I’m not 24 hours back on US soil and I wish I was back on vacay in Sweden visiting my sister. I haven’t been on any vacation in 4 years and being a business owner if you don’t work you don’t make money. So since my older sister and her partner purchased their first home together it was the perfect time to take a break and chill. As a planner girl, I had to figure out how to condense my planners into one.So this is how my travel planner came into play.

These clear planner has been all the rage all over the planner community since the summer started. I wanted the clear one but ran across this clear rainbow pvc planner and knew that was the one. I got mine on Amazon in the A6 size 5.12 x 7.48. I read the reviews before purchasing and everyone said that it wasn’t a A6 but personal size which was good for me because all I use is either personal size or pocket. You can find it here.

Another trend in the planner community has been creating these collage or trend boards (what we call them in the fashion industry). I just took my favorite pink images off of Pinterest and created a collage with the Canva app. Saved and open on Photoshop then resized and print. Easy peasy. I created the page tabs using stickers and putting them on card stock. Then running through my laminator. I also included a cute lip paper clip and our new Planner Gonna Plan Doll Digital Download available on our website.

Next I have my monthly calendar from Annie Plans Printables.
After that I included the pages from my weekly insert for the time I was going to be away. I left them blank and filled them out day by day. (Inserts from Annie Plans Printables)
I could of actually did daily pages because each day was so jammed packed with different areas and sites we visited.

The next page came from Annie Plans Printables Travel Inserts. This one is to track your expenses during your trip. I created a cute page marker from a cover of a note book and put my August Journaling Card on top held by a brass clip.
And here is the front of that book cover. Too cute!
I then included the monthly view from the Travel Insert Set. Why I don’t know. I thought I was going to use it to write down what we did everyday but I would need so much more space then these boxes. I also marked this page with a page marker I made from a business card.The opposite side of the page marker features our personalize Planner Gonna Plan Doll which will available back on our website this week.
The next couple of pages are apart of that travel insert set and include a packing list and countdown. Which were super helpful and useful.
These next two pages are perfect for daily planning. Which I might use sometime today to put some of the memorabilia I have from my trip.
I loved how the set also included some grid pages.
I found this quote on Pinterest and knew it would make the perfect dashboard for my next section.
The backside of that insert features a background from Pinterest, a sticker from Me and My Big Ideas Sticker Book and our Summertime Doll Die Cut.
Then I had my Vacation Packaging List Printable which is available here on my blog. Adored with our Taste of Honey Paper Clip Charm available on our website.
Then I have some of my favorite grid paper from Target Dollar Spot notebooks.
Then some lined paper from that same notebook set from Target.
Plus some random Notes pages from a old planner ages ago that I found in my desk while I was setting up my planner.
I made another page market from notebook covers to hold some post it notes and my pen loop that I made from stretch trimming. The pen loop hold one of my favorite pens. This one being a simple gel pen from Dollar Tree.And the backside of that page marker.
I think found this random envelope in my desk and I said it would make the perfect catchall to hold random bits. I punched some holes in it and was good to go.
When I left for my trip I put some whole boxes and two washi tape cards with some thin washi on it. During my trip I include random business cards from artists we came across when we visited this old fashion factory which was converted into artist shops and my ticket from visiting the Swedish Royal Castle.
After that I have some bits from some other sites we visited during our trip.Finally I have the dashboard that came with the planner. I laminated it and put it in the back to prevent the pages in the front from bending.
Lastly, I took my original dashboard I created for this planner and moved it to the back because the back needed something.

I highly recommend taking a planner with you even if you don’t reach for it once during your trip. It can at least be a catch all for every little scraps of paper you decide to keep during your trip and once everything slows down one day you can fill in the blanks. I did that several times during my trip. Even in the evenings before I went to bed because after a while the days were meshing together.

I truly had an enjoyable trip and I’m sad it’s over. Now it’s back to the hustle and bustle. I would love to hear what you keep in your travel planner.