My company had the rare opportunity to apart of a curated box of planner goodies and we couldn’t pass it up. The seller behind the entire concept is MadewithSouthernLuv. You can find her on Etsy and her shop feature a wide variety of stickers and die cuts in a wide selection. She came up with the name Ebony Queen Box which I just adore and the very first box is a play off the box name and color palette. As a contributor, I was sent a box. I was super excited to receive mine and finally see what everyone contributed. Seeing it in bits and pieces is great but seeing it as a whole is amazing. So enough chit chat and let’s get into the unboxing of the very first box of the Ebony Queen Box.

The box feature a variety of sticker sheets, washi tape samples, bookmarks, paper, TN books, die cuts and charms. And the retail price for this box was $30 I believe. Well worth it since sticker sample sheets and sticker kits can range from $3- $16 depending the seller. TN booklets can cost $3 and up depending the on the seller.So you get the drift. So let’s dive into the box.

The first small items in the box are 4 samples of washi tape in gold and white. Perfect to putting in a zipper pocket of your planner or inside the secretarial pocket of your planner for easy use.

The next item is one of many die cuts included in the box. It features a cute naturalista dolls with her planner, pen and phone. Love her. She’s by Cocos Vision with u n Mind.

The next is another die cut but this one is by Simply Me, Kish. She so fly with her crown, heart sunglasses and her name plate necklace.smiley

I totally forgot this was being included in the box because I was just saying to myself the other day I need a extra pen loop. It’s by Ronda’s Planner Accessories . I love the earthiness of it and it will go perfectly with my current planner setup.

The first of many stickers sheets included in this box is by QT Planner Co. It features 3 full boxes, 3 appointment boxes, 1 half box, a movie marquee, 3 flags, habit tracker and deco. Plenty to do a weekly spread. Add washi and you’re good to go.

Another die cut but this one is by Cr8tively Chic. She a cute naturalista dolls looking fashionably and rocking a gold grown. You can’t get any cuter than her.

The next features a laminated book with a gorgeous black and gold box. It says “Her courage was her Crown and she wore it like a Queen”. And features a black girl rocking her natural hair with a crown on .Perfection. Can’t wait to add her to my planner. It’s by Jens Crafty DesignsCo .

The next one features a die cut and sticker set by Goldmine & Coco . What I love about this one is how unique the dolls are with her head wrap and dress holding her crown in her hand. She provided two skin tones too. Light and dark. I don’t think I could ever use the stickers because I can’t get a replacement.

Avalon & Ninth included a nice sample sheet of stickers which can be used with another sheet in this box to do a entire weekly spread. It features 3 scalloped half boxes, a lined half box, 2 banners, a laundry sticker, a scale sticker, a post it sticker and a circle heart sticker.

MadeWithSouthernLuv included two stickers sheets (a full kit) in the color palette of the box. Perfection! Features flag checklists, weekend banner, icons, written icons, headers, 2 habit trackers, 2 bills due, little things, 4 half boxes, 1 full box, 3 appointment labels, 1 4 heart checklist box, and one weekly habit tracker.

The next features a TN insert booklet for pocket size by City Girl Planners . The inside features 4 different inserts. Shops to Try pages.
Shops to Buy pages.
Favorite Shops pages.
And finally Happy Mail pages. The booklet makes the perfect addition to any new or existing planning TN system.

This next sticker sheet is by darcydoodles . These stickers remind me of the Sunday comic stripes in the Sunday newspaper. So fun. Features 4 characters,3 appointment labels, 3 littler things, icons, 6 statement stickers. Love the assortment of statement stickers.

The next item was our item we designed and contributed to the Ebony Queen Box. It’s a planner charm in the rich tone of brown, gold and brass.We actually created 3 different style.The one difference between the three it the little charm dangling.This one features a brass ornate drop while the other style features a gold beaded drop or a brass evil eye charm. Perfect to dangle from the front,side or top of your planner.

I think this sticker sheet by Pandabird Design is one of my personal favorites from the box. You see that full box at the very top left hand corner.LOVE it!!!! So this sticker sheet features 2 full box, 4 checklists, 2 half boxes, 4 scalloped stickers, headers, a movie marquee, a weekend banner and some little icon stickers.

The next is by Paper Shae and features a personal size TN Lined Notebook with the coolest gold crown cover. Even after I finish this booklet I will cut the front cover and back cover and include in my planner as dashboards.

The paper is lined and enough room to write. The paper is thick and smooth like butter. Very good quality.

The second to last item in this box is a double sided paper by Kuumba Life Designs. This paper is fire.

One side features a Melanin Queen print.
While the other side features a gold crown print. Perfect to use in your planner as a dashboard.

Last but not least is by xquistesoul . If you’re old enough to remember the paper dolls from back in the day then you’ll love these stickers.She took that exact idea but put it in a sticker form.Love it. Features two dolls and enough clothing and accessories to dress her to the nines.

Now this concludes my unboxing of the very first MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box. We will be contributing to the next box. No I can’t tell you the theme, the colors, or what’s going to be inside but I can tell you it will be everything. The first box sold out in the first day and only lasted maybe the half the day. There was so much demand that the number of boxes has been increased. So run to MadeWithSoutherLuv‘s Instagram and go follow her so you’ll be in the know when the next box drops. You definitely don’t want to left out in the cold.

Which item is your favorite out of the entire box?