If you haven’t seen our facebook post, tweet or instagram post then you might not know that we have partnered with Ambition Box. What or who is Ambition Box??? We’ll Ambition Box is a month subscription box filled with 4-5 sample products tailored for you try.Consisting of cosmetic, beauty and lifestyle products.

Are you excited yet? We hope you are. They launch April 19th and they already have over 100 subscribers all anticipating the launch. To see who may also be in future boxes, head over to the Ambition Box Facebook page . Feel free to like their page.

What will we be bringing to the Ambition Box??? Well, we will be including our Braided Chain bracelets.Yes the ones available on our website. We won’t tell you the color(s) or style(s), you’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully you’ll become a subscriber of their boxes and you’ll see firsthand what we offer. But here’s a little hint, they’re aren’t on our website.Which means they’re exclusive pieces. Yes,we know you’re excited now.

So head over to their page for more details and remember the launch is April 19th.