*The Little Black Dress: This is a must-have item, which can be worn with a jacket, jewelry, or even with stocking to any number of events. Living in New York, a little black dress is essential. I can tell you that a little black dress is a key item that will always come in handy at the last minute. It personally has saved my butt a number of times. Plus, it’s a neutral color so it can be worn a number of times and no on can tell it’s the same one.

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Sweetess Aphrodite Wrap Dress (Available at PinkMascara.com on Sale $99.00)

*The Neutral-Colored, 2-inch Heel: When it comes to footwear, black is a bad choice. It’s always best to match your skin tone and the heel should be about 2-inches high. A shoe like that is versatile and works really well with other colors such as brown, red and even black. I’ve just come to realize that a lot of celebrities use this secret all the time.

*The Right Bra: Now this is a key item for any woman, a good bra is essential for any outfit. A good bra will make you look at your best and you’ll feel your best in it. I’ve heard it’s the easiest way to look like you’ve lost five pounds, I personally don’t know if it’s true or not.

A Colorful Coat: Avoid bulky and black, it could really be any color as long as it keeps you warm on a cold winter’s day.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs (Available at shopbop.com on Sale $278.60)

* A Practical Bag: Pick a bag that can hold alot, colorful and can be worn with a lot of outfits. I can personally tell you since I’m a bag person, that you don’t have to spend a lot. There are plenty of bags that you can find for a good price but please stay away from Canal Street. That’s the last place you want to go for a bag. That’s a no-no.

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Large Signature Canvas Tote (Available at the Gap $64.00)

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Medium Signature Canvas Tote (Available at the Gap $44.50)

* Sunscreen: It’s as necessary as applying lotion to your body to keeping it moisturized. Even on a day when it seems the sun it’s that strong out, its a minimum cosmetic requirement. Without out sunscreen you’ll look like a dryout prune.