I received my MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box a couple of days ago and just like the last time all the shops who contributed knocked it out of the box. I didn’t know what to expect because this time around everyone was pretty quiet. Nevertheless, it all came out beautifully. The theme this time was a masquerade theme which is perfect since Mardi Gras and Carnival is just around the corner. The color scheme was purple, black and gold. So let’s dig inside.

As you can see this box is jammed pack with tons of goodies from stickers to die cuts to even a mask.smiley Every planner girls favorites in one box.
It’s only right since the theme of the box is a masquerade theme that you have a mask. This one isn’t any ordinary mask either. It features black ribbon and the mask itself is of the post beautiful lace trim. Perfect for any masquerade balls you may attend next month.The quality of the mask is amazing.
This next item has to be the most beautiful die cut ever. Is this Ebony Queen die cut with foiling detail. The foiling really makes it pop.
Then there is this laminated journaling card that features the name of the box. She is perfect and ready to go straight into your planner. The illustration is beautiful and embodies exactly what the theme of the box is.
The next item is a bow charm in one of the theme colors. The bow is very well made is one of the prettiest shades of purple accentuated by silver accents and findings.
Our shop, Satin Doll & Co. contributed jeweled paper clips in either this golden yellow or black. I really should of taken it out of it’s packaging. My bad. But never the less no masquerade wouldn’t be complete without some jewels.
This page marker/bookmark is soo cute. It features a quote that says “the less you reveal the more people can wonder”. The mask and shoes just bring it over the top. Just run it through your laminator and you’re good to go.
This charm is perfect for any TN. Simplistic in design and embodies the theme of the box.
This planner charm by Pardon My Chic is this boxes theme in planner charm. It’s absolutely gorgeous and features a gold mask with beads in the theme colors. Perfect for any planner TN or ring bound.
You can’t have any planner box without any type insert. Paper Shae provided a TN insert in pocket size.
You can’t go wrong with grid paper and her paper quality is some of the best. Can’t wait to start using this.
I was so happy to see that QT Planner Co. was again in the box. She included another sampler sheet of stickers. The deco stickers are too cute especially the one that says Let’s Misbehave. I really enjoyed using her stickers the last time. The quality of the stickers are really good and I look forward to doing a weekly spread with them.
The box creator MadeWithSouthernLuv included a full 4 page kit. Full boxes, half boxes, quarter boxes, little things, headers, heart check boxes, check lists, habit trackers, deco and icons.The whole shabang. What I love most are her full boxes. If I could hoard them I would but I definitely look forward to using them. They are EVERYTHING.
The last sticker sheet included was from My Rosebud Boutique. She include a TN kit that fits perfectly in my pocket TN. It features a bit of everything from washi to headers to check lists, icons, half box, weekend banner and etc. Enough to do a whole weeks white space spread. I can’t wait to use it.
Lastly, to round out the box you’ll find 4 sample wash packs in the boxes theme colors and a gold feather that you would find in a masquerade mask.

Overall, the theme of the box was a hit. The theme colors was amazeballs. The mix of items include was perfection. There was a nice mix of everything and no two items were alike. MadeWithSouthernLuv and everyone who contributed to the box did an amazing job and I”m not just saying this because I’m a contributor. A++ everyone.

Boxes are still available and there is FREE SHIPPING. Don’t walk, run. Get yours, here.