As 2016 comes to a close it’s time to look back on my reading challenges and see how I did for the year.

This year I put myself up to two challenges. One being my 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge where my goal for the year was to read 200 books. The other was the PopSugar 2016 Reading Challenge. Let’s first start with my Goodreads challenge results.
To date, which today is December 30th I’ve read 115 books. So I didn’t quite reach my goal this year unfortunately but I think I’m closer than the 115 shown. Because this year I read a ton of box sets which included 3-6 books. So technically I read closer to my 200 goal but since Goodreads counts box sets as 1 book I failed. I’m determined, so for 2017 I’ll set my goal at 200 books yet again. I think what also slowed me down was the PopSugar Reading Challenge since I had to read certain books to fit a criteria. Feel free to follow me on Goodreads here.

No onto my the PopSugar Reading Challenge.
As you can see from the list there are 40 different types of books to read. What I love about the challenge is it made me read outside my comfort zone. In total I read 25 books out the 40. Which is pretty good. Each month I did a wrap up to keep me account for the challenge. In July was my last wrap up. I was still reading books on the list but totally forgot to do a blog post for them. After a while it became harder and harder to find books to fit what was on the list. Plus some of the books I chose I just couldn’t finish truthfully.

So here’s my year end wrap up of what I actually did read for the challenge.

*A book based on a fairy tale: Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
*A YA bestseller: Crystal Magic by Madeline Freeman
*A book set in your home state: In Two Weeks by Jen Talty
*A romance set in the future: A Viking’s Peace by Zoe York
*A book set in Europe: Reckless Nights in Rome by CC Mackenzie
*A book that’s under 150 pages: For Bear or For Worse by Meredith Clarke
*A New York Times bestseller: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
*A book you can finish in a day: Anna’s Contract by Deva Long
*A book that’s more than 600 pages: The Islander’s Box Set Books 1-4 by Helen Conrad
*A science-ficton novel: Taken by Erica Conroy
*A book recommended by a family member: Shaw by Anna Hackett
*A graphic novel: The Walking Dead #1 by Robert Kirkman
*A book that is published in 2016: Never, Never by Colleen Hoover
*A book with a protagonist who has your occupation: By Design by Jayne Denker
*A book that takes place during Summer: The Summer I Learned to Drive by Shannon McCrimmon
*A book and its prequel: Mending Hearts and Running Places by L.B. Simmons
*A murder mystery: Death by Marriage by Jaden Skye
*A dystopian novel: Awakening by C.B. Stone
* A book with a blue cover: Barbarian’s Touch by Ruby Dixon
*An autobiography: Confidante : The Brothel by Lillian Anderson
*A book about a road trip: The Road to Price by Justine Elvira
*A book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with: The Thorn by Beverly Lewis
*A satirical book: Almost in Love by Kylie Gilmore
*A book that takes place on an island: Appaloosa Summer by Tudor Robins
*A book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

So the question is will I try the PopSugar Reading Challenge again for 2017. Nah, I’ll pass. If I come across a different challenge maybe. Anything is possible.

I currently have 4 physical books that I need to read. I started 3 of the books already and keep on putting them down. I think it’s because it’s in physical form instead of on my kindle. I plan on reading those first before I start anything on my kindle. Hopefully by using Wendalful’s reading list insert it will help to keep me on track.
You can download and print the insert here.

And this completes my look back at my reading for 2016. I plan on doing way better in 2017. Hopefully no reading slumps hit me like this year.

What’s your reading goals for 2017?