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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

May Wrap-up:2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge

Reading List Posted on %PM, May 31 2016 02:17PM

May went by entirely too fast for us.We read 4 books on our reading list but one we had to omit after reading that it didn’t fit the theme. So we might of read 4 but only 3 fitted the themes. Overall, we we’re pleasantly surprised about each.

*A murder mystery: Death by Marriage by Jaiden Skye smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
I haven’t read a good mystery in a long time and this one was really good. It takes place in St. Thomas and a well-know criminal lawyer is found in an alley with stab wounds. A duo detectives, Cindy and Mattheus is hired by the widow to find out who the killer really is since the police on the case only are looking at the widow. The case has a ton of twists and turns and the killer is the person you last expect. Definitely keep me reading and on my toes. I love it so much that I had to read the next book on a whole new case. If you love mysteries then you’ll definitely enjoy this author.

*A dystopian novel: Awakening by C.B. Stonesmileysmileysmileysmiley
I’m not really into dystopian books but this one was pretty good. Imagine you couldn’t sing or play music. That is this society.If caught you’re imprisoned and tortured. The story follows Jaelynn who has a love of singing and has dreams of songs. One day, a wanderer named Noah is passing by and all these weird things start happening. Noah is very cryptic about the dreams and music that Jaelynn dreams sings.Oh and the society they live in the land is baron. The people are basically starving to death slowly. In the end, Jaelynn and Noah fix the land just with singing but now they’re on the run from Ministry. At the very moment a voice talks to Jaelynn and she totally understands what everything is happening and why. It’s so hard to explain. I gave it 4 starts due to the length. It could of been so much longer and some grammar errors. If you’re into dystopian books I say give it a try.

* A book about a road trip: The Road to Price by Justine Elvirasmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
This book follow Mia who leaves her home in Georgia to Miami abruptly. You don’t find out until almost halfway through the book as of why. But in Miami she’s working 3 jobs to keep herself busy from thinking. She gets a call from the temp agency about a job that pays very well and would take the place of all three of her jobs. The temp agency is persistent for her to at least go to the interview. She does and is totally thrown off balance when all the women who work at the residence are more of models .The secretary to totally confused as to why she is interviewing for the cleaning lady when she doesn’t fit the normal type that is hired. During the interview,Sebastian asks some of the weirdest and personal questions. At this point Mia is just trying to through the interview. She gets called that day for the job and asked to move in immediately. There is an immediate attraction between Mia and Sebastian. At this point you can figure out that Sebastian hires only when and sleeps with all of them. He tries with Mia that night at dinner and it goes south. So we takes up one of the other staffers and Mia walks in. From that day forth Sebastian doesn’t touch anyone else on staff and tries to convince Mia that’s a changed man. Mia says all she can give him is a friendship. So the two embark on friendship which turns into love. The start a relationship and Mia moves in his bedroom and no longer work on the residence. It’s when Mia realizes that she’s pregnant that she flees back to Georgia. The book ends with Sebastian giving Mia a day start before he goes to find her and bring her back. The story about what brought Mia to Miami was Mia had a son who passed away suddenly but I’ll leave the rest of that story for you to read. I definitely want to read the next book in the story and I highly recommend it.

So onto June. I’m going to set an ambitious challenge for the month and try to read 6 books again.

*A book you haven’t read since high school: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
*A book based on a fairy tale: Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
* A book translated to English: The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz
*A self-improvement book: Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success by Steve Harvey
*A classic from the 20th century: Dracula by Bram Stoker
*A book set in your home state: In Two Weeks by Jen Talty

April Wrap-up:2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge

Reading List Posted on %AM, May 01 2016 08:41AM

We’re going to make this short and sweet since I did this blog post once before and lost the entire thing.smiley I set a very ambitions reading list for myself this month on top of everything else I wanted to read. I ended up reading 3/4 books out of the 5 I wanted and I will say I was unexpectedly surprised by 2 on the list.

*A book & it’s prequel:Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning by Patricia McLinn & Almost a Bride by Patricia McLinn smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

This prequel is the beginning to the Wyoming Wildflower series. It features Ed who is a rancher in town for a stud show and Donna who is a theater actress. They start a brief fling but come to learn that they’re deeply in love with each other. Ed is to Donna next stop in San Fran to tell her this “Sing,dance, and act. He’ll wait for her”. That declaration of love turns into a proposal of marriage. Donna surprisingly accepts and leaves the theater. Speed ahead, Ed is retiring and him and Donna a going to travel the world. Donna is fussing with leaving their three children behind to run the ranch. Ed finally convinces her to get in the car and that we’re the next story begins. Overall a good book, it just threw me though a loop where in the end it speed ahead to Ed retiring. I thought the next book was going to continue with Ed and Donna and them getting married and her adjusting to living on a ranch after leaving the theater.

This story continues where the first ended. Dave is left to run the ranch while his parents enjoy their retirement and each other while traveling the world. Now onto Dave. A long time ago there was a girl in the ranch next door,Matty who was Dave’s best friend and his first of everything. He would of did anything for her. But Matty got in her head that she would be settling if she continue on the path she was with Dave. So left and broke up with him and never came back home for even a visit until her uncle died and left the ranch to her. Now to present day, Matty know Dave even after all these years will do anything for her.So her asking him to marry her is easy but what she doesn’t tell him until later on that she needs to marry him to apply for a grant to save her ranch. This is wear it gets interesting because I’m saying to myself this isn’t going to work and they’re all going to jail. Dave gets smart to her game and gets in contact with grant program and gives the grant money back.What Matty doesn’t know is that the money she has been receiving is directly from Dave. All awhile they’re trying to resist each other which they can’t .Dave have and always will be in love with her. Matty tries to fight but it’s playing a losing battle. In the end, he wins her over and they marry for real. It was fun reading all the nonsense Matty would come up with. The clauses in the prenup about getting the fouls if one decides to divorce before the 18 month period and Dave trying to win her over. Pure comedy. I would definitely continue on this series especially to read what brought Dave’s sister back from NY so fast.

*A book set in Europe: Reckless Nights in Rome by CC Mackenzie smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I wasn’t too sure about this book but said to myself okay just read it. Surprisingly it was good. It’s about Bronte who finds out a family hidden secret when her parents die unexpectedly in a car crash. In which she finds out her family is penniless and her father is not really her father. Because they are penniless with mountains of debt her brother partners up with Nico who turns their home into a hotel. However, Bronte was left Dower House that Nico has make several attempts to get her to sell. So while she’s running her wedding cake business she’s on the hunt to find her biological father which her brother isn’t too happy about. He would rather let sleeping dog lie but Bronte must know who the man is. All the while she had a chance encounter with Nico who thinks she’s a thief since he caught her leaving out a window of the hotel but she’s really trying to leave a horrible blind date going wrong.Once they realize who each other really is they realize there is an attraction to each other that can resist. So they start a short fling which Bronte is convince it’s a scheme by Nico to get Dower House. When her brother gets into a car accident in Rome.Bronte and Nico leave England for Rome where their romance heats but when ends just as fast. Nico tries everything to get her to talk to him but when he stops by Dower House on evening to talk to her he finds the house alarms going off, a woman screaming, broken glass everything. He finds her blind date from all those weeks ago who turned into her stalker thanks to ex-fiance attacking and attempting to rape her. Nico see red and fights the guy off her. Bronte ends up in the hospital for her injuries where she finds out she’s pregnant. Nico always said he would never marry and fall in love but he has for Bronte. Nico finally talks to Bronte where they both profess their love for each other and Bronte tell Nico he will be a father. He’s so happy he proposes marriage. The get married and the book ends where the family thought they were having one child but in turn she was carrying twins. A boy and girl. A good book overall, it was good to finally figure out who her stalker was. She did find her father who the media turned the story into with a wealthy sugar daddy.Which was funny who the media can run with idea and everyone believes it. Nico finally talk to his father and brother and learn to get everything in his past.

*A book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with: The Thorn by Beverly Lewis
smileysmileysmileysmileysmileyNow this book was a complete surprise. I kept putting it on the back burner until I realized I didn’t read enough challenge books for the month.Being close to 400 pages I was dreading it but it was a complete surprise on how good it was. Set in the Amish community. The story follows two sister Hen(Hannah) and Rose (Rosie). Hen leaves the Amish community and marries a non-Amish and has a daughter Mattie Ann. She abrutely comes back home for a short stay we hope when she gets this pull for her daughter’s sake to be more plain Amish-like. Her husband isn’t too happy about that and basically threatens to take her to court for his daughter if she doesn’t return home soon and act more Enlish-like since she said that’s what she wanted when she met and married him. The story ends with Hen loving being back in the Amish community even working on the local fabric store and Mattie Ann taking very good the change in the community. Even dressing and learning to speak the local language. Hen hopes to win her husband over and bring him in to the church. God himself would have to have a hand in that because her husband is a hard shell to crack.

Onto Rose, she’s embodies everything Amish. She got baptized much earlier then most girls due to her mother having an accident many years earlier which left her parallelized from the waist down. Her mother suffers great pain and no medication works due to making her mother very ill. Since Hen left Rose has been the sole carer of her mother until her grandmother is able to help when her grandfather is better. So besides Rose’s chores and taking care of her mother she really doesn’t have time for much else. She finds some fun riding with the bishop’s adoptive son Nick who lives next door and works for her father. Their best friends since the day he arrived at the bishop’s home. He’s a non-Amish who was placed with the bishop through the state. Despite the bishop’s every attempt to integrate Nick into the community and culture Nick resists. When the bishop tells Nick to show attention to Rose Hen realizes he’s actually sweet on her. Which is a bad thing in their community since he’s more of the black sheep.Rose doesn’t realize this until the very end of the book. All awhile, Rose is worrying about finding someone to marry. She was being courted by Silas before her mother’s accident but that stopped when she stopped attending the Singings. That’s where eligible boy and eligible girls get together sing together but it’s really to see who’s available. You might talk and flirt a lil’ bit. At the end of the night one of the boys might offer to give your lift home where they might ask to see you again.

Back to Rose, she gets a letter from Silas asking her to a carriage ride a couple days later. This carriage rides leads to Silas asking Rose to marriage where she accepts despite her love for Nick. Nick at the end of the book goes off with his brother for a ride and comes back home which his long hair chopped off and his brother half died. His brother ends up dying after all attempts to save him. Nick was not the cause of the death since he fell off his horse and landed on rock. Nick wants Rose to leave with him after they both realize they love each other. Nick is even willing to join the church for her but Rose tells him no. So in turn Nick leaves which Rose says to herself is the best.

The book ends with Rose preparing for one of her cousin’s wedding while thinking about her upcoming nuptials the coming year. This books was a total surprise on how much I enjoyed it. I really thought I wasn’t. I will continue with this series to find out what happens with Hen and her husband. Will Rose really marry Silas? Will Nick come back? And if he does what will Rose do? Hmmm….

May is here and it’s time to knock some books off the challenge book list. I’ll set the bar high again and aim for 6 books.Maybe I’ll surprise myself.

*A book you haven’t read since high school: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
*A book based on a fairy tale: Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
*A dystopian novel: Awakening by C.B. Stone
* A book about a road trip: The Road to Price by Justine Elvira
*A book that takes place on an island: Aloha Texas by Chris Keniston
* A murder mystery: Death by Marriage by Jaiden Skye

March Wrap-up:2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge

Reading List Posted on %PM, April 01 2016 02:07PM

I set a very ambitious goal of reading 5 challenge books for March but I only managed to read 3.Not including 6 other books I read outside of that. 2 of those were box sets with 3 books each. Which actually equals 12 books.

So here’s what I managed to reach from the reading challenge.

*An autobiography: Confidante- The Brothel by Lilliana Andersonsmileysmileysmileysmiley

This book is an autobiography of a sex worker in the late 80s in Australia. Her daughter-in-law convinced her to tell her story because she really didn’t believe her in the beginning. Overall, it was a good story. Her reasoning behind it was like most women. Money to support her family. This turned into a trade she was really good at and even when she left she somehow got into situations she couldn’t even understand that she got into. She eventually left it all together and went on a tour to tell her story. Unfortunately, she used all her funds to fund this tour and borrowed from friends and family. The end of the book leaves you were she goes back in the industry to make the money back that she owes everyone. Would I reach the two remaining books? Yes! Her story was one of the kind. The only draw back is when you’re reading the story of events and then it goes in to terminology. Totally out of sequence. Should of been at the very beginning of the book and not slapped right in the middle of the story.

*A YA bestseller: Crystal Magic by Madeline Freemansmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

This book was so good. The book is about Kristyl who when the book starts is basically an outcast at school because windows tends to break around her. Along with other things. The day her life changes she gets in trouble yet again and her mother is called to the school. Unfortunately, on her way to the school she gets into a car accident and dies. Kristyl is sent to live with her aunt where she finds out that she’s a witch. Along the way,she makes friends and discovers one has one of the same abilities as her. There’s a group of kids at her school who are witches themselves and must her to save her aunt who becomes very ill. She travels back 20+ in time in search of a crystal which holds the magic she needs to save her. One major event is changed during that travel back in time. When she makes it back to the present day. Nothing is as it was. Her mother is alive, her aunt is no longer sick, she now practices magic, she’s close friends with the witches at school and is dating one of them. This book was EVERYTHING. Especially with the twist at the end where the present time change and went left. I’ll definitely continue the series. I highly recommend this book.

*A graphic novel: The Walking Dead #1 by Robert Kurkman smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

If you’re a fan of the TV show then you’ll love the comics. A super short read of about 20 pages. This one features where the tv show begins. Before Rick got shot on patrol with Shane and wakes up in the hospital and the world around him has changed. It ends with him leaving his town to Atlanta to look for Lori and Carl. A good read but I’ll stick to the tv show.

April is here and it’s time to knock some more challenges off the list. I’ll push myself for 5 again this month. Here’s what I plan to read for April.

*A book you haven’t read since high school: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
*A book based on a fairy tale: Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
*A book set in Europe: Reckless Nights in Rome by CC Mackenzie
*A book & it’s prequel: Mending Hearts by L.B. Simmons and Recovery and Running Places by L.B. Simmons
*A book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with: The Thorn by Beverly Lewis

February Wrap-up: 2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge

Reading List Posted on %AM, March 06 2016 10:38AM

Despite being fairly busy in February I was able to knock off 4 PopSugar 2016 Reading Challenge books.Overall they were pretty good books. So let’s get to what I read.

*A New York Times bestseller: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard smileysmileysmiley

Let me first say I’m huge fan of the tv show and have watched it from the beginning and I really should of read of the books before watching.My rating of 3 stars reflect that.It’s not that it wasn’t good, it was okay. I think I just prefer the tv version better. However, I do like how the author goes into detail about the characters. I liked the character development.Also all the events and situations that we don’t see on the show. Characters were described differently in the books along with locations but that’s to be expected. Will I continue to read the series? No, it’s not my cup of tea.

*A Book That’s More Thank 600 pages:
The Islander’s Box Set Books 1-4 by Helen Conrad smileysmileysmiley
I chose this box set because it 658 pages and it includes 4 different books in a series. The first book in the series is about a playboy and a girl he used to love.When she calls him he runs to help. It’s basically about him trying to show her that he isn’t the playboy he used to be. The second box was really good. 5 star good About a native girl and a boy whose basically passing through.The results of their brief encounter is a child.Speed ahead a decade and the the boy returns and finds out about the child the created.You get the jest with all the drama of that. The third on was about two neighbors and a set of twin babies left on a doorstep. This unlikely pair must care for the babies until Child Services can arrive.You can imagine all the foolery that could happen.It was okay. In the fourth, a woman decides to break into a vacation home and it’s just her luck that the owner who’s never there decides to come home. The owner tries his best to show her some tough love. Overall, the series was okay.

A romance set in the future: A Viking’s Peace by Zoe York smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
This book was really good despite it being in the future and it’s weird vocabulary. A “viking” aka human left earth in 20-something to find a new world due to earth’s resources depleting. The result of him leaving created a new race called the Vikings who are close to 7 feet tall and have different customs. A team leaves earth to the Viking planet to broker a deal with the current leader for resources Earth needs. One of the commander is teamed up with the Viking’s leader son and they fall for each other which puts any deal in jeopardy. In turn, they use their relationship to close this deal and join the two planets together. Definitely continue the series to see what happens next.

*A book recommended by a family member:Shaw by Anna Hackett smileysmileysmileysmiley
Now let me say, if you’re not reading this series you need to. My older sister put me on to it and every time a new book comes out she’s send it to me. It’s a dystopian novel, the world has collapse due to an alien invasion. Most the world’s population is dead and who ever is alive is either in hiding trying to survive or got captured by the aliens and is being tested on. This is book 7 in the series and each book follows a different team mate of the Hell Squad which is a squad of ex military and police who go out and fight the aliens. This book follow Shaw.I’m not going to do a total spoiler since the book just came out in February. But let me just say I always knew from the very first book that Shaw and Claudia had a thing for each other. It reminds me of boy and girl liking each other in school and is always fighting among each other. Read it if you haven’t already. A series that is fun of action, science fiction and pretty steamy too. Can’t wait for the next one.

March is here and it’s time to pick and choose what I’m going to read for this month. I hope to read 5 but that might be pushing it with everything else I want to read.So here’s what my tbr for this challenge this month.

*A book you haven’t read since high school: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
*A book based on a fairy tale: Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
*An autobiography: Confidante- The Brothel by Lilliana Anderson
*A graphic novel: The Walking Dead #1 by Robert Kurkman
*A YA bestseller: Crystal Magic by Madeline Freeman

What are you planning on reading this month? We would love some book recommendations.

3 Down, 36 More to Go

Reading List Posted on %AM, January 19 2016 08:59AM

I’m happy to say that I have knocked three books off the PopSugar 2016 Reading Challenge alongside my hefty challenge of reading 200 books for the year on Goodreads.

Before 2016 even started I created a list of books to go with most of the challenges.So all I had to do was select 3 for this month and read them. I chose the easiest first. A book you can finish in a day, A science-fiction novel and A book that takes place during Summer.

I first started with “A book that takes place during Summer” since the winter has finally arrived to the northeast and anything that reminds you about summer is good. I choose “The Summer I Learned to Dive” by Shannon McCrimmon.
This book was surprisingly very good and I would actually read the next book to continue the story. I thought it was going to be a basic coming of age book but there was so many surprises and family secrets that were revealed.

I next read “A book you can finish in a day”. I chose “Anna’s Contract” by Deva Long. I can’t seem to find it on Amazon but anyway this book got me so pissed out. I said okay it’s a short read and 50 Shades of Greyish so I would give it a chance. Wrong, total waste of time and aggravated me because the boss continuously repeated the same thing 5 millions times. Would I read it again, nope. Would I read the rest of the series. Hell No! Deleted this puppy off my kindle as soon as I finished. I think I gave it 1 start.

The last book I read this month for the challenge was “A science fiction novel”. This genre of books I read from time to time but really haven’t read it since 5th or 6th grade. I used to love it. Anyway for this one I chose, ” Taken” by Erica Conroy
Overall this book was a good book. The only thing that got me was they never said why one of the main characters wore the veil or even described after she finally removed the veil what she looked like underneath since they made such a big deal about it. The plot twist at the end about the king, the king’s age and gender was a good and totally unexpected. I gave this one 4 out of 5 stars.

So far this challenge is making me read books that I wouldn’t normally read which is a good thing. Next month I plan on reading the following:
-A book that’s more than 600 pages
-A NY Times Best Seller
-A romance set in the future

I have some good picks for those. So stay tuned. If you’re doing the reading challenge feel free to tell us what you’re reading.

A New Year, A New Challenge

Reading List Posted on %AM, January 02 2016 11:47AM

Happy New Year! It’s officially a new year and with a new year comes a new challenge. Last year we put ourselves up to challenge of reading 150 books and happy to say I read well over that amount. A grand total of 198 books. Dang that’s a lot.
So with a new year comes a new challenge.This year I have decided to push myself and read even more. 200 books for 2016 and on top of that I came across a pretty cool reading challenge by PopSugar. So I hit up my older sister to see if she’s down and sure enough she was.
The list consist of 50 different books you have to read to fit a criteria/theme. So I got to work a couple of days before the new year and scoured my Kindle for books for each one. Except for 5 which I’m going to borrow my younger sisters library card and I’m good to go.

So are you up to the challenge. Go here for more details.

As we knock a book off the list we’ll do a blog post to show our progress.

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