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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

Recap of the International African Arts Festival

Events Posted on %PM, July 10 2013 05:00PM

This past weekend we attended and vended at the International African Arts Festival at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn,NY.

We arrived at the location around 6am. No one was there except for us and security which is great since we’ll have piece and quiet to set up.
With a sunrise like that I knew it was going to be great start to a beautiful weekend. As we were literally sitting around for a 1hr and 1/2 for the organizers to arrive and give us our spot. I noticed the actual background that they made for the this year’s flyer.
I assumed that it was computer generated but I assumed wrong. The detailing along on the mask itself was gorgeous. The piece was huge and definitely very heavy.

Eventually we were giving our assigned spot and setup. My father told me to walk around while I had a chance. My sister managed to snap some photos of some of the artist work.Since you know most artist don’t want to be photographed because of the chance of they’re work being stolen or copied.
There was amazing artwork, African statues, clothing,jewelry, beauty products, oils, incense, music. I was in heaven. I think I was literally gone for a hour or more. Just stopping,looking and of course buying. When I vend at events like this I like to purchase from my fellow venders. Jewelry is one of my top picks. Since I make jewelry it’s hard to find pieces that are unique and events like this is the perfect place to go hunting. I found one of my favorite vendors who was also at BAM and a new artist that I never seen his work before. Amazing pieces. I could of bought so much more but I had to stop myself.

Oh and some soap too. You know I love me some handmade soap. The story behind meeting them was I was coming back from the bathroom when a flyer was given to me. I was walking away and turned back to find out where their booth was located. Just so happens they were 2 booth down from mine. I went over to them and introduced myself and fell in love with two their soaps (Lemongrass & Grapefruit and Orange Ginger)Omg!
(Lemongrass & Grapefruit soap from Komfort-Zone) Retail Price: $6.00
(Orange Ginger soap from Komfort-Zone) Retail Price:$6.00

This was the 3rd day of the event.I told them I would be back tomorrow since I would be doing the last of my shopping then. On the fourth/last day of the event I went over to their booth and purchase my Lemongrass & Grapefruit soap. The owners niece feel in love with the earrings I was wearing.Which I custom made for myself a while back and every time I wear them I get tons of compliments on them. I told myself that morning that if someone really wants them they can buy them from me. We’ll guess what happened, the niece feel in love with my earrings. Since I can get the beads back again. I sold them to her. She’s such a sweet heart. She came over to my booth to see if their was anything else she may have wanted but nothing could top those for her. So out my ears they went and I put new ear wires on them. Packaged them up and handed them over to their owner.

The moral of the story is you’ll never know when someone will love a piece as much as you. If you can remake it. Definitely sell it.

With events like this you always run into people you know. With us it’s the norm since I’ve been vending with my parents since I was a child. So alot of the other venders have know my family for decades from doing events. But it was so cool to finally meet some of my Etsy/Handmade Collective/Facebook friends. I didn’t even realize I was next door to one, another was just across the way from me, another was on the field aways from me and another was in a another part of the park. Patricia of Ion’s Creations finally found me.
I tell you I walked that entire part the first day and looked. But I guess it was meant for her to find me instead. Trade a lot of info with one another during those 4 days. Can’t wait to see them at the next event.

Overall the event was good. It could of been better. With it starting on a holiday and the Friday being a regular work day for some.Friday was the slower day of the 4 but we definitely made up for it on the Saturday and Sunday. Would we do it again, yes. My family hasn’t done with event since they moved from Boys and Girls High School. I see why they moved since it has more space but the accessibility to it sucks. They could definitely use some sponsors in my opinion but they had a turn out for not having any.

Here’s some pics of our booth after we finally figured it out after Day 1 of how we wanted it.
(Excuse the blurriness my father took this photo)

Overview of the Satin Doll & Co. section.
Showcasing some of our necklaces with matching earrings. Plus signage and Zodiac collection.

Armcandy collection, Zodiac Collection, stud earrings, and hair accessories on display.
Harem collection and some of earthy necklaces on display.
Afro Chic collection, Harem collection, feather earrings, necklace, rings and bracelets on display.

We luck up and my baby sister was off from work for the last two days so we put her to work.
Managed to get a shot of myself before the crowds came in on Day 3.
If you didn’t attend this year, we highly suggest you do next year if you’re in the NY tri-state area for the 4th of July weekend. Tons of shows, hair shows, fashion shows and dance. Plus get vendors and amazing food.

New Collection: Harem

Behind Satin Doll Posted on %PM, July 10 2013 03:30PM

Satin Doll & Co. introduces our Summer 2013 collection “Harem“.

Satin Doll’s Summer 2013 collection is all about the pre-Byzantine aesthetic of adornment found on harem slaves. It’s about taking an adornment that has terrible roots and making it into something beautiful. Everyone wears them but don’t know exactly how they got started and the significane behind them. It’s a historical journey full of culture and beauty infused with a trendy style, characterized with beautiful chains and gorgeous beads, drops and findings to reveal your individual style. Adorning oneself with jewels is mandatory. The collection is now available online at .