I recently got asked a question about my journaling style and thought I would do a blog post regarding why I journal and the style I use.

I thought I would first show you my “planner stack”. Which includes a Happy Planner Notes, Black Leuchtturm Medium A5 Plain Hardcover Notebook, Midori MD notebook, Mystic Littles Gifts A5 Ring Planner in Pink Sand and finally Mystic Little Gifts Pocket TN in Bare Naked. Each book fits a different need and/or purpose.

So my reason for journaling. Back in 2018 I said to myself as the year was coming to a close that I wanted to journal in 2019. Well if you don’t follow my business Instagram then you might not know that my mother passed 2 days shy of Christmas. Since journaling is cheaper than going to therapy. It pushed me take the initiative to purchase a journal and write about the grief that was hitting me.

So this leads into my journaling style. There are tons of different way to go about journaling. My own personal preference is I journal once a day and no two pages are the same. Someone had asked a great question about my journaling style. She said “Do you title/label your pages first and then make the journal entry work OR do you already know what you are gonna journal about that day.” To answer that question, I always journal at the end of each day. So I start each day with a blank page or a clean slate if you will. I think about that happened during my day and take one event, conversation, or etc and that becomes the topic I highlight for that day.

I usually start with pen drawing out the lines and the theme for that month in the corner of the page. Then date the page and the theme if you will. From there I grab washi that I want to decoration the page with. Then I can select an array of other elements to decorate the page. From stickers, to die cuts, paper, stamps and etc. You can use basically anything to decorate it. For some people it’s all about the decoration. For me since this more like therapy for me I don’t go too heavy on the decoration. I try to leave as much white space as possible so I write down my thoughts. Once the page is decorated to my liking I then put the pen to the paper and write my heart out.

No matter your reason for journaling don’t put too much pressure on yourself because when you look back it years from now. You’ll want to reflect on those entries and that period in your life.

Let’s start a conversation. Why do you journal and what’s your current journaling style. Feel free to follow my planner/journaling account on Instagram @satinplans .