Time flies fast and another birthday is just around the corner. A month to be exact. This year it’s harder then before because I really don’t know what I want for this birthday.But I wanted to get a early start on my list.

Shoes,shoes, shoes are always a girls favorite and I’ve had my eye on these.
Wild Thing Mixed Platform Heel Aren’t these great! I love the mix of animal prints with the pop of orange and bronze. Super cute and are perfect for fall.

It’s time for me to cut down on the books and sell a few.The best way to that is to get a Kindle but with so many readers coming out.I don’t know which one is the best to get.

I’ve looked high and low for this book in the store and online and can’t find it anywhere.Oh and when I do it’s overpriced.
The next book in the PC Cast series. Can’t wait for it to come out.

I think this completes everything. I might add somethings later on but this is everything for now. =)