From time to time, I get random pieces of broken jewelry or just plain beads from family members. It’s pieces that they may have gotten while traveling or something they pick up in a store. With me making and selling jewelry they find their way to me so I can fix it for them. Saves them money and the piece gets to live another day. That happen a couple of weeks ago. My aunt and uncle stopped by for a visit and my aunt finally brought with her the bracelet she has been telling me about that needed to be fixed.I would have had a picture of what she bought me but I left her for a minute or two and told her to hold it and came back to a handful of beads. lol and mind you I told her don’t do anything just hold it. But anyway, beads were originally strung on with black jewelry cord. Since she’s going to moving around a bit and won’t be taking it off I opted for durable stretch cord.

So I busted out my pliers and got to work.
I first strung up the beads and put the biggest big in the middle as per the original design.

I then knotted it to secure the beads. Just in case if it breaks at the beginning again the rest won’t come apart.
I then add the oblong bead and knotted the stretch cord several times and cut the excess stretch cord.

Wallah, all done. A quick fix. Back to my auntie it goes.
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