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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

Behind the Name

Behind Satin Doll Posted on %AM, July 08 2015 10:58AM

Have you ever wondered how exactly we came up with our name? It’s not from the Duke Ellington song, “Satin Doll” either? Let’s give you a lil’ back story.

About 10-11 years ago when I finished graduated college I knew I wanted to start my own company so I started the ground work to get to my goal. Over the years me and my older sister toyed with names. The first she came up with using just my nickname, Tana. She came up with Simply Tana which was okay but it didn’t feel right. I couldn’t think of anything for the life of me. With my middle name being Tiffany I was thinking of Tiffany and Co. but that one was already taken. So I look up at my bookshelf and this one book popped out at me.
Satin Doll by Karen E. Quinones Miller

This one I have read a handful of times and is one of my favs. It’s about a woman name Regina who used to live a very wild lifestyle but got shot and left for dead. She ended up going to college and becoming a journalist.She meets a man named Charles who comes from a very prominent upper class black family.Regina battles trying to keep the life she built while trying to hide her former life which includes her two crazy friends.

It’s a good book overall and I highly recommend it. So being a fashion design, I thought satin is a fabric and doll means an attractive woman. Then I said to myself I can’t use Satin Doll because it’s a widely known song and the name of this book. So like Tiffany and Co. I add Co. to it. Creating Satin Doll & Co. It’s a name that can be the home to many things and not just one since I decided I didn’t just want to design woman’s clothing but accessories and etc.

So Satin Doll & Co. was born.

A Closer Look at Satin Doll Stationary

Behind Satin Doll Posted on %AM, June 26 2015 11:57AM

We at Satin Doll & Co. has always had a love of planners, notebooks, note cards and stationary in period. It’s only right our love has grown into a new division. With the launch of Satin Doll Stationary, we bring our love of stationary to you. First featuring traveler’s journal folders. Let’s take a closer look.

Our traveler’s journal folders come in three sizes and consist of 2 pockets.


Our Large 2 pocket Traveler’s Journal Folder are perfect for large traveler’s journals, midoris and foxydoris which at 8×5. Available in our Etsy shop in a variety of patterns. (Retails Price: $5.00)

Our Regular 2 pocket Traveler’s Journal Folders are ideal for regular traveler’s journals, midoris and foxydoris that are 8×4. Available in our Etsy Shop in a variety of patterns. (shown above Pink Stripe Traveler’s Journal 2 Pocket Folder-Regular Retail Price: $5.00)


Our Original 2 pocket Traveler’s Journal Folders are ideal for slim,wide, and extra wide traveler’s
journals, midoris and foxydoris that are 8 1/2 x5, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 and 8 1/2 x 6. Available in our Etsy Shop
in a variety of patterns and range in price from 5-6. (shown above Butterfly Garden Traveler’s Journal 2 Pocket Folder)

In the future we are planning to bring reversible leather traveler’s journals, planner charms, and notes. The possibilities are ends. Shop our Stationary now.

Shop Satin Doll & Co. at Calabar Imports Stores

Behind Satin Doll Posted on %AM, January 07 2015 09:02AM

Now that
the holiday season is officially over and our session with Calabar
Imports Popup shop is now over. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be
available at 2 of 3 Calabar Imports in Brooklyn, NY.

Crown Heights:

708 Franklin Avenue,

Brooklyn, NY 11238

(718) 638-4288

Open Thursdays – Monday from 11am – 7:30pm.

Sundays – We closed at 7pm

Closed Tuesdays and Wednesday

Boerum Hill:

103 Third Avenue,

Brooklyn, NY 11217

(718) 715-1610

Mon: 11:30 am – 7:30 pm

Thu – Sat: 11:30 am – 7:30 pm

Sun: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Closed Tuesdays and Wednesday

you’re in the area and happy to stop in remember to ask for Satin Doll
& Co. products. They’ll point you in the right direction.

Such a tease…

Behind Satin Doll Posted on %AM, March 13 2014 09:30AM

We know sometimes how much a tease we can be to our customers but in the end it’s so worth it. If you’ve been exploring our website in the last couple of days then you’ve noticed that our front page change to reflect our new collection. (shown below)

But if you clicked on it you got even a shocker. All the pieces of our website are there. smiley Yes we had the same reaction when we saw them live but ours weren’t of excitement but of panic. That’s a whole another story in itself.

If you click on a item to purchase you were probably very disappointment that the website wouldn’t let you. We know, but the 15th is only days away. You can always just add it to you shopping cart and wait for the day to purchase.

Tell us what you’re items are your favorite already and do you prefer silver or gold? See you on the launch date.

It’s coming….

Behind Satin Doll Posted on %PM, February 26 2014 12:03PM

It’s coming… What, you may ask . Nothing only but our Spring collection.

On March 15th, is the launch of our Spring 2014 “Initially Yours” collection. We’re giving a little sneak peak into what we’re cooking up. All we’ll say is it includes initials, gold plated, silver plated and rose gold plated.

We’ll let you mind wander with that.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars and follow us on Facebook. That will be the first place we’ll announce when the collection is available for purchase.

New Turban Headband Styles

Behind Satin Doll Posted on %PM, November 22 2013 04:23PM

In October we announced a new accessory to our website, turban headbands. We’re happy to announce that we’ve add new styles and prints in the last couple of weeks. Basic solid colors and more fun prints.

From left to right: Black Out, Chartreuse, Cobalt, Flamingo, Autumn, Boho Chic, B/W Cross, Hear Me Roar, Jungle Boogie, Standing Strong, and Wild About You Cheetah . Retail for $14.00

There is definitely something for anyone. Start shopping now.

We’re Away this Weekend.

Behind Satin Doll Posted on %PM, November 14 2013 02:52PM

If you would like to place a order this weekend Thursday at 5:00pm – Tuesday we’ll be away. All orders received after 5:00pm Thursday will be processed and shipped Tuesday. If you would like to order and for to be shipped before we are away for the weekend please get your order in before 5:00pm to ensure that it’s makes it to post .

Thank you and we’ll see you back on Tuesday.

Satin Doll Introduces Turban Headbands

Behind Satin Doll Posted on %AM, October 26 2013 10:29AM

As of last week, we’ve added a new accessory a hair accessory to be exact to our product assortment on our website. Turban headbands to be exact.

Now turbans have been around for decades, even centuries.If you even been hiding under a rock you can see they’re back with a vengeance. Being a non-hat fan myself a turban headband is the next best thing to wearing a hat for me. My hair can still look cute but my head and ears are snug and warm.

Shoot if I hate hats so do a bunch of other ladies and a turban headband is the solution to the problem. So introduce the turban headband in 5 fun styles.

Black and White Tribal Print Turban Headband

Orange Zebra Print Turban Headband

Orange You Mod Turban Headband

Shades of Blue Turban Headband

Cheetah New Spots Turban Headband

All featuring fun prints for fall and winter. Soft and stretch fabrics. We’re a loving a bold and different prints so we decided to go in that direction first before offering solids but don’t worry they’re on their way too.

A lil’ behind the scenes info on the shoot. As you know I’m the designer and creator of Satin Doll and you rarely see a photo of me on the site unless it’s in the designer bio. We’ll our regular model aka my lil’ sister decided that day she didn’t want to play model for me so the designer became the model for the afternoon and the model became the photographer.

Oh how we loved the role reversal. lol It was a fun shoot overall in a beautiful and serene part of Queens, NY. Fall was definitely in the air.
I managed to get in a few personal shot for myself too (Non-Satin Doll related).

In closing, go take a peek at our Turban Headbands if you haven’t already. We’re sure you’ll see something you like.

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