If you’re a frequent shopper on Etsy then you may already know that individual shops now have a new look. This went into effect gradually April 5. As of yesterday, Satin Doll & Co. has gotten the new look. Below we’ll be explaining all the new changes to how our Etsy shop now looks on Etsy. If at any time you have any questions, or can not find a certain item or area feel free to contact us via. Etsy message or email ( info@satindoll.biz)

Now into the new look.

The old day of the small shop banner are gone. As of (1) you’ll notice a much prominent banner or cover as it’s now called. Our mimic the banner that can found on our Facebook page and Twitter background. Just below that (2) you will see our shop icon, shop name, shop tagline, shop rating, and how many sales had in our shop to this date. (3) just below that you’ll see a banner that features the number of items we have in stock, reviews, shop updates, about us, policies, and more. Plus the search bar. As you scroll down the page this banner moves with you.(4) to the far right you’ll see the owner’s photo, name and to contact us via. Etsy message.

(5) this next section features our featured item which if you know our shop changes weekly. (6) Below that you’ll find our shop announcements. Always look here for any important information regarding our shop, sales, coupon codes and etc.

(7) Just below that on the far left you’ll find our item/ shop categories (8) below that you’ll find a button to request a custom order and below that to contact us (9) to the right of all that you’ll find our products/ product photos which are larger. Which is made larger especially if your viewing our shop on a mobile device.

(10) Once you scroll down all the item on page on you’ll notice “More Items” button compared to the past the number of pages (11) below that you’ll find the reviews for our shop

(12) You’ve probably noticed this section in our shop before but never paid it any mind. It’s a new feature call “Updates” or formally known as “shop updates”. Here you’ll find behind the scene photos which are normally and is still posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Now you can see in our Etsy shop and link to the item it’s associated with. This is pretty cool if you don’t follow us on social media and want to see a behind the scenes look.

(13) This section is all about Satin Doll & Co. Featuring a slide show. This was formally found by click the “About”.

(14)Below that you’ll find all our social media links, blog and website links (15) here you’ll find about who is employed by the shop and they’re duties (16) Our shop policies which are all new. We suggest checking them out before purchasing.
(17) this section featured FAQ, information about custom order, sizing, care instructions and wholesale.

Feel free to look around and explore and get yourself associated with the new look. If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact us. Just like you were trying to get used to the new look.