I came across a wonderful business that I had the opportunity to share one of my pieces in exchange for some of their wonder products. The company happened to Bidwell Botanticals.
As you may all we very aware of, I’m a bath and body head. Especially soaps and bath bombs. So deciding to exchange one of my pieces with Jill of Bidwell Botanticals was a no brainer. The owner, Jill is very sweet and professional. The box of goodies arrived very fast and when I opened it I was stunned by how beautiful it was packaged.
I’m a lover of beautiful packaging and I’ve seen a lot of them but this is the first time from a soap seller that I’ve seen packaging this beautiful. Before I even opened it I had to show it off.A+++ for packaging . It shows that they business truly cares how it’s product arrives and in a way it’s a lil’ gift that business has wrapped for you.

When I finally did open it I was hit full on by the scents and smell of the soaps I had picked out.
I chose 4 soaps:Peach Sorbet, Cranberry Fig, Blackberry Sage and Tangerine Patchouli. Once again,let’s talk about the packaging. Wow was my first thought. A ton of thought went into each scents box. Each box represent the scent to a tea. It’s like the box was plucked from that fruits tree and put in box and shipped directly to you. Product packaging is a A++++. Definitely one of a kind and something I would expect to see in a high end boutique. Or even in a luxury hotel.

Each bar of soap is 4oz and on the back of the box it tell you about Bidwell Botanticals. Which is handmade artisan soap bars made from the finest natural ingredients including pure vegetable oils, moisturizing butters, beneficial botanical extracts, and soothing essential oils and fragrances. They retail for $6.50.

Here is closeup on the 4 bars I received.

Cranberry Fig

Blackberry Sage

Tangerine Patchouli

Peach Sorbet

Aren’t they beauties?!?! Each one smells delicious. A unique feature that I noticed on the boxes itself is 3 holes for the soap to breath. Now before this I would of thought this as strange but this past summer I had a soap seller explain to me why soaps need to breath and so on. This is the first time I’ve ever noticed this feature on an actual box of the soap. Another feature that makes Bidwell Botantical fantastic.

I had left the soaps on my desk after shortly arriving and when my sister came home she literally stole one of the bars. The Tangerine Patchouli. So I’ll have to wait on her take to write a review on that one. It’ll be great to hear what she thinks.

But anyway, I had the hardest time choosing which one to use first. So I went peach. I received the soaps on 12/5 and I finished the bar on 12/20. I normally with handmade soaps take a butcher knife to them and cut them in half. They last longer this way but with this one I decide to use it like any other store bought soap and use the whole bar.

The box says, ” Delight in the juicy scent of Georgia peach drizzled with decadent cream and honey. This gently cleansing soap combines luscious peach kernel oil and moisturizing shea butter to help soften and soothe your skin.” Personally, I’m not a fan of anything peach. The fruit itself, candies and so on. So when I chose this one I was taking a leap of faith and omg. Coming home every day after an exhausting day and taking a long bath and then bathing with this soap is heaven. The peach scent is like more a citusie scent to me. Very soothing and relaxing. In the fall and winter months my skin is even more dryer then spring and summer months and with all the oils that this soap has it makes my skin happy. To be more exact it features palm oil, rice bran oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter, peach kernel oil, and vitamin e. All things that made my skin happy. I still needed to moisturize after my baths but my skin wasn’t as dry as it normally was.My skin felt clean and soft. Now, let’s talk about how it works in the bath besides the smell and how it made my skin feel. Despite all the natural oil and butters the soap may feature it lathers better then some store bought soaps. When I say it lathered, it lathered. How did I store my soap after first opening it. Because of the holes in the box I said what the hell my soap needs to breath and it last longer in a container then just sitting in the soap dish. So I stored my soap right in the box it came in. With the three holes in my box my soap was able to breath and which might have made it last from the 5-20th. It still lathered the same each time and smelled wonderful.

Do I highly recommend Bidwell Botanticals? I do! Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed. I’m a little sad my peach sorbet is done but I look forward to trying one of their other scents that I have.I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they perform the same as the first bar I tried but I haven’t no doubt in my mind that it won’t. If I had a list of top 5 soaps sellers Bidwell Botantical made the list.

Feel free to check out Bidwell Botanticals at www.bidwellbotanticals.com

Beside soaps you’ll find an array other bath, exfoliates, moisturizers, soaps, pedicure products, and gifts.