Gemini is known to be sociable, and very articulate people. Gemini birthstones are known to act as charms or lucky stones. Mostly to support high intelligence and to enhance emotional strength.

Agate happens to one of many of Gemini’s birthstones. Agate is traditionally the birthstone for May in several calendars to say the least. For Gemini, agate is believed to enhance eloquence. A trait commonly known among Gemini people.It also is said to increase verbal dexterity and objective thought.

Here are some agate pieces that can be found at Satin Doll & Co.

Evergreen Green Agate necklace
Horizon Red Jasper necklace
Rain Forest Green Agate necklace
Battle Strong Agate and Glass Beaded Dangle earrings
Castoffs Agate and Wood earrings