A couple of weeks back we got our assigned person for our Secret Santa with the JET team on Etsy. With the specifications in hand we were put to the test like each year getting down and dirty for a fellow jewelry making. Let’s just tell you the truth. It’s hard. Creating a piece for someone who not only makes jewelry themselves but sells it too. So got to work pulling all the purple and greenish/blue beads we had.

We grabbed a lil’ bit of everything. From turquoise to agate to glass beads in all the shades imaginable. We played around with combination for days and each time walking away unsatisfied. Until one day I put my foot down and said to myself no we have to get this done and in the mail.
So finally we came up with this combination. Now with only a limited amount beads we had to think. Chain or leather cording. If we went with chain it would take the focal point of the combination of beads and color. So we opted out for leather cording. Now went into our jewelry making stuff and no cording. It’s like it grew legs and walked. So yet again we had to walk away and hunt down our leather cording.

We found it a couple of days letter and a stash of stuff we totally for about. Oh and our phone mysteriously fell off our desk so we got our new one we lost all the other photos.

So let’s speed ahead to use constructing the piece. We stung the beads onto jewelry wire and secured it with crimp beads and jump rings to attached it to the leather cording. We finished off the piece with a lobster clasp and chain extension.

Voila the piece is complete. We made some howlite and glass earrings to compliment the piece and off into the mail it went.

Next time we’ll do it the old fashion way and use the camera.