Summer is not summer without attending CurlFest in Prospect
Park here in Brooklyn, NY. This past Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity
to take the day off with my sis and go. I was dressed and pumped ready to go
and see all the amazing vendors, beauty influencesors and of course to buy some
amazing products. FYI, I had a mental list in my head of what I needed too.

Me and my sister was running a bit late because she had to
beat my face to the gods and then finding a parking spot on Eastern Parkway is
always an adventure. So by the time we trek our way through Prospect Park to
where CurlFest was it was already after 12:30. We walk actually past the
registration line by accident because they set up the tents differently this
year and when I say the line was lonnnnnnnnnnnggggggg for general admission to
get the general admission gift bags.We said nah and headed right into CurlFest.
Can we say vendors galore. Palmers, Eden BodyWorks, Mielle
Organics, Madam CJ Walker, LottaBody and those are the ones I stopped at where
the lines were reasonable. The others were Iman, Shea Moisture, Crème of
Nature, Curl Keeper, Design Essentials, Jane Carter Solutions, Jamaican Black
Caster and Nyako. No two booths were alike. All booths were giving out samples
plus many more giving out ice pops, water, lemonade, and etc to keep us all
cool. Many were holding demonstrations of using the actual products on
someone’s hair. I really wanted to stop at Crème of Nature but they were the
one with the longest line but the samples they were giving away was ridiculous.
Full size I believe. Nevertheless, I was able to purchase my go-to products
that I needed to wash my hair when I got home. Winning.
After stopping at some of the booths we visited the
Marketplace Vendors. I always love stopping by them and seeing what’s unique to
purchase. Being a creator myself, it’s kind of hard for me to buy but I’m
always on the lookout for something unique. My sister wanted a head wrap
particularly a black one for work. Luckily, we got to Fanm Djanm early and she
still had some available. Thank god. And she’s such a sweet heart too. She was
on hand if anyone need help wrapping their wrap. We stopped at another vendor
that was selling unique afrocentric earrings for $5 and $10. My sister got a
wicker material pair and a hamsa pair to match her new tattoo. There was a
couple vendors selling t-shirts, sunglasses, face painting, unique dresses and
tops, henna. I’m a little sad that I didn’t get my henna again for the second
year in the row but I guess there is always next year. Oh and even Spike Lee
had a booth there selling and autographing his t-shirts. Super cool. Managed to
snap a picture to show my dad.

Food…. Can I say it was hooootttt. Lord, you would think
with the rain the day before it would have been comfortable. Nope. Hot. We
checked out each truck and settled on the Jerk truck. We didn’t want to wait
for the Jerk Chicken to be done so we the Cilantro Lime Brisket. OMG!!!! It was
so good. I wish we would of got a photo but we were too hot and hungry to think
about that. At that point my sister’s coworker finally got there and we wrapped
up eating and then walked around. By this time the crowd had grown from the
hundreds to the thousands. I swear we were standing on a hill and you could
look down into CurlFest and all you saw was people. It’s a beautiful site to
see. Women of all ages, skin types and curl textures. We hit the stage area to
see what they dj was playing. After being in the crowd for a bit we went around
again to the vendors to see what my sister’s coworker wanted to get. After that
we decided we had enough and it was time for a real lunch. We then started our
walk out of Prospect Park but along the way we had to do a lil’ photo shoot
because we couldn’t end CurlFest without one.

So in closing, I totally enjoyed my second year of CurlFest.
All the vendors and marketplace was amazing, the dj was pumping, the food
vendors was amazing but the best part was seeing everyone with their natural
hair. All the textures, styles, the fashion even the little kids. Too cute. If
CurlFest didn’t reach a million people this year they were close to it and it
will definitely reach it next year. Amazing job to the CurlyGirlCollective. See
you next year.

Totally forgot to share the samples that I was able to snag from some of the vendors.As you can see I already started to use two. It isn’t as nearly as big as the stuff I got last year but it’s still a good haul of stuff.I’ll let you know most likely in my future must haves if any make the cut.