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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

Trending: Pearls & Not Your Grandmother’s Either

Fashion & Style Posted on %PM, October 26 2020 02:12PM

Gone are the days where you would associate pearls with your grandmother and mother. Pearls are an aesthetic that will be around for a very long time to come. They’re just being made and worn in a more up to date way. Like a refresh of sorts.For example, a classic beaded choker but with more round beads. No more of the days where you would pull them out for special occasions. Dress them up or down for more transitional wear.

Here are some pearls that you can find at Satin Doll & Co.

Sugar Plum Fairy Pearl Cluster Dangle earrings
Purity Pearl earrings
Pearl Antique Brass Dangle earring

Gemini Birthstone: Agate

Fashion & Style Posted on %AM, May 21 2020 09:47AM

Gemini is known to be sociable, and very articulate people. Gemini birthstones are known to act as charms or lucky stones. Mostly to support high intelligence and to enhance emotional strength.

Agate happens to one of many of Gemini’s birthstones. Agate is traditionally the birthstone for May in several calendars to say the least. For Gemini, agate is believed to enhance eloquence. A trait commonly known among Gemini people.It also is said to increase verbal dexterity and objective thought.

Here are some agate pieces that can be found at Satin Doll & Co.

Evergreen Green Agate necklace
Horizon Red Jasper necklace
Rain Forest Green Agate necklace
Battle Strong Agate and Glass Beaded Dangle earrings
Castoffs Agate and Wood earrings

May Birthstone: Carnelian

Fashion & Style, Uncategorised Posted on %PM, May 02 2020 12:16PM

May is traditionally known for the month when flowers bloom, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day but did you know that there are a total of 6 birthstones.

One of those happen to be carnelian. Carnelian is the birthstone for May in the Old Hebrew calendar. Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony; which is the red variety of the chalcedony group of minerals. It is believed to strengthen passion and desire. Additionally, it is believed hold powers so strong that it causes the timid and weak of voice to speak boldly.

Here are some carnelian pieces that can be found at Satin Doll & Co.

Carnelian and Glass Dangle earrings
Earthy Allure Coco Pukalet and Carnelian Dangle earrings
Over the Horizon Carnelian Beaded Dangle earrings
Sun Burnt Carnelian and Lucite Dangle earrings

Taurus Birthstone: Rose Quartz

Fashion & Style Posted on %AM, April 21 2020 10:56AM

Tauruses are clever people apt to be wealthy in life. Their birthstones act as charm or lucky stones to strengthen the active person. Also to infuse emotional wellness into their earthy nature.

Rose Quartz is the birthstone for Taurus in Western and Hindu astrology. Rose quartz is the variety of pink , ranging from pale pink to rose red. It is believed to heal mind and emotions, ease pain, anxiety and fear. Most commonly is known to be bring love (romance, friendly, and/or self-love).

Here are some rose quartz pieces that can be found at Satin Doll & Co.

Watermelon Breeze Cherry Quartz and Glass earrings
Rosy Rose Quartz Dangle earrings

Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

Fashion & Style Posted on %AM, April 01 2020 11:42AM

Every year Pantone releases the color of the year. For 2020 this year’s color is Classic Blue.

Pantone’s Classic Blue is a timeless shade of blue. Which is elegant in it’s simplicity. It gives a sense of peace and tranquility; clarity and concentration. A reflective shade of blue that fosters resilience that is needed during 2020.

You’ll find that shade Classic Blue in about everything. From apparel, accessories, technology, home furnishings, and etc.

Here are some items that can be found at Satin Doll & Co. in 2020’s color of the year.

It’s Geometry Wood Dangle earrings
Indigo Wood earrings

Under the Sea Faux Druzy Stud earrings

Aries Birthstone: Red Jasper

Fashion & Style Posted on %AM, March 25 2020 08:49AM

Aries are known to be energetic and proactive people. The Aries birthstone just like for the other signs act as a charm or lucky stone. For Aries it supports their dynamic and vigorous nature as well as stabilize their energy.

Red Jasper is one of many gemstones that represent the sign of Aries. Red Jasper is identified in the Hindu astrology as the birthstone for Aries. Red just so happens to be the lucky color for Aries and was commonly known color to represent jasper gemstone.Red Jasper is also believed to inspire perseverance to the wearer. It helps to prolong the energy of an Aries person.

So know that we have gotten through all of that .Here are some red jasper items that be found at Satin Doll & Co.

Toffee Jasper and Glass Dangle earrings
Horizon Red Jasper necklace

Pisces Birthstone: Jade

Fashion & Style Posted on %PM, February 25 2020 01:27PM

Jade might be assigned also to Virgo but it is also one of many Pisces many birthstones. Jade is believe to the stone of luck and does make the perfect lucky charm for anyone. Which makes the perfect stone for Pisces due to their ambitious nature.

Here are some amazing Jade pieces available at Satin Doll & Co.

Ladylike Innocence MOP Jade earrings
Morning Hike Glass Agate and Jade earrings
Treetop Mother of Pearl and Jade Cluster earrings

February Birthstone: Pearls

Fashion & Style Posted on %AM, February 07 2020 07:06AM

Every assumes that amethyst is the only birthstone for February but did you know that February actually have 4 other birthstones and one of them happen to be pearls. Pearls are actually the one of the original birthstone of February since the 15th century. Pearl is considered the symbol of purity and genuine love hence the reason why pearl is commonly used in engagement and wedding jewelry.

Here are some amazing pearl pieces that you can find at Satin Doll & Co.

Audrey Glass & Pearl earrings
Glass Pearl and Mother of Pearl earrings
Pearl Antique Brass Dangle earring
Pearly Peace Wood and Pearl earrings
Pretty in Pink Mother of Pearl and Pearl earrings

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