I haven’t done one of these posts in ages but this series was so good that I had to share it. If you love a fast pace book that has tons of action then this series is for you.

Nikola: Russian Mob Chronicles is about a law intern and a Russian Mafia prince and all the things that can happen within any mafia.. Where a lot of authors would make one of these books and it would be broken up into 3 or more. This I could seriously see made into a action movie. From the characters to the settings. Shandi did an amazing job and I’m totally sad that the series is over. I’m glad there is a spin off but I want to know what happens next with these too.

I truly want to go into a honest review and give you all the details but what is the fun is that if I give it away. Let’s just say there is an happy ending in the end. The bad guy dies but in my opinion should of had a more horrible death then given. It should of been more drawn out. He got off too easy but that could be Scorpio in me talking. There is tons of guns, fights, sex, action and simply fast pace.

I’m definitely going to checkout more of Shandi Boyes books and series.I highly suggest that you check out this series and the rest of her books.