I’ve been ask in groups how do I come up with my journaling pages. Do I use prompts and etc.? I even did a step by step in my Instastories but I think I need to do a blog post with detail to show you how I do my journaling page.

It’s so simple and effortless. I do my journaling pages early in the morning before I start my day. I reflect back on the day prior and choose one event, situation or comment that was said to me and then I go from there. I then gather my materials which includes my favorite journaling pen, washi tapes, and stickers.

To begin, you must start with a blank page.

Then create the border motif which features the theme for the month. This month since it’s February my theme has hearts so I put three hearts in the corner of the page flanked by lines on either side. You necessarily don’t have to do this. This is something I do to tie the pages into the monthly theme.

Don’t forget to date your page. I notice I a lot of people don’t do this. It would be good even months from now to go back and look but you don’t recall what day the event or etc. happened on.

Since I have the event in mind from the previous day. It’s time to write down the title or theme of the page. I somehow come up with these cute lil’ themes every time. Let it just come to you and write it down. Now onto the fun stuff.

Washi time… I literally have a draw fullof washi to choose from. Since this page is a love theme I’ve pulled a tape with red with white polka dots, another that says ” I love you”, another is pink glitter washi and the last has xoxo’s. Don’t worry, I’m not going to use all of them..

Based on the other embellishment I plan on using I choose the polka dot washi and the I love you one. Place them however you want to. I normally place mine near the spine of the page .

I then pulled some stickers which happen to be from my website and are my two VDay sticker sets. I’ll be using stickers from both sheets to decorate the page. I like to make my pages pretty but I don’t go overboard. It’s not about the decorations but really about the what I’m going to write later on the page.

As you can see I didn’t go crazy with the stickers. I place them along the edge of the page so I have more then enough writing space. And I’m done with decorating the page.

My journaling style is really no fuss. Some days it’s heavily decorated other times I draw. Whatever your journaling style make it your style. It should come naturally or organically to you.

What’s your journaling style?