All this year, I really haven’t bought any handmade soaps from my favorite shop the Soap Seduction. I’ve been watching on the low and on Cyber Monday while I was on Facebook I noticed her great sale she was having. You know I couldn’t resist, so I caved in and bought 2 soaps. One being the Raspberry Creme Cold Processed Soap and the other Spiked Orange Shea Butter Soap (The Autumn Soap).

Since I purchased the Spiked Orange Shea Butter Soap for the first time, I decided to do a blog post on it.
On first appearances it is a very pretty soap with the swirls of purplish black. On first smell, I smell licorice which isn’t one my favorite scents. But when you smell deeper, you smell a hint of clove,orange and cinnamon.Which is exactly how the owner Patrice describes the soap. Definitely a spicy soap that represents autumn to the tee.

When bathing with the soap, the soap and it’s spicy scent blankets you and makes you think of playing with leaves in your backyard.Well at least me. Like always the soap lathers amazingly. Hands down all of the Soap Seduction soaps lather the best.Even better then your name brand soaps.

Would I purchase this soap again? Maybe. Because of the licorice scent, it throws me off a bit but it is a true representation of autumn. Patrice has hit another home run with this one.

I already spotted my next purchase, Lavender Rose Tallow Soap. Stay tuned for that one. And if you want to see our review Raspberry Creme Cold Processed Soap, click here.

If you haven’t check out the Soap Seduction yet I highly suggest you do. You find them on Etsy and on their Website.