If you know me then you’ll know that I relish doing custom order and fix it pieces. I think it’s the challenge I like of meshing my creativity with a customer’s idea. These pieces were a fix it piece and I had complete creative freedom. Her only request was a necklace and earrings which we discussed the earrings in detail on my assistance. So based on the earring design we came up with beforehand is how I came up with the necklace design and the second pair of earrings.

So let’s start with the earrings and brain child behind this entire design.
I first pulled out my needed supplies which consisted of my jewelry pliers, gold tone head pins, jump rings and ear wires.
I then beaded on the beads to create the combination I discussed with the customer beforehand. Attached the two sections together and wallah. They’re done.
From there based on the earrings it’s time to work on the necklace.
I first knew that I had to include not only the bigger chunkier beads but the natural beads and spacers that she gave me. So I decided to start the necklace off with the dark brown beads then a gold bead then a half bead space and so one. All of this I strung on thick gauge wire added a crimp bead to add jump ring. Now onto the rest of the necklace combination.
I then beaded on the chunkier beads with a gold bead between each bead until I reached the middle of the necklace.Since I was going to have a odd number of the chunkier beads left over I decided to put those in the middle and continue the combination until I reached the end point.
Another look at how the bead combination went. Very colorful yet neutral at the same time.
I then added a crimp bead and a jump ring. Then a clasp to complete the necklace.I then had enough beads left over to create another pair of earrings but this a more neutral pair. I was so much into my work that I didn’t stop to take any photos of the process but here is the finish result. The customer was happily surprised with these second pair of earrings.Here are both the pair of earrings side by side. So much apart of the necklace. Featuring two different section of the necklace that make it whole.

I don’t know what I was expecting when creating these pieces but I know for one thing they came beyond better than I imagined.
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