I’m so sad that August is gone which means summer is officially over. It was a relaxing month but very busy. I haven’t had any sort of break in 4 years so the vacation I took in the beginning of August to the middle of August was well over do. All but one of these items made it with me on the trip and I’m still using them now.

I knew for the trip that I didn’t want to take any type of handbag but a backpack. I searched and search and finally came across a backpack from She Inside. Zipper Front PU Backpack With Convertible Strap
is a backpack and handbag in one with the straps to use as a backpack and another strap to carry as a handbag. I used this bag the entire trip from the airport, treking all over Sweden and home again.Super roomie and the straps are super sturdy. My only gripe is the zipper. From the beginning the two zippers have given me issues. I love the backpack so much that I’m tempted to take it to the tailor’s to replace it. Other than that it’s a great bag.Oh and did I mention it was so affordable and shipped from quickly too.
I know I mention this notebook in my favorites for June or July but I have to mention it again. I bought another one from Dollar Tree to take with me on vacation to get some sketching done and I love this notebook. It’s like a traveler’s notebook insert for personal size. The paper is super good quality. It held up with my sketching, lining my drawings and erasing. Super light weight,easy to travel with it actually transferred my sketches better to the computer than white paper. So if you’re a drawer I highly recommend this notebook yet again. For $1, you can beat it.
I believe I got it this product last year at Curl Fest. Proganix Quench Leave-in Moisture + Nourish is the business. August was a hot month.Like really hot and I need a spray besides water that would nourish my hair. A little spritz and then a pump of moisturizer and then seal with oil and my hair was good to go. Depending on how hot it was I would do this either every other day or everyday. If your hair sucks up moisture like a sponge I highly recommend this spray. It was a life saver.
I was so glad this gel was put in the bag at CurlFest this year. Since I’m no longer using EcoStyler in me or my mother’s hair I’ve been on the search to find a more healthy and safe alternative. I know everyone remembers Jam from back well they’re back and with a vegan gluten free alternative. I’m so here for it. I’ve been using it all August long. As you can see I have only a little bit left and have been searching my beauty supply for it with no advil. Besides everything it claims it has a firm hold as described on the packaging. Doesn’t flake and mixes well with other hair products. Which is a plus in my book. I just need more store to have it in stock. If you run across it definitely pick it up. Ampro Shine ‘n’ Jam Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Styler available at Walmart.com

I had all the intentions of buying a clear planner that has been the rage all summer long on Instagram and the planner community but when I went to purchase I saw the rainbow one and knew that was the one. Personal
A6 Size 5.12″x7.48″ 6-ring Clear Rainbow Binder Covers Colorful Soft
PVC Notebook Round Ring Binder Cover Protector Snap Button Closure Loose
Leaf Folder (Colorful, A6)

is life. It’s so different, easy to carry and compact which I was looking for since I couldn’t live without taking my planner with me on vacation. Definitely read the reviews. It was originally advertised as A6 but was actually a personal size which I was looking for. I could actually use a A6 now since it feels so tight. My only grip is the ring size which is 0.8 inch inner diameter round ring binder. I could use a larger ring size which made me cut down on what I need in my planner verses what I had in my previous planner. Other than that I’m so happy with this planner. It’s so compact that I don’t mind carry it everyday. Unlike my previous planner which I was sketchy about carry around and then having to worry about the bag I need to put it in.

So this is what I’ve been loving for August. What have you been loving?
Feel free to share below because I’m always on the hunt for new products
to try.