July is here and gone unfortunately. It’s time to do my monthly wrap up. So for the month of July I managed to read a total of 19 book but those 2 only being PopSugar Challenge Reads. I just couldn’t force myself to read anything on my list but here’s what I did manage to read.
*A book with a protagonist who has your occupation: By Design by Jayne Denker smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

This book was good but I swear I wanted to punch two characters in their face. Emmie is a interior designer’s assistant who’s only allowed to basically copy paper and run for coffee despite her having a degree in design. Which is so frustrating because she clearly has talent but her boss is so full of himself and everyone knows it. He basically forces his clients into his designs which 9 out 10 times is not their style and we’ll over budget. Back to Emmie, lands a client (Graham) who is basically the hottest guy she’s ever encountered. Graham forces her boss’s hand to have Emmie work exclusively with him on designing the interior of his home that he’s renovating . But the kicker is Graham is involved with Emmie’s h.s. classmate who turns out is a lil’ crazy in the head. She’s so annoying you want to hit her a couple of times. Despite all of this Graham and Emmie fall for each other. Eventually, Emmie gather’s the courage to start her own interior decorating business after her boss basically fires her when she finally goes off on him. In the end Emmie gets the guy and her dream of own her own business doing what she loves. Oh, did I not mention her house gets burnt down by her ex boyfriend and the h.s. classmate threatens to harm herself just to keep Graham. This book is far from dull. Despite the annoying boss and h.s. friend and wanting to knock Graham upside his head once it was a good read that will keep you on your toes. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

* A book that takes place on a island: Appaloosa Summer by Tudor Robinssmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I’m not a horse loving person so I went into this book hopeful. Meg is 16 years old and jumps horses professionally. Can’t remember what it’s called but during a competition her horse dies with her on it mid-jump. She convinces her mom to let her work the summer on an island in the St. Lawrence River at a B&B. Where she meets a local, Jared who offers Meg a scruffy appaloosa mare our of a friend’s back field. This book is about Meg’s journey of getting over the loss of her beloved horse plus riding and jumping again. She finally decides on this journey that she doesn’t want to jump anymore professionally but be a trainer. Along the way she helps Jared get over his fear of leaving this island. He hasn’t left the island in a year. Since the last time he left a year ago he father ended up having a heart attack and dying. So he refused to leave the island because he feared if he left again some bad would happen to his mother. So it’s not only about Meg getting over her fears but Jared as well but along the way they fall in love with one another. A sweet summer read. Highly recommend it if you’re looking for something to read or are a lover of horses.

In August I’m going to force myself to read some classics that I’ve been putting off. We got 31 days this month and I hope to read at least 1 challenge book a week among whatever my heart desires.

*A book you haven’t read since high school: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
* A book translated to English: The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz
*A self-improvement book: Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success by Steve Harvey
*A book at least 100 years older than you: Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen