Happy New Year everyone!!! I can’t believe we just rang in another new year and it’s 2018. Wow! Time is literally flying.
With that being said it’s time for me to share my December Must Haves. With November being my birthday month and I was spoiled beyond measure and a lot of the items I’m loving happento be birthday presents. That were given to me or either I bought myself. So to no future ado here are my December Must Haves.
This is hands down my FAVORITE foundation of life. Yes, I said life. I tried this back in September or October from a sample my sister got with a Sephore order I think. I tried it and loved it. Not knowing a month or two later she bought it as my birthday gift. It’s Stila’s latest foundation, Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer in Tan 13. #1 a little goes a long way. I literally use one pump and I’m good to go. The foundation will oxidize if left unused. #2 I was little unsure about the packaging but I totally understand it when it comes to the oxidizing part. No more getting foundation on my hands or using my hand as a palette either. I literally pump what I need and use my beauty blender and then replace the cap when I’m done. No cleanup at all. #3 The finish is everything. It makes my skin flawless and stay on for hours. When the label say Stay All Day it means it. On my birthday I wore my makeup from about 5:45am -11pm and when I got home it was still looking fresh like I just did it. If I was going to the club that night I could have. No worries. And if your wondering my skin type it’s oily and it held up to my oily skin. No touch up at all. Not a one. The concealer that comes with it is literally a match for my skin so I’ve used it for any trouble spots and not under my eye since I like a brightening effect. You can find it at Stila, Sephora and Ulta to name a few.

When it comes to liner I’m very picky because my eyes tend to water if it’s cold, if the sun hits it a certain way or just because. For that reason, I lean toward cream gel liners. I recently reached for my coveted Wet n Wild liner but it dried up.smiley A whole container. Like really, I was upset. So while in Walmart one day I picked up a E.L.F. cream liner in Black. When I used it the first time I was in for a shock. It was so smooth. Yes, smooth. I used it and it was BLACK. The blackest of black I’ve seen in any gel liner I’ve used. Even more then my coveted Wet n Wild gel liner. You don’t need as much with other gel liners. And it literally glides over the skin and creates the darkest line. I love my Wet n Wild but E.L.F has pushed it out as far as gel liner goes. Plus I think it’s a dollar cheaper then Wet n Wild too.
I’m back to using blushes as my blushes since I hit pan on my coveted Star Trek highlighter. So I have to use it sparingly. With that being said I have went back to my favorite.Tart’s holiday palette from either 2 or 3 years ago that I got for a birthday.
It features not 1 but 4 blushes and 1 bronzer. Many woman and especially women of color don’t like Tarte blushes because they’re not really pigmented but I love them. You have to build them up which is fine by me since I get to control how much blush I want to use. (From left to right: Crave, Dazzled, Darling, Dollface, Park Ave Princess) My favorites have to be Crave, Dazzled, and Darling. I sometimes use Dollface. But hands down in December I was loving Dazzled which is my all time favorite. As you can see it’s deeper in tone and comes off as Pinky Rose tone on me.

Yes, I’m a planner girl if you didn’t know that already and I can happily say I’m back in a traveler’s notebook. I’ve been trying to get back into it the last couple of months but I just wasn’t feeling it. I came across Mystic LitLittle Gifts and I loved her craftmanship, her personality and her assortment. So on Black Friday at 1-something in the morning I remembered about her sale and managed to snag a pocket wide in Macchiato.It’s absolutely gorgeous. I had my heart set on a B6 pink sand but missed out on it and decided to settle for a pocket wide.I couldn’t be happier.It has 6 elastics which is perfect. I’ve made it my planner for my business and is compact enough to fit into any bag I carry. The leather is exquisite with all the natural markings of the animal and the shade of brown is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I’ll definitely be adding more of her TN to my planner collection. Pink Sand and Sand I have my eyes on. Go check her out if you’re a planner girl and she’s super affordable too.
The mascot as you can say for my company is a butterfly. So it’s only right that a butterfly planner charm is hanging from it from my TN. This was added to my website last month and I had to steal one for myself. I loved it the moment I created the first one. It’s called Flutter Butterfly Charm and can be purchase on our website under our New Release or Stationery-Accessories. It’s sure dainty and can represent many things.
As a jewelry maker/designer it’s so hard for me to even look or purchase another artisans jewelry. But I absolutely adore these charm bracelets my sister gifted me for my birthday. They’re so unique and so me. They from Jazzy Bloom. I absolutely love this line and so much so that I gifted one of the bracelets to my sister for Christmas because she mentioned she wanted one. The three bracelets I was gifted were Rep Your Zodiac in Scorpio, Black Girl Magic Bangle, and You are a Queen Bangle. I definitely will be adding to my Jazz Bloom collection. The craftsmanship is on point, super affordable, and so fashionable.
I’m absolutely obsessed with my planner fashion dolls. They’re literally everywhere. Especially my Fall Doll. I think I have her in 3 different places. With me not freelance designing for any company now I was rarely drawing which is very unlike me. Drawing goes deep into my soul and I’ve been wanting to draw. My soul has been aching for it if you get what I mean. One day my sister saw me printing another illustrators work to add to my planner and she was like why don’t you do that .And my fashion doll die cuts was born.My soul is so happy it could burst. I’m so happy to doing one of my passions again on a daily basis and it’s an added bonus that people are purchasing my artwork and are loving it as much as I love creating them. Plus I’m sure excited for my New Release on Friday. Shop my Planner Doll Die Cuts here.
And lastly, I’m loving my Facebook Group. The ladies that join are super amazing and I love interacting with you all. You’re creativity and passion for all things planner and fashion related is amazing. I love sharing exclusive freebies and printables with you guys. Plus sneak peeks too. Can’t forget those. If you’re not a member of my Facebook Group you’re definitely missing out and I highly recommend joining. Join here.

I almost left this one out by accident but I’ve been loving Sephora’s 10HR Fix & Correct Concealer in Shade 30 and 31. My sister used to work for the company many years ago and when she cleans out her stash I end up with so much new makeup she won’t use on her clients or herself.I’m so upset when she told me that they no longer carry this product and I just finished #31 which was my go-to concealer. I have some darkness under my eyes and I would use this and it concealed and brightened under my eyes. I literally want to cry. So now I’m using #30 for under my eye, to highlight my forehead and down my nose. It’s creamy, blends like a dream and conceals. I love the compact ability of it.I don’t know what I’ll use after #30 is done.

Well this concludes my Must Haves for December. What
are you loving? I would love to know.