It’s already February and I haven’t shared my 2019 planner stack. Well if you don’t follow me on social media then you might not know that my mom passed two days before Christmas so I’ve slowed down on a lot of things. With that being said, it also encourage one of new additions to my current planner system. So I’ll start with that.

Towards the end of 2018 I wanted to get into journaling but after my mom passing I knew that I needed to do it to get me through the grieving process. So I purchased the Leuchtturm Hardcover Medium A5 Plain Notebook in Black from Amazon in the A5 size. I originally was going to go with dotted but changed my mind since I knew I wanted to add different elements and the dots would be distracting. I love the paper quality and already it’s starting to chunky up. I want to purchase a cover so it can looks pretty like my planners.

If you’ve been following my planner journey then you would know I’ve tried several different sizes. I think I’ve stayed with personal size the longest but it has it pros and cons. Very portable but doesn’t give you much writing space unfortunately. I’ve been wanting a Mystics Little Gifts planner in Pink Sand since I found this brand. I put in a request in November for my birthday and ended up purchasing it for myself as my birthday gift. MLG came out with rings in mid- 2018 so I was game. I ended up purchasing a ring planner in A6 in Pink Sand with cream elastic and stitching. I couldn’t be happier and I think I can literally stay in this planner for the rest of my life. I’ll eventually do a blog post going inside this planner.
I’m still in my MLG Pocket TN in Macchiato. This is my ride or die for my business. Nothing really has changed as far as the nuts and bolts. Decorations wise, I’m changing it today because it still has fall decor and we’re in the heart of winter. This time I’m going to go with a non-seasonal theme so I don’t have to switch it out so often. Something more timeless.
For my birthday I got a Amazon gift card and I purchased a Midori MD notebook ruled line free A5

. I’ve been using computer or printer paper to draw on since the beginning of time and I finally decided I need a sketch book so I can draw on the go. Also so all my sketches are in one area. I finally decided on the midori in A5 size and I couldn’t be happier.I’m super picky when it comes to paper. The midori paper is the bomb and whatever pen I decide to line my sketches with don’t bleed or smear. The only thing is I need a cover asap because #1 it’s white and #2 I’m already starting to bend up the cover when I put it in my bag. Other then that I”m a happy camper.

This completes my planner stack for 2019. All of these go with everyday except for my journal which stays at home. I definitely want to share the bag that I’ve been using. It holds all 3 with so much room to spare but that’s another blog post.

What’s in your planner stack to 2019?