Blog ImageWho is really behind Satin Doll & Co? Well, that would be Gaetana T. Parris, a freelance fashion designer who has always had the burning desire to start her own business since in back high school. She once tried to start her own business in 2004 with a classmate from college but soon pulled out. Gaetana felt that her business partner/ friend wasn’t giving 100% of herself to the business. So soon after pulling out Gaetana sat down with her older sister to map her future business. She decided that she would start with accessories, since she loves accessories so much. Gaetana sees Satin Doll as a major player in the fashion industry being known for amazing handbags, jewelry, tees, and accessories. But don’t worry, Gaetana will eventually design several lines of clothing under the Satin Doll name. Satin Doll is a company to be watched out for, a empire giant on the rise. Watch out little guys, Satin Doll is here to take over.