle as per the original design.

I then knotted it to secure the beads. Just in case if it breaks at the beginning again the rest won’t come apart.
I then add the oblong bead and knotted the stretch cord several times and cut the excess stretch cord.

Wallah, all done. A quick fix. Back to my auntie it goes.
FYI, we’re accepting holiday custom orders until November 27th. After that date we will not be accepting anymore holiday orders. Regular custom orders will be accepted as normal. Feel free to send us a email at , subject ling “Holiday Custom Order” or simply send us a message in our Etsy Shop.

Aquatic Leaves Glass Onyx necklace

Custom Jewelry Projects Posted on %AM, June 15 2015 09:00AM

This necklace came about as the first attempt to make my godmother’s birthday present for later this month. I first gathered the beads.

Which included blue or teal glass beads, black round glass beads, black onyx teardrop beads , and a leaf gemstone pendant. Next came the placement of the beads.
With so much black beads I had to make sure to add the blue beads to break it all up.
All done. Now to strung onto wire and finish out with the findings.
Here’s the finish product.

I ended up not sending this one to my godmother since she’s more into earth tones but it found a home with weekend when my aunt came over and went through my entire inventory. It went perfectly with her outfit. So there’s a piece out for there for everyone.

Feeling Fresh Custom Set

Custom Jewelry Projects Posted on %AM, May 29 2015 11:06AM

My godmother’s birthday is at the end of June. So like always instead of buying a gift I’m opting to make her a jewelry set. I searched my bead selection and came up with this cool tone mix of beads.
The last piece I made for her for Mother’s Day was warm tones. So this piece will be a bit refreshing from the last featuring green agate, smokey gray faceted glass beads, onyx teardrop beads and an kiwi jasper flower pendant. A nice refresh mix of beads.

Now to figure out the configuration.
I notice when doing the placement that I didn’t have enough green agate beads or onyx beads to continue the pattern. And finishing off with the smokey gray faceted glass beads would be boring so I think some leather is in order. Don’t you think so.

I beaded the beads onto wire and then cut the leather to the required length and attached. I finished it off with a lobster clasp and a chain extension.

All done. I think the leather was a nice mix to the necklace if I say so my self. Now you can’t give a necklace with some sort of earring to match.

I created a simple pair of earrings featuring the smokey gray faceted glass beads and sesame jade beads. I didn’t have any kiwi jasper beads but the sesame jade is a close second and are passable. I think she’ll love it.

I finished off this gift with a handmade card not shown and package for shipment. I can’t wait to hear reaction to this one.

For your custom order, feel free to email us at .
We would love to work with you and help your idea come to life.

Tribal Queen Custom Set

Custom Jewelry Projects Posted on %PM, May 07 2015 01:11PM

We love sharing behind the scenes of custom piece we work on. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we go to work on a unique gift for our godmother. She loves buying our pieces but for Mother’s Day, her birthday and Christmas we design a custom piece(s) for her as a gift. For this gift based on her last purchase which was a rich and earthy piece we decided to keep with the same theme and came up with we’re calling Tribal Queen Carnelian Wood and Amber Leather necklace with matching earrings. (shown below)

We first selected the round carnelian beads, brown wood beads and detailed brown amber dagger beads. Which we purchased a while back at a the Whole Bead Show a year or two ago. We figured on the configuration on our jewelry board.
We strung them together on beading wire but it was missing an element. Leather would complete the look and make it a true statement piece.

So we cute piece of leather and add a chain extension for times she might want to wear it longer or shorter. Walla, it’s complete.
Any necklace wouldn’t be complete with a matching pair of earrings. Featuring the brown wood beads and the carnelian beads and the set is complete.
Since we were on a time crunch and wanted to get it in the mail it time for Mother’s Day. We took her handcrafted gift even further with a handcrafted card featuring stamps, washi tape and a blank card that we always have on hand. We got to work and walla. We created our own Mother’s Day card.
With a quote found on Pinterest and a sweet handwritten note our gift to our godmother is complete. Now to wait for her reaction when she gets it in the mail. We’ll be sure to share her reaction with you all.

For your custom order, feel free to email us at . We would love to work with you and help your idea come to life.

Custom Kim K. Body Chain

Custom Jewelry Projects Posted on %AM, April 18 2015 10:18AM

The other day our sister text us with a celebrity worn piece like always and wait I want it. So it’s up to us to make it happen. This time it was a body chain worn the one and only Kim Kardishian (shown below).

So we ordered the required chain and go to work.Rose gold plated chain and findings with our pliers as helpers we got to work. Note, this is only our 2nd body chain we constructed. The first was a custom order and we didn’t have the person in front of us. We were lucky this time to have the actual person available so we made to exactly to their specifications. After cutting of chain and measuring we completed this beauty.
Just like Kim K.’s it features the double drop that extends to the back of the body and clasps at the neck.

If you ever see a piece worn by a celebrity and want it created don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve had several customers including our own sister come to us with pictures say I want that. Simply send us a email at and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

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