Here’s a inside guide for updating your wardrobe while making it look easy. Fashion in 2007 is all about looking effortless, light, oversize layers, easy, flirty dresses, and shirts that look like you took them from your boyfriend’s closet. The best part is anyone of these pieces can easily update your existing wardrobe from last year to what’s hot this year.

*Hot Prints:

Show your flower power with dresses tailor-made for sitting under a tree or two.

Blog ImageT Bags Long Printed Dress In Brown (Available at $198.00)

* Even More Skinny Pants:

If you thought they were over then you were wrong. If you weren’t into the skinny jeans try the new tiny trouser, they might make a better fit.

Blog Image

Laura Moffatt-Skinny Leg Trouser (Available at $225.00)

* Longer Skirts:

The new length is conservative , with hems right below the knee.

Blog Image

Lotta Stensson Satin Pencil Skirt (Available at on Sale $172.80)

* Flirty Dresses:

Try resisting to dance all night long.

Blog Image

Rachel Roy-Kate Dress (Available at on Sale $871.50)

* Bubble Skirts:

Adding a little volum to your skirt is no problem.

Blog Image

Adam+Eve Balloon Skirt (Available at on Sale $147.50)

* Giant Jewelry:

The bigger the better when it comes to necklaces and headpieces, let them be the main attraction.

Blog Image

Erickson Beamon-Starry Night Bird Necklace (Available at $520.00)

*Big Bags:

We’re talking about big enough to be a carry-on luggage, chic enough to carry on a night out on the town.

Blog Image

L.A.M.B. Handbags- Signature Devon Large Tote (Available at $650.00)

*The Boyfriend Shirt:

Grab it out of his closet, iron out the wrinkles, and cinch it with a belt.

Blog Image

YA-YA Long Shirt Dress (Available at PinkMascara on Sale $172.00)