It seems like I say this every year but it’s that time again when I make a custom piece to gift my god mother.Like always I go into this blind and just pull beads and hope they all work together. Luckily, this time I did it fairly quickly and on the first try too. Winning!
This time I pulled only earthy warm tones. I came up with some glass beads, jasper beads and some wood beads. They were all in the same family and should work pretty well together.
I first started with the earrings since they would be easy to figure out. I pulled a jasper bead and several of the light wood and dark wood beads.
I knew I wanted the jasper beads to be the focal point of the earrings so I put one jasper bead on a head pin.
I then played with the wood beads until I got the combination right. I finally came up with one light wood bead and two dark wood beads.
I then attached the two components together and we’re almost done with the earrings.
I added the ear wires and the earrings are complete. It’s a nice mix of earthy tones. Not too long and not too short. Perfect.
Now onto the necklace. For this, I first cut a long piece of wire. I didn’t measure for one and just cut.
I then strung on these glass beads. The story behind these beads is they came from a top I had a long time ago when I lived in Florida and I refused to throw it away even though I only wore it once to a event at my sister college. I think I only kept it because of those beads. I got tired of toting this one shirt around and finally cut them off at the beginning of this year. These 3 are the last of them. They’re so big that I couldn’t make anything else from them. I’m glad they’re being used in a special piece for my godmother. It’s like she had a piece of me in a way.
I then took the remaining jasper beads left over from making the earrings and evenly distributed them on both sides of the glass beads.
I then took a large amount of the light wood beads and evenly distributed those on both sides of the jasper beads. It’s all about symmetry.
To finish off the piece I added the dark brown wood beads.
I then added the jump rings and clasp and wire wrapped one side with the remaining wire. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that with the first side but next time. It’s a great way to use up the remaining wire instead of just cutting it off.
And the necklace is completed. If I say so myself. It came out beautifully. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful piece to gift someone.

Now my godmother should be receiving it sometime today keeping my fingers crossed with the USPS. Because we all know how terrible they can be. So I should receive a call sometime today or tomorrow to get my review. What do you guys think?

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