I’ve been noticing that a lot of my customers have been buying tons of dolls each time they buy and it made me wonder. How are they keeping track of all of them? With me releasing at least 5 each month plus 2-3 new doll freebies each month in our Facebook Group it can be overwhelming. Me myself I need to comprise a list of the dolls I have in stock. So with that being said and after a poll in my Facebook Group the Doll List is born. It’s only right that one of our dolls makes her way in the photo too. lol (shown Hey You Doll – Planner Die Cut)
It features a place to put the doll name, how many you want and a place to check off if you got it. I even include an area to mark it’s one of your favorites. And if you know me I can’t help but decorate the insert. I think it’s super handy to have if you’re a customer of mine at Satin Doll & Co. So I know you’re like girl give us the download. Here you go.


To download, simply click on the image.
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Note: For personal use only.