May went by entirely too fast for us.We read 4 books on our reading list but one we had to omit after reading that it didn’t fit the theme. So we might of read 4 but only 3 fitted the themes. Overall, we we’re pleasantly surprised about each.

*A murder mystery: Death by Marriage by Jaiden Skye smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
I haven’t read a good mystery in a long time and this one was really good. It takes place in St. Thomas and a well-know criminal lawyer is found in an alley with stab wounds. A duo detectives, Cindy and Mattheus is hired by the widow to find out who the killer really is since the police on the case only are looking at the widow. The case has a ton of twists and turns and the killer is the person you last expect. Definitely keep me reading and on my toes. I love it so much that I had to read the next book on a whole new case. If you love mysteries then you’ll definitely enjoy this author.

*A dystopian novel: Awakening by C.B. Stonesmileysmileysmileysmiley
I’m not really into dystopian books but this one was pretty good. Imagine you couldn’t sing or play music. That is this society.If caught you’re imprisoned and tortured. The story follows Jaelynn who has a love of singing and has dreams of songs. One day, a wanderer named Noah is passing by and all these weird things start happening. Noah is very cryptic about the dreams and music that Jaelynn dreams sings.Oh and the society they live in the land is baron. The people are basically starving to death slowly. In the end, Jaelynn and Noah fix the land just with singing but now they’re on the run from Ministry. At the very moment a voice talks to Jaelynn and she totally understands what everything is happening and why. It’s so hard to explain. I gave it 4 starts due to the length. It could of been so much longer and some grammar errors. If you’re into dystopian books I say give it a try.

* A book about a road trip: The Road to Price by Justine Elvirasmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
This book follow Mia who leaves her home in Georgia to Miami abruptly. You don’t find out until almost halfway through the book as of why. But in Miami she’s working 3 jobs to keep herself busy from thinking. She gets a call from the temp agency about a job that pays very well and would take the place of all three of her jobs. The temp agency is persistent for her to at least go to the interview. She does and is totally thrown off balance when all the women who work at the residence are more of models .The secretary to totally confused as to why she is interviewing for the cleaning lady when she doesn’t fit the normal type that is hired. During the interview,Sebastian asks some of the weirdest and personal questions. At this point Mia is just trying to through the interview. She gets called that day for the job and asked to move in immediately. There is an immediate attraction between Mia and Sebastian. At this point you can figure out that Sebastian hires only when and sleeps with all of them. He tries with Mia that night at dinner and it goes south. So we takes up one of the other staffers and Mia walks in. From that day forth Sebastian doesn’t touch anyone else on staff and tries to convince Mia that’s a changed man. Mia says all she can give him is a friendship. So the two embark on friendship which turns into love. The start a relationship and Mia moves in his bedroom and no longer work on the residence. It’s when Mia realizes that she’s pregnant that she flees back to Georgia. The book ends with Sebastian giving Mia a day start before he goes to find her and bring her back. The story about what brought Mia to Miami was Mia had a son who passed away suddenly but I’ll leave the rest of that story for you to read. I definitely want to read the next book in the story and I highly recommend it.

So onto June. I’m going to set an ambitious challenge for the month and try to read 6 books again.

*A book you haven’t read since high school: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
*A book based on a fairy tale: Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
* A book translated to English: The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz
*A self-improvement book: Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success by Steve Harvey
*A classic from the 20th century: Dracula by Bram Stoker
*A book set in your home state: In Two Weeks by Jen Talty