Some people might believe journaling is all about writing and boring but little do they know journaling can be fun and creative. If you’re into planning, you can use those same items and incorporate them into you journaling. Here are my go to journaling tools to make my pages fun and unique.

From left to right. Happy Planner Color Story Sticker Book, Dollar Tree Sticker Book, Walmart Sticker Book, Capitol Chic Sticker Books available at Michaels

Sticker books. Yes all those Happy Planner and miscellaneous sticker books you purchased to use in your planner. You can incorporate them into your journal. You’ll finally find a use for all those stickers that you didn’t know what to do with. They’ll add color and pizzazz to your journal.

From left to right. Pilot G2 Pen, Inc. Color Flow in 0.5mm and Pencil from Target Dollar Spot

Writing tools. Know you can’t journal with some type of writing tools. I use one to actually write with and the other two are for drawing and outlining. If you can draw, you might want to incorporate that into your journal too. It’s a unique touch.

Zebra Mildliners 15ct.

Markers. This goes hand in hand with your writing tools. Those drawing you added to your journal you might want to add a bit of color to them. You can also use them to write or draw with. If markers aren’t your medium, feel free to you paints, coloring pencils, pens or even inks. The options are endless.

From left to right. Dollar Tree Sticker Set, Zen Sticker Set from Satin Doll & Co., Mermaid Sticker Sheet from Dolce Planner

Sticker sets. All those sticker set sheets you purchased from various sticker shops that are used as decorative in your planner.Those are perfect for planning. You can creative a whole journaling page around them.

Black Girls Rock Journal Cards from Satin Doll & Co.

Journaling cards. Journaling cards are the perfect medium for journaling. You can either adhere them directly to the page or add them as tip in. We love using them in our planner as a decorative item. Use them in your journal too.

Various doll die cuts from Satin Doll & Co.

Die cuts. Die cuts are the perfect medium for journaling. We sometimes use them in our planners but they made for journaling in my opinion. They come in a variety of options from dolls to animals to characters to quotes to plants. The possibilities is endless.

Washi tapes. Some of us love them while others hates them. We all have them so use them. Washi tape is perfect for journaling. It adds color, print, and texture to your page. You all say you never finish a roll. I can guarantee that if you add them to your journal pages they’ll fly right out the door and then you’ll be buying more to replace the rolls you finished.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting into journaling but keep telling yourself that you don’t have the tools. Yes you do.It’s right there in your stash. Now get journaling.