Planners are all the rage right now and we’re happy to say that we’re on that bandwagon. Personally we love watching planner setup and haul on Youtube like anyone else and it was one of those videos that got us thinking about our own setup.

I currently have a traveler’s journal which I keep on my desk that I used for everything. Work, home and etc. Anytime I go out I either have a post it with notes or a list on my phone. But recently my phone went down and didn’t back up with my new I lost mostly everything. So my second planner was born. I never understood why some people have multiple planner that they use at one but now I totally understand. So my field notes traveler’s journal was born.

Our field notes traveler’s journal we made ourselves. See our “When You Can’t Find What You Want.Make it Yourself” blogpost. Unlike the last one, this one is vinyl. So no worries about ruining the outside since it’s going to be our in our bag 24/7. Now on the inside we have several notebooks.

When you open it you’ll see our first notebook which is made out of sturdy card stock. The front we embellished with leftover scrapbook paper.

Our first notebook is for our weekly planning.

The layout features a week on one page and grid lines on the other. The inserts are a free printable by Wendaful. Go here for the printable. All the inserts used in this planner can be found on Wendaful actually.
Just like the first notebook we used card stock for the shell and embellished with leftover scrapbook paper.

This notebook features our monthly calendars.

The monthly calendar features your traditional calendar with a notes section on the side. You have to fill in the month and dates of the week. You can find the printable on Wendalful here.

When I initially was making my notebooks I pulled 4 different colors of card stock but after running across this journaling card I new I had to used this same coral or hot orange card stock again. This part of my planner features what Wendalful like to call her planner wallet.

It features pages for our online shopping tracker and weekly expenses as shown above.
Year at a glance.

Daily expenses and appointments.

Bill Pay/Checklist for the entire year. You can find all these insert on Wendaful, here.

Next I have a dashboard of post-its from Target Dollar Spot on the front cover of my 4 pocket traveler’s journal folder .Which can be purchase in my Etsy Shop.

Here’s you get a look at the inside of my folder which isn’t holding much yet and the cover of my last notebook. Featuring yet again another journaling card that I could not use.

This notebook features just blank printer paper so I can jot down notes.

Finally you see the backside of the last notebook and the other side of the 4 pocket folder.

And this completes the inside of my planner. Plain on the outside but bold and pretty functional on the inside. This baby is sure to plenty of use.