Every year the JET Team gets together and does a Secret Santa of handmade jewelry we design especially for the recipient based on their likes and dislikes. Each year it’s always a surprise of the package and who had the responsibility to make you handmade jewelry. Let me tell you from experience it’s a hard feat when you make and sell jewelry. I personally spend a hot minute going through my Secret Santa’s shop with a fine tooth comb to channel their style. Then it’s hours of selecting the style, then the beads and then the construction. Oh and let’s not forget second guessing yourself.

I will tell you the truth I was pretty vague this year. I wasn’t very specific on what I liked since nothing was really hitting home with me. So I got the surprise of my life when a package came for me from Canada.

I opened it and found 3 pretty packages and a cute holiday card. Let’s just talk about the packaging. So cute and genius to use scrapbook paper and a ribbon. Might have to use that next year.

I opened them and found three beautiful pieces from Kerry of Wandering Jeweler. Now if you don’t know who she is and her jewelry let me tell you. Kerry aka Wandering Jeweler is known to make super unique and one of a kind jewelry using bicycle parts. Yes I said bicycle parts. She also uses wire, metal, resin and glass.

The first piece is a necklace with a metal circle and wire wrapped with pink glass chips or pink quartz chips accentuated by copper chain and findings. This piece I adore and is my personal favorite of the three. It reminds me of rose gold. Which I’m obsessed with. This one I’ll tell you the truth is going to get a lot of wear.

This next piece is so simplistic yet so chic. It’s all about the pendant. I can see myself wearing this with a white or black shirt and letting the pendant be the center piece. Another great piece.

This last piece are the most unique earrings I’ve ever seen. I love them. They’re a mix of two metals wire wrapped to make these fabulous earrings. I could only imagine how long it took her to get them just right. Her poor finger. With me now have short natural hair these earrings are going to look great. I used to be a huge big earring wear but in the last 2 years I’m slowing moving away from them and leaning toward more smaller or stud earrings. These are going to make the perfect everyday earrings. You might be seeing these soon on my Instagram.

Kerry you did an amazing job and I think she gifted me a couple of years back too if I remember correctly. If you haven’t checked out Kerry’s shop you should be ashamed of yourself. You’re missing out. Head over them now. Now I tell you.Go! You won’t be disappoint and tell her Satin sent you.