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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

2020 Planner Lineup

Planning Posted on %PM, December 30 2019 12:14PM

Wow, that was fast. 2019 went by like a breeze and here we are at a new year and decade. People have been trying to figure out their planners that they will use for the coming year since probably November. With me, if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Like I said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You might see some beauties that you’ve seen all 2019. We’ll they’ll be making a return for 2020 as well. I mean the covers might stay them same with a few tweeks to the guts but overall it’s still the same. I’m truly happy with my lineup from last year. So why change it and disrupt my entire system.

I’ll continue journaling so I have one for that, then my planner for my personal life and lastly one for my business. Pretty straight forward and simple. So let’s go into each one.

So I started using this A5 PenGear Journal back in August and it should last me through the first half of the year fingers crossed. I absolutely love this brand of journal. From the paper to the dot layout to how my pen just glides over the paper. I’m so happy that I took up journaling in February of 2019. Not only did it help me grieve after my mother’s passing but it has become a good way to decompress after a long day and just jot down what is going on in my head. I highly recommend it and it’s way cheaper than paying a therapist. Which I recommend going to as well but that’s a whole another topic.

When I tell you I love this planner I really do and I don’t see myself moving out of this planner anytime soon. It’s my Mystics Little Gifts A6 Ring Planner in Pink Sand. This planner houses everything in my personal life and goes with me everywhere 90% of the time. I purchased this planner last year for my birthday as a birthday gift to myself. It was on my wish list and when you get something you really wanted you treasure it. Use it too. I’m still trying to get it just right for 2020 but once I do I’ll go into details in another post about all the new additions added to it.

This planner I just keep coming back to as my business planner. My beloved Mystics Little Gifts Pocket Wide Traveler’s Notebook in Macchiato (now discontinued leather). This planner is another staple that I carry everywhere with me 90% of the time. I love how it’s so small and compact. Also how chunky it can get. Housing 6 strings + it can hold so much in it’s small size. I always recommend a pocket TN to anyone who asks what planner do you use for your business. It’s small enough to carry and if you have to pull it out in a meeting it’s not this humongous thing taking up so much space. You’ll think me later.

I like to keep things simple when it comes to certain things in my life and my planners are one of them. They’re there to help you stay organized not complicated things. Hence my trio for 2020.

What are you using for 2020? I would to hear and see.

Routines Printable

Planning Posted on %AM, December 17 2019 10:14AM

As the year comes to an end I”m starting to think about what I want in my planner for the new year.

Having a routine in place is key so that’s the reasoning behind my routines printable. There is an area to put my morning routine and then a area to list my evening routine. No routine for any two individuals are the same hence why I left blank lines and didn’t fill it out with what I consider should be a the “norm” routine.

Like always I decorated it with stickers. I used stickers from the Satin Doll & Co. Bath Time Sticker Set. Enough chit chat.

Click here to download.

2020 Word of the Year

Planning Posted on %PM, December 04 2019 05:49PM

The countdown to 2020 is on. We’re going into a new decade and it’s time to set new intentions. No better way then with a printable.

I created a printable last year but decided to create a whole new one. I took it a step further than just your simple word for the year and a list of goals you want to accomplish. You now have an area to give the definition for the word you choose and an affirmation. I’ve been pinning affirmations like crazy on Pinterest recently so it only makes sense that I add that for this year’s printable. I also included enough white space so you can decorate it if you want to, You know I can’t resist adding a bit of something to my printable when I add them to my planner.

To download, click the image below.

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our printable. Hashtag #satinplans .

Note: For personal use only.

December Journaling Cards

Planning Posted on %AM, December 01 2019 07:09AM

This month flew by in a wink of a eye and December is here. The last month of the decade. Wow!

Like always we have our signature journaling card and one a bit more festive featuring holly berries which is a hand drawn illustration I drew myself with for one of my sticker sets. Sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

To download, click the image above.

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our journaling cards. Hashtag #satindollco .

Autumn Self Care

Planning Posted on %PM, October 31 2019 04:52PM

With autumn or fall, however you like to call it. It comes with a new self care regimen. Self care is one of those things that you need to practice every day not just season to season. I thought it would be cool to have a autumn self care checklist to add to your planner, journal or notebook. Like always you know, I can’t just leave the page blank, So I added some cute stickers (Fall Sticker Set) from my website of my hand drawn illustration. Very autumn-ish in my opinion.

To download, simply click on the image.

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our printable. Hashtag #satinplans .

Note: For personal use only.

November Journaling Cards

Planning Posted on %AM, October 29 2019 07:53AM

I know I say this every month but geez I wish time would slow down. It’s already days away from November and under 60 days away from Christmas.

Like always I created my signature journaling card which is simple, chic and modern. Then for the other I had to rack my mind what do you see alot of during the fall months and especially November. Acorns! So I took the graphic that I created for my fall stickers but didn’t make the cut and added it to the upper corners of the journaling card. Super cute and no fuss. Still gives you the fall feel without being overpowering. No matter what design you choose you still love the functionality of the cards.

To download, click the image above.

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our journaling cards. Hashtag #satindollco .

October Journaling Cards

Planning Posted on %AM, September 28 2019 05:48AM

The months are just flying by and just like that September is done and so is summer officially .Here is October. Full of cooler temps, extra layers, pumpkins and spice.

For this month’s journaling cards I wanted to give you the fall vibes with the colors and motif. Like always I have our signature style but the other I decided to jazz up with a cute leaf motif in the colors of fall. Kind of bold and in your face but still super clean and sophisticated. Definitely something for everyone.

To download, click the image above.

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our journaling cards. Hashtag #satindollco .

September Journaling Cards

Planning Posted on %PM, September 02 2019 02:24PM

And just like that summer is gone and September and fall are here. September are one of those funny months where it can still be summer or the weather can change and the temperature dips. Nevertheless, hello September.

For this month I created two journaling cards.

You have our classic design which is clean and chic and the other which features a cool leaf motif in orange. It’s a bit of fall without being “BAM” fall in your face. Which ever you choose to use is totally up to you.

To download, click the image above.

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our journaling cards. Hashtag #satindollco .

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