Last month we featured some great artists/shops for the entire month and I decided to start back up featuring a new artist/shop each Friday. This Friday we decided to feature a great shop/artist who is known online for her great bath and body products. I’m a proud user of a couple of their products. So enough talk and now on to the feature featuring Smell Good Spa.

1. Tell us about yourself.
Like my bio reads across several social networks: I am a wife, home
educating mother, entrepreneur, business woman, and friend. I have
evolved into a person that truly Lives, Laughs, and Loves. There are
several additives to me, but the core of me is what I have mentioned

2.What are you currently doing besides your creative craft?
Fulfilling all my roles as a woman: being a wife, assisting my children
with there education, supporting other women with the same roles as
mine, staying fit, and always being girlie and cultured.

3. What do you offer on your website?
On my online store I offer signature fragrance oil blends, signature
hand-dipped incense, and wholesome, bath & body goods. My online
store is for women, men, and girls.

4.Where do you create?
I create in my dining room and in my office.

5. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Inspiration for my product creations are derived from gourmet desserts,
gourmet beverages, and confections; Culture is also inspiration for my
fragrances. My creative inspiration comes from big business such as
Apple, Target, Cold Stone Creamery , Jelly Belly, and some other big
businesses. The inspiration that keeps me going for what I desire for
myself comes from my husband, children, and all women in business that
are living their fullest lives.

6. How did you get started in your line of business?
In the late part of 1997 my husband had an idea of us selling oils and
incense. We got tired of not being able to find the street vendor “guy”
that sold us the oils. In 1998 the selling of typical fragrance oils
and incense began. However, we needed a niche. I began creating
blends, dipping incense, and researching more about wholesome
ingredients for the skin.

7. How do you promote your business?
I promote my business via social networks, marketing materials,
sponsoring giveaways and events, adding business information to online
directories, and by being on top of my SEO. My customers are the most
important promoters; Word-of-mouth is priceless.

8. What is one of your most important lessons you’ve learned since starting your business?
There were many lessons learned. However, one of the most important lessons is to remain consistent.

9. What is some of your favorite online shops on and off Etsy?
Are you sure you want to ask me this question? LOL. Here are just some of my favs from the accessory & beauty categories.

-Etsy:Farrago Bags,Lunaversoul,Mignz,Idea 2 Life Style,Kezzmit,Satin Doll & Co,Uzuri,Afrique La Chic,Crazy Boy,Quelly Rue Designs,Jaz Jewelz,Beads In The Belfry,and Jenny N Design.

-Online:Narah’s Jewelry,Bohemian Spirit Jewelry,Tomoka’s Twists,Myla’s Bags,Yes Lioness,Milan Minerals, and M.A.D Minerals.

You can find Smell Good Spa online at:

Here’s some great products that can be found at Smell Good Spa:

Signature Oil 4oz

Almond Scrub

Marinade 2 oz.

Black Soap

ChocoTruffle Lotion

Stay Sweet Whips