March is here and gone and what a long month it was. April is here and I’m still waiting for spring to finally come. March was one of those months were I was reaching for my regular routine stuff but there was some items that I was loving more than others.I told you I didn’t stray from my regular items in March but when I did it was amazing. Hands down I LOVE everything in the photo shown above. I’ll definitely will continue using them all April long.
First up is my planner. My old setup in my personal rings was annoying me to the max. I finally sat down one afternoon and took everything out and redid it. And I must say I LOVE it. I definitely won’t be changing it anytime soon.
On the left hand side the papers you see and the silhouette of a building skyline I found on Pinterest and printed it out on cardstock. The magnetic clips are from Heidi Swapp. The jeweled paper clip I made myself which was include in the second MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box. The die cut right next to the paper clip is a freebie that you can get in my Facebook Group. And the die cut clipped on the pocket is from ChicPlannerGal.
This dashboard is one of many in my new layout.On the outside I have this note die cut which is the monthly freebie with purchase when you place an order with me. It’s another one of my monthly favorite that I will go into detail more later. The doll next to that is one of 3 monthly freebies for March in my Facebook Group. The paper behind that is one of my top favorites out of all the paper you’ll find in my planner. I have a thing for animal prints but I didn’t want your traditional animal print. This is bold and colorful yet very feminine and girly.
I had to include a hair care product. I’ve been using the same products since January but I did add a new leave-in conditioner to my hair care routine. Since my sister has chopped off her long locks she purged the items she’s been using and one of them is this leave-in. It’s Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-In Conditioner. Number 1, I love the way this product smells. Mangoes all the way. It’s one of those scents you won’t get tired of smelling. Number 2, the slip when I add this product to my hair wet or dry is amazing. My hair loves this product and just eats it up. Because it has olive oil and mango butter in it it helps keep my hair really moisturized. Since it still wants to be winter here in NY my hair is craving products that can help keep it moisturized and Elasta QP is one of them. I highly recommend this product. You can find it in your local beauty supply store, Walmart and etc.

This note die cut is hands down one of my favorites of all time that I’ve created as freebie for all my stationery orders. I believe I came across this quote one day on Pinterest and it just stuck with me. So when I was designing the freebie for March I knew I had to use this quote. I thought putting it in a note form was perfect. With the glitter “tape” at the top adds a girly touch. As you can see I love it so much that I had to keep one for myself and include it in my planner. I even did a poll in my Facebook Group and everyone loves it so much that it’s the freebie for April as well.
I’m officially on a no-spend until August for my trip to Sweden to visit my older sister and with that being said I have to be resourceful and use what I have. If it’s not a need or business related I can’t buy it. So I’ve been using what I have and this sticker book is one of them. I love it because it’s literally 1050 pieces and I have stickers for days.
As you can see I think this can hold me off for a while so I can do my weekly spreads in my planner. I’ve been using this off and on in March in combination with other stickers I have and I love it. When you become resourceful you can do a lot with just what you have when you’re forced to. It has a mix of neutral, color, floral, and abstract. A little bit of everything.

Lastly, this nail color by Sally Hanson Miracle Gel in 650 Per-Suede is everything. I believe I wore this color all month February and again in March. This dusty rose/ sienna color is everything. Secondly I literally had this color on my toes all month in March and it’s didn’t chip or peel off. Sally Hanson’s gel nail polish is one of the best on the market and I highly recommend it. I do my nails at home and don’t have the time to sit in any ones salon. I have no patience and is too ticklish for that. Plus I love the wand it grabs enough color for you run on pass on your nails.2 coats is just enough for it to be super opaque. Add a top coat and you’re good to go.

So what have you been faving in March? Do share.