One of our favorite customers came to us yet again for a great custom pieces. She wanted a simple all wood necklace.
Here’s how we did it. The supplies we used for the both pieces as follows:

-Jewelry making pliers
-Gold wire
-Brown coco pukalet beads
-Gold tone ear wires
-Gold tone jump rings
-Gold tone head pins
-Gold tone clasp
-Gold tone crimp beads

I then cute the gold wire to 21 inches long since our customer wanted the necklace to be 16-18 inches long. We opted out for 18 inches, since it would give her a little more room to breathe. I then attached the gold tone clasp to the wire and securing it with the gold tone crimp beads. From there I strung on a total of 150 coco pukalet beads.
From there I completed the necklace and secured the clasp and added a gold chain extension for times when she might want to wear the necklace a little bit long. And wah lah, I’m done.
(Close up of the closure and the chain extension)

Here’s what the completed necklace looks like.
Isn’t it gorgeous but simplistic.

Now onto the earrings. I took three of the coco pukalet beads and placed them on the gold tone head pins.

Clicked the extra head pin and did the same with a second head pin and attached them together. Add a ear wire and the earrings are completed.

Definitely a earthy and simplistic dangly earrings.

Can’t wait to hear from our customer about the set. Enjoy, Willie!
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