It has been a while since we did a feature of the week but it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

This week’s feature of the week is Ambition Box. You may ask, what is Ambition Box???
As you may know subscription beauty or even lifestyle boxes are all the
craze. Ambition Box is slightly different because they include beauty
and life style brands. They are a monthly subscription box (1 month, 6
months or 12 months available) and the give the consumer the opportunity
to sample different brands.

Ambition Box
is founded by two sisters, Monee and Marissa. Their goal is to make
custom style boxes each month to tailor to each subscriber tastes. The
subscriber would take a detailed style quiz which include cosmetics,
skincare, hair care, fragrance, bath & body and etc type of
questions. There main goal is to empower their subscribers and to ignite
the Ambition with them.

The important part to stress is that
the products you will receive is sample size. Hence it being a sample
box. It’s very rare that in any sample box in any company out right now
that you will receive a full size product except for maybe Curlbox.

onto the good stuff. We got a lovely surprise at Satin Doll & Co.
from the Ambition Box ladies. A commentary sample box which was so sweet
of them. Before I literally hand it over to my sister here’s what was
included in our box.
First off they arrive in a white box filled with peanuts so your goodies
don’t get damaged in the mail.Your sample box arrives in a white bottom
box with a clear top and the Ambition Box logo on the front. Inside we
had a beautiful handwritten note from the Ambition ladies. The goodies
are concealed by purple tissue paper. If you didn’t know the Ambition
signature colors are purple and pink just like Satin Doll & Co.
pretty cool.

Then you open the tissue paper and you got all your goodies.
Since we aren’t a subscriber we have a mix of everything but if you are a
subscriber the samples included would be based on your quiz. So
remember that.Each box is different and catered to the subscribers
likes. No two boxes are alike.

Now onto the brands included.
Uprising Botanicals:Handcrafted Bath & Body Products-Pomegranate Lotion
not a huge fan of anything pomegranate but despite the smell the lotion
is very good. A good consistency, very moisturizing and smooth. A nice
sample size to keep inside your purse or include in your travel bag.

Sugarfoot & Company: Sweet.Simple.Pure Bath Products-Oatmeal Cookies Body Wash
a sucker for bath and body products and this one I’m going to enjoy.If
oatmeal really had a scent it would be just like this.Sweet, not
overpowering and light. By shaking the bottle it’s not one of those body
washes that really thick.It has a good consistency.Definitely can’t
wait to try and a good sample size. You might be able to get up to 2-3
showers out of it.Perfect to include in your travel bag.

Olivella: The 100% Olive Concept
– Bath & Shower Gel in Bagno & Daccia Gel (0.1 FL oz)
received 2 packet in our box, which would be great for 2 showers. It
says it’s lightly scented of mediterranean citrus fragrance.Sounds
yummy!It’s dermatologicality test and cruelty free which is an added

Show Stoppers: Stop the Peep Show– 2 Nude Strips
product I absolutely love and can’t wait to try out. Being a woman with
boobs and always worrying about if I’m showing too much cleavage. These
should be sold in every local drugstore,Walmart and Target. I’ll
definitely put these to the test.

TheraBreath:Professional Formula
-Fresh Breath Toothpaste (0.75 oz)
funny how this one is in my box even though I knew it was one of the
partnered brands. I was having a conversation with a friend about his
coworker who has very bad breath.I know it’s mean but this product might
be exactly what they need.Anyway, their promotional card says for bad
breath and they can guarantee to stop it. Use code AMBITION to get 15% off your order of $20 or more PLUS FREE SHIPPING in the US and Canada . I will be passing this one on to someone who needs it.

Nikki’s Magic Wand
product I should of had last month when I reached the end of my
concealer and couldn’t get the rest out of the very bottom. It might
look like a tube of mascara but up remove the top and it has a long wand
and a scooper at the end.The scooper get all the product left in the
bottom of containers that you can’t reach.Definitely will save me and my
sister for sure a ton of money.Every woman should one of these.

Lolablue:Indulge Yourself.Respect Mother Earth
-Jasmine Green Tea Natural Soap
a huge fan and lover of soaps and this one is yummy.Smells exactly like
jasmine and green tea.Not strong or overpowering. I’ll have to do a
detail review on how it lather and etc but I look forward to trying it
out.They’re located in North Port,FL and their products include natural
raw ingredients and are hand-crafted. Enjoy $3.50 off until June 1st
when you use the code:Ambition1 .

Now my closing remarks on
this box.Regardless it was sent me as a thank you and I wasn’t paid for
this feature and review if I was a subscriber I would of been happy.
They feature a good mix of products.Besides one item (TheraBreath) ,I
can’t wait to try everything else out. For $15 for a one month, minus
the bracelet we included which retail for $17. This box is a good
value.Plus it include several coupon codes to use toward future
purchase. Do I recommend this box, I say yes. If you’re looking for
brands you haven’t hear of before go for it. Try it out for one month
and if it’s not your cup of tea cancel but it gets my seal of approval.

job Ambition ladies, from the packaging to the brand included to the
handwritten note and to shipment time. You receive a Grade A.