July basically and went like a summer storm. I swear I batted my eyes and here we are at the end of the month. Days are moving entirely too fast but nevertheless I wanted to share with you some of my must have for July that I’ve been LOVING. It might be a small favorites pile but it truly have items that have become my go to’s. So enough chit chat and let’s get into it.
This notebook was a lucky find when I went down the isles of Dollar Tree. I was looking for goodies and came across this TN style notebook. It’s like standard size and the paper is really good quality. Perfect for all pens. I decided to decorate the front with some paper that I’ve been hoarding and this picture of these beautiful ladies which came from the packaging of Juvia’s Place The Warrior palette. My sister gave me the packaging a while back and I knew I could use it for something. I recently got back in learning my tarot cards and I’ve been using this as a journal for that. I highly recommend this notebook and for a $1 it’s a steal. Just a lil’ upset I didn’t buy more.

I’m a huge fan of these sticker books that Target have in their Bull’s Eye section. I came across this sticker book one day randomly . For $3 it’s a steal. It’s more geared toward exercise but I’ve been making it work for my weekly spreads by putting another sticker to cover the words. It comes with some cute tropical deco which is perfect for now since it’s summer. The sticker quality is great and it’s clear stickers which I haven’t seen before in Target. You get 2 sheets of each page which makes the booklet 6 pages long. For $3, it was a steal. I highly recommend these sticker books if you see them in Target.

My hair is very particular about what it likes and don’t likes and will tell me. Cantu is really becoming my go-to brand. I’ve used their Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream before and fell in love with it. Since I’m no longer using Eco Styler Gel I had to find a curl cream and a gel that work really well together on my hair. This baby is good for everything. I use it on twistouts, braid outs and wash n go’s. And with their gel which I’ll tell you about next . They’re my go-to products and haven’t let me down. My hair loves it. As you can see my bottle is almost done so I’ll be reupping soon. You can find this at Target, Walmart and you’re local Beauty Supply Store.
Not every gel is created equal. Not every gel goes with every cream product. But Cantu knew what they were doing when they created their Styling Stay Glue Gel in Humidity Hold. Girl, let me tell you this baby here is EVERYTHING. One, with the curl activator cream you’ve found your match made in heaven. These two products were created for each other and work perfectly together. Like peanut butter and jelly. No competing against one another. They literally work hand in hand with one another and help you create a flawless hairstyle. Now let’s talk about this gel. It comes out as a gel but has a tacky consistency.But don’t mind that because as soon as it goes on your hair it just glides on and your hair automatically embraces it. No white residue, no flaking, no nothing. I love that it’s humidity hold too. So my hair is good no matter what. It’s been really humid here in NY and this baby has been put to the test and each time it passes with flying colors. I highly recommend this is product .

I’m a huge fan of Essie nail polishes and their Tart Deco is one my favs. Looking at my toes now and this color is still on them. If not 3 weeks of this month then the whole month. It just scream summer. It’s bright, bold, eye catching and girly. I highly recommend this color and promise myself that I will paint my nails a different color for August but it is a perfect vacay color. I’ll change it.

So this is what I’ve been loving for July. What have you been loving? Feel free to share below because I’m always on the hunt for new products to try.