It’s always cool to see what’s in everyone’s bag so today I decided to take you inside my backpack that I’ve been carry around since I got it in late December.I initially wanted another backpack that could also be used as purse but I came up empty on my search. I came across this backpack in H&M when me and my sister were shopping for clothes for my mother’s funeral. I was supposed to be looking for a pair of dress pants but somehow I wandered into the accessories section.
I’m so glad I did otherwise I would still be bag-less and using a huge shoulder bag. I saw a bunch of bags and backpacks that I had considered purchasing online and thank god I didn’t. I first looked at it and walked away but came right back to it. It was an amazing buy and was on sale for I think $17. I tried searching on H&M’s website but it’s no longer there. As you can see from the photo above I have it packed full. It’s a gray color with gold hardware and print. The straps are adjustable and it has plenty of room to take your whole life with you.
Now lets go inside my backpack. You might be saying she don’t really carry all this stuff everyday. Yep, every piece of it. I’m now working full time with the family business again since my mom passing so I must have everything I need for my business on me at all times.

Pocket TN/Pouch: Mystic Little Gifts Pocket TN in Macchiato. Pouch I made myself.
Hat: Available for sale at my family’s business. I hate hats but it’s super warm and keeps my phone warm. Yes my phone warm because this cold is no joke and will drain the life out your phone in no time.
Mom’s Prayer Card : My mom recently died before Christmas and I’ve had this card on me every day since the funeral. Like having a lil’ piece of her with me everyday.
Clinique Compact Mirror: Had it for a ages and is always with me.
Extra Pair of Socks: It’s cold like I told you and I don’t like being cold. So I always have an extra pair of socks on me.
Bath & Body Works Lotion: This changes regularly because my sister loves giving me her old ones when she’s too lazy to take the cap off and squeeze the last of the lotion.
Book. The Girl Who Takes An Eye for an Eye: I just got back into reading yesterday. I haven’t picked up a book or this book since my mom underwent her procedure in December. I just couldn’t read.
But there is more…

A6 Rings Planner : Mystic Little Gifts A6 Rings Planner in Pink Sand that I use as my personal planner. The TN is for my business.
Lip Balm: It’s winter and a girl’s lips be chapped.
Square Reader: I’ve learned the hard way to always have this one me but you never know when one of my SD customers will want to purchase something or a custom order.
Phone Charger: I bought this baby for my trip overseas but I charge it everyday and pack it in my bag due to the cold weather. My battery has a tendency to drain quicker than I’m using it.
Tissue: Because you never know when you’ll need one.
Card Case: From Mystic Little Gifts and holds all my important cards, business cards and cash.
Sketch Book: Midori A5 MD from Amazon . Love it. Holds all my SDC sketches for my doll die cuts.
Pencils, Eraser and Pen: My usual mix of tools that I like to use when I draw.

So what’s in your bag?