If you follow us on social media then you already know my love for planners and organization. You must also know that I currently use a traveler’s journal as my main planner and a couple of months ago I added a smaller field notes size to my arsenal. Truth be told, it might of been in my bag everyday but I was not even reaching for it. It was totally useless.

Michael’s recently came out with the a whole Recollections collection of ring bound planners and accessories. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to try one out on the cheap. So I went to my local Michael’s and managed to snag one of 4 left in the entire store. It wasn’t the initial color I wanted but beggars can’t be choosers.
I got home opened it up and then put it to the side for the following day. The following day, I was one the hunt for inserts to make this planner as functional as my traveler’s journal. 3 hours later I made it into something that I truly love maybe more then my traveler’s journal. Shh, don’t let it know. So let’s so into my new planner.

As soon as you open it I added a bunch of extras to make it my own. In the pockets on the left hand side I added a pack of Target page flags. Then in the two pockets above that I added two different Target post its. Above that I have some paper clips I made. The flower and kite paper clips I made with items I found at Michael’s $1.50 section and the other with ribbon from Walmart. In the flap I added color coding labels and a couple of sheets from a Target notepad. On the right hand side I punch holes into a journal card and cut out some card stock to add a pop of color since I’m not a blue girl.
You’ll then see the first divider that came with the planner. I added a piece of blue card stock behind the divider to add of punch of planner color.
When you open it you’ll see I added some Target page flags and Target post its. Also my 2016 yearly calendar from Wendaful. You can get it here.
I then have a printout of all the US holidays for 2016 because I totally forget about these dates. This one is from Green and Lyme. Go here to download.
(side note: All insert from Green & Lyme are totally free and printable.)
Next is my monthly spread which is from Wendaful (go here to download and print). Which I decorate with washi tape and stamps. This printable is made for midoris but I printed it out and cut then punched. I measured it against the first divider to get the right size.

The next section features my weekly which are from Wendaful. (go here to download and print) I normally decorate my weekly spread with stickers, stamps, and washi tape.
This next section features the stripe divider that came with the planner and is more of a notes section.
More Target post its and a couple of Target notepad pages that I cut down and punched to fit inside my planner.
Behind that I have a couple of pages of line paper that came with the planner.
After that is the last divider that came with the planner. Just like the first divider I added a piece of blue card stock to tie in the blue in the planner. The section houses more personal stuff.
On the left hand side you’ll see more post its. On the right I have a habit tracker from Green and Lyme. Which can be used for just about anything you want to track. Go here to download and print.

I’m a reader so I had to add a Books to Read list. Go here to download and print. I also have the Green and Lyme’s Address Book and Password Manager in this section of my planner.
I then have the Online Order Tracker from Wendaful. Go here to download and print.
After that I have To Buy and Wish List inserts from Wendaful.
I then have the To Do lists that came with the planner. Perfect for making to do lists.
After that I have the grid paper that came with the planner. I can create any list my mind can think of on these. Paper is pretty good quality by the way.
I then created a divider using a Target folder from the $1 section. Using one of the dividers that came with planner as a template. The journal card I found on Pinterest. Printed it out and use thin washi tape to adhere it to the divider. This section is my Business section.Once again, more Target post is on the left hand side. This first insert is a monthly goal tracker. Go here to download and to print from Green & Lyme.
After that I have the Monthly/Weekly Goal Planner. Go here to download and to print from Green & Lyme.
Running a Etsy shop alongside my website I normally create one running list for both monthly but this printout keeps your entire shop stats by check quarter. Perfect! Go here to download and to print from Green & Lyme.
This next insert is ideal if you have a Instagram account and want to record your stats on a daily basics to see how your following is growing. It just came to me and this insert can also be used to track your blog, twitter, facebook, google+ and pinterest. The possibilities are endless. Go here to download and to print from Green & Lyme.
You’ll never know when a blog idea will hit you. So this blog planner is ideal which is from Wendaful. Go here to download and to print.
I close out my planner with more of the line sheet paper that came with the planner to jot down any notes I may have for my business.

I’m still undecided if I’ll create a folder. I might since I need to carry my coupons on me when I go shopping . Oh and the pen shown is a Target $1 pen.

Oh, a special note. For all Green & Lyme inserts to print I reduced them by 50% to get the right size to fit my planner. Otherwise, they print out 8 x 11 which would be too big for this planner and most planners.

Feel free to folow me on Instagram at SatinDollCo. I post my weekly and monthly spreads alongside my business posts, jewelry making and some personal posts. Feel free to share any inserts you think I would be interest in.